Sgt. Julian M. Arechaga

United States Marine Corps
KIA 09 October 2006, Iraq
In a section of his page, Julian M. Arechaga listed his sister among his heroes. She,
after all, helped turn his life around. Sheyla Randazzo took her brother out of one high school
before his junior year, hoping he would fare better elsewhere, and made sure that he graduated.
The change was quick. Arechaga joined the wrestling team and won medals. He even made the
academic honor role. His former coach, Mike Janosko, described him as a model student. "He was
one of those good, hard-working kids," Janosko said. "He came to school every day. He really
cared a lot about wrestling and always went to practice. And he held a job and helped out his
family. He was a kid with high character." Arechaga, 23, of Oceanside, N.Y., was killed Oct. 9 by a
roadside bomb. He was a 2002 high school graduate and was assigned to Camp Lejeune. He was
on his second mission in Iraq and had completed one in Afghanistan. He also is survived by his
wife, Felicia. Randazzo's children, Alexandra, 5, and Ava, 1, were close to their uncle. "They used to
bounce around, swim in the pool," said her husband, Russ. "They would do everything together."

Memorial Page Established by- Sheyla Randazzo
In Honor Of Soldiers Name:Sgt Julian Arechaga

Sgt Julian Arechaga USMC
K.I.A Iraq 10/09/2006
3rd Tour

December 26, 2013
Julian Arechaga
Janet Ohlsen

Dear family,
I randomly selected Julian's name for a memorial bracelet to remember our fallen soldiers.
I read his biography and wanted to say he was a great resilient man it seems.
My deepest sympathy, Julian has not been forgotten
Sincerely, Janet Ohlsen
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