Our Fallen Soldier, was founded on August 1,
2006 following the loss of our son, brother and
uncle Sgt. Kyle Colnot who was KIA 22 April
2006 outside of Baghdad, Iraq.

The focus of this organization is to honor Kyle
and his 701
1  Brothers and Sisters in arms who
have paid the ultimate price for their country
and the liberation of others. This is done by
offering free web pages where each and every
fallen hero can be remembered.

We are committed to maintaining this memorial
website indefinitely.
Our True American  Heroes
Available photos recent fallen Soldiers
"To live in the hearts
of those you leave behind
is never to die"
~Robert Orr~
About the song- Fallen Soldier
© All songs 2007 Copyrighted Emma Moseley
Performed by Emma Moseley, recorded in St.Augustine with Joshua Adams
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Jeffery P Shaffer
Bryan  J. Nichols
Thomas J. Butler IV
Joshua R. Whittle
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Jamie S Nicholas
Mark J. Downer
Sterling Wyatt
John D. Meador II
Nelson P Trent
PO 2nd Class
Michael J. Brodsky
David H. Stewart
John D. Chrzanowski
Joe C. Robinson
Julian Colvin
Cody J. Orr
Joseph A. Richardson
Michael T Robertson
Matthew I. Pionk
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Roy R. Buckley
Lance C. Springer II
Clarence Williams III
Channing B. Hicks
John E Hansen
Nicholas Newby
David T. Brabander
Casualties 7011
Operation Iraqi Freedom 4,423 Operation Enduring Freedom 2,351
Operation New Dawn 73 Operation Inherent Resolve 8
Operation Freedom's Sentinel 77 As of 19 Aug 2019 10AM EDT

DOD Suicide Data
Quarterly Suicide Report (QSR) there were 72 suicides among service members
in the active component, and 70 suicides in the reserve component, which
includes 38 suicides among reserve service members and 32 suicides among
service members in the National Guard.
Daniel M Vasselian
Army SSgt
Alexander W. Conrad
09 Jun 2018
Army Spc
Gabriel Conde
03 Apr 2018
Army SSgt
Conrad Robinson
24 May 2018
Navy PO 1st Class
Matthew I. Holzemer
17 Jun 2018
Army Cpl
Joseph Maciel
07 Jul 2018
Army Sgt
Christopher Celiz
12 Jul 2018
Army CWO 3
Taylor J. Gavin
20 Aug 2018
Army SFC
Reymund R. Transfiguracion
12 Aug 2018
Air Force SSgt
James T. Grotjan
12 Jul 2018
Army Cmnd Sgt Maj
Timothy Bolyard
03 Sep 2018
Army SSgt
Diobanjo Sanagustin
04 Sep 2018
Army Spc
James A. Slape
04 Oct 2018
Army Major
Brent Taylor
03 Nov 2018
Army Sgt
Leandro  Jasso
24 Nov 2018
Air Force SSgt
Dylan J. Elchin
27 Nov 2018
Army SFC
Eric M. Emond
27 Nov 2018
Army Capt
Andrew P. Ross
27 Nov 2018
Army Sgt
Jason M. McClary
03 Dec 2018
Navy CCT
Shannon Kent
16 Jan 2019
Army CWO2
Jonathan Farmer
16 Jan 2019
Army Sgt
Cameron Meddock
17 Jan 2019
Army SFC
Joshua "Zach" Beale
22 Jan 2019
Army SPC
Jackson Johnson
07 Mar 2019
Army Sgt
Holli Bolinski
07 Mar 2019
Army SFC
Will D. Lindsay
22 Mar 2019
Army Spc
Joseph P. Collette
22 Mar 2019
Marine Cpl
Robert Hendriks
08 Apr 2019
Marine SSgt
Christopher Slutman
08 Apr  2019
Marine Sgt
Benjamin Hines
08 Apr 2019
Air Force SSgt
Albert J. Miller
19 Apr  2019
Army Spc
Ryan Riley
20 Apr  2019
Army Spc
Michael T. Osario
23 Apr  2019
Army Pfc
Michael A. Thomason
29 Apr  2019
Army Spc
Miguel Holmes
06 May  2019
Army MSgt
Michael B. Riley
25 Jun  2019
Army Sgt
James G. Johnson
25 Jun  2019
Army SFC
Elliott J. Robbins
30 Jun  2019
Army Sgt Maj
James G. Sartor
13 Jul  2019
Army Sgt
William Friese
18 Jul  2019
Army Spc
Michael Isaiah Nance
29 Jul  2019
Navy  Aviation
Electronics Tech
2nd Class
Slayton Richard Saldana
30 Jul  2019
Army Pfc
Brandon Jay Kreischer
29 Jul  2019
Marine Gunnery Sgt
Scott A. Koppenhafer
11 Aug  2019