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In Honor Of Sgt. Scott Angel

My husband, Scott, was preparing for his 4th tour of duty.....he had been to Iraq 3 times and
was goin to Afghanistan for his fourth deployment.  He was a blackhawk crewchief. And
during a training mission on Sept. 11 2007, he was killed when his helicopter went down in a
field in Alabama after the weather went bad and they hit some wires.  We were stationed at Ft.
Campbell KY at the time.  When they came to my door at 3 in the morning, i was still trying to
get our 5 week old daughter to sleep.  She was born on August 4.  He had just went back to
work 3 weeks before the accident. We were married young....i was only 18 and he was 19.  We
would have been married 5 years that December.  I miss him terribly.......and i try to tell our
daughter, who is now 2, about him as much as possible.  I want her to know how brave her
daddy was and i want her to be proud of him just like i am.  Even though she'll never really get
to know him.  That's the hardest thing for me. !
He was an amazing person!  He never met a stranger and was a friend to everyone to met.  He
was my life, my everything.  And he wanted children so bad.  When we found out I was
pregnant with our little Sophia, we were esctatic!!  His dream was coming true.

Scott was only 24 when he passed away.....which made me a 23 year old widow and single
mother.  I will always remember his smile, his thoughtfulness, and most of all, his love for me
and Sophia.  He loved playing baseball.  He was good at it too.  He was going to go to college
to play but decided to join the army instead.  There will never be another like him.......not to
me. One thing i had a hard time with was the fact that we always said we'd be together
forever.....and that didn't happen.  And it isn't fair.  But, my mother explained to me "it may not
have been MY forever, but it was HIS forever."  And those words have comforted me a lot in
these past almost 2 years.  Even this much time later, me and my family still need a lot of
comforting prayers.  Scott and Sophie are the best things that have ever happened to me.  
And nothing can ever come close to comparing to that.  Some people never find true
love.......but i can live my lifetime knowing i found mine!  

So when you think about all the soldiers who aren't with us anymore, count my soldier in.  
And know that he was the kind of person that would do absolutely anything to help someone
out.  He had the biggest heart of anyone i know and the smile to match.  And his eyes lit up a
room!  His jokes and smooth sarcasm were just a few things that made him the amazing
person he was.  He was very funny and his laugh was contagious!!  So after you read this,
please say a little prayer for me and my family.......and know that you have read about
someone great!!!

November 9, 2012
Dottie Say

September 22, 2011
SGT Craig Dougherty
Some days God makes a mistake for you and lets you savor it with great joy.  Mine was
accidentally finding my way to this site.  Though it is brief, it has touched me.  I am a softy for
a Vet, being one myself, for this young mother's tribute I am warmed thru and blessed this
day.  As a fellow Sgt, a comrade of peers.  Though I was a Combat Military Policeman.   I am
touched by the friend tribute and the father in law as well....though time will mend the heart,
the mind will never forget the lasting memory and love you will have until your time in the
book of life is finished.  I pray for your future and that of your daughter.  Bring her up in the
same stride as your love of this good man and she will not disappoint you in her lifetime !!!  
Warmest regards and thank you for touching my heart with this page.

Sgt Craig Dougherty, USA

Veterans Day November 11, 2010
Sal Bria
Scott, Its veterans day today and it has been 3 years since you passed, and i guess i thought i
would miss you less over time but it seems like with each passing year and i miss you more.  
I'm married now, and my wife  who wasn't fortunate enough to have ever met you, has heard
so many stories about you.  It helps me to be able to talk about you to her.  She would have
loved to have met you.  It's really hard right now because radio stations are already playing
Christmas music, and i always think of you when i hear it.  Remember when you talked me
into joining Chorus and band in 8th grade.  You taught me all the Christmas songs for our
December concert.  Your favorite song was Ding-Dong Merrily On High.  That was over 12
years ago and i have the strongest memories of hearing you sing it.  We had a veterans
service at church last night and i cried thinking about you as we prayed for our veterans.  I
would give so much to be able to see you again, but i am so thankful for the memories i have
of you.  Anyone who knows me has heard a "Scott" story sometime, i guess telling them
makes me feel better. i love and miss you,
your friend,

September 11, 2010
SSG Longest, Barry J
You are missed my Brother..

November 30, 2009
I want to say thank you for fighting our country and doing the best and your crew can u will
always will be remembered and also your save now bc your with the lord in gods name
amen..... WE love you and miss you!!!

October 01, 2009
Johnna Wills (Scott's Mother-in-Law)
In Honor Of Sgt. J. Scott Angel
Nothing I can say will ever describe Scott better than his wife, my daughter Megan.  
Everything that she wrote is a perfect description of him.  There will never be another!  Scott
was truly a gift from God and I am honored to have had him as such an important part of my
family.  I am proud of you Scott!!!  You are deeply missed and even though you may not be
here, you will always be very much alive in our hearts!  As a dear, sweet saint once told me...
not only does God pick the flowers in full bloom to enjoy, sometimes He picks the buds...
Sgt. Scott Angel
United States Army
11 September 2007
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