Memorial Page Established By- Beth  Allmandinger
In Honor Of  Cpl. Aaron Allmandinger
Our son Aaron was killed by a freak accident last Sept.11,2008. He had just returned home in
Jan-2008 from a 15 month tour of OIF. He was loved by all that knew him and respected by
his peers. He was a loving son,brother,husband and father. He was out in the field training for
his next tour and had just returned home from a month of training. The early morning of
9-11-2008 around 5:00am he was awaken we believe by the smell of smoke. He went to check
it out and as he was going out the backdoor to the carport, his truck exploded. The truck had
started on fire earlier in the am, but nobody can give us any answers to why? He was not
killed instantly by the impact, but his Calvary Scout training kicked in and he was trying to get
to safety. His body was found just a few feet from the closet.But the poisin in the air from the
fire was to much and he died.Its hard to send our kids to Iraq but you expect a phone call
when they are over there dodging bullets. His death came as quite a suprise to all of us. He
was only 22 years old and his daughter was only 4.Please take the time everyday to tell those
that you love how much they mean to you. It maybe your last
Cpl. Aaron Allmandinger
United States Army
27 April 1986 - 11 September 2008
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