Tech. Ryan A. Balmer
United States Air Force
KIA 05 June 2007
ROY, Utah - Ryan A. Balmer, 33, of Roy, Utah, an Air Force technical sergeant formerly stationed at
Malmstrom Air Force Base, who enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, coaching his son's softball team,
taking part in team-building exercises with his detachment, working on his house and yard, and
most of all spending time with his family, died Tuesday of injuries he received when his vehicle
was struck by an improvised explosive device in Kirkuk, Iraq.

Survivors include his wife of nine years, Danielle (Daniels) Balmer of Roy; sons Joshua Balmer of
Virginia, and Anthony Balmer of Roy; a daughter, Gabrielle "Gabby" Balmer of Roy; his mother,
Patricia Balmer of Mishawaka; brothers Michael Balmer, Tom Balmer and Rick Balmer, all of South
Bend, Ind., Mark Balmer of Fort Wayne, Ind., and Ron Balmer of Granger, Ind.; and sisters Sherri
Balmer, Lori Rayl and Amy Woodruff, all of Mishawaka.
Published in the Great Falls Tribune on 6/8/2007.  

Memorial Page Established by- Danielle Balmer

In Honor Of Ryan Balmer
Ryan was my brother in law...a great guy, good friend,
and most importantly he was my son Evan's Uncle Ryan...he loved his
Uncle Ryan. Ryan's death will never be forgotten and I will do my best to
make sure his children know what a great man he was. Not many people
are able to do what they love in life, find their true calling and Ryan
was fortunate enough to do that. All that he has given and sacrificed
for this great Nation will never be forgotten. There will forever be a
hole in our hearts but the great memories, pictures, and stories will
keep him alive in our hearts always. My sister is a strong person and will
find strength in sorrow. I love you Ryan and know that you are smiling
down on us...gone but NEVER forgotten.

January 29,2012
Jim Sheridan
To Ryan and Danielle: I had the privilege of flying with Ryan when he was a loadmaster in
the 22d Airlift Squadron.   I loved working with him as an Aircraft Commander.  He was blunt,
dry, and very good at his job.  You don't know me, but he was the epitome of a professional.  
I could count on him for his expertise and wry sense of humor....exactly what you need in
stressful locations and missions.  I cherished his friendship and will include you all in my
prayers for the rest of my days.

February 25, 2011
Megan Barnett
Ryan was my uncle. I am his 15 year great niece. I never got to meet him but i hear a lot of
hilarious, and crazy stories about him. I miss him dearly and pray that I'll meet him someday.
I never met him but I love him anyway. Not knowing him and hearing all the stories about
him just make me want to meet him even more. I cry every time my family talks about him,
but they are always tears of joy and happiness. I was scrap booking with my mom and sister
on a Friday or Saturday, and my mom showed me this picture of him in a dress. I laughed so
much that I lost my breath. That made me know that he was on of the finest kids ever and
I'm proud to call him my uncle. He fought for our country and died for our freedom, anyone
would be proud to know him... I know Iam, wouldn't you be? I love you Uncle Ryan, and I
miss you. I hope to meet you someday

February 14, 2011
Matthew Barnett
Ryan was my uncle. I loved him very much and i miss him. Whenever he in the U.S. i would
go to the base he was stationed at. He would give me a cup full of change and a snickers bar.
I was going to his house when he had died. I got to his house at 11:30 p.m. I woke up from
the taxi and seen army vehicles sitting in front of his house. I said that this couldn't be good.
I was supposed to stay at his house for three weeks but since he died i stayed there for one.
I wish i could have seen him for that three weeks before he had died. I went to memorial
services in Salt Lake City , Utah. Then I talked to my mom on the phone and told her that he
had died.

By: Matt Barnett
Ryan's great nephew

April 14, 2010
Sherri Balmer
For My Dearest Baby Brother

You are much loved and so dearly missed.  Yesterday, April 13, 2010, was your 36Th
birthday.  Once again we didnt get to celebrate.  For you are in a far better place to celebrate.  
I'm so proud of you, and proud of the sacrifices you made for your country and our family's
freedom.  There isn't a day that goes by, you are not far in my thoughts.  I miss you so
much.  I miss talking to you, seeing you, and never being able to hug you again, or see the
cheesy grin.  What I will miss the most, I won't be able to see what more you could have
accomplished in your military career.  You have made this family so proud to able to call our
little brother a TRUE AMERICAN HERO.  You are my ANGEL, HERO, AND BESTEST
LITTLE BROTHER ANY SISTER COULD ASK FOR.  Happy Birthday my love.  God Bless and

Dec 26, 2007
Paul Tomayko
God Speed to You, Brother! May the Lord keep you in His peace, and look after your Family.
To those you left behind...God Bless you, as well.

Sept 19, 2007
Ryan's wife
To the best husband and friend a woman could ever hope
to have, thank you.  Thank you for all the joy, happiness, laughter and
love you gave me in the best 11 years of my life.  I'm so blessed to
have known how lucky I was to have you when you were still here with me
AND that I told you that as often as I could.  Not everyone is lucky
enough to be married to their best friend and have the perfect life, but
I was, man was I ever lucky! My life is never going to be the same
without you, but I hope and pray that someday I will learn to go on and
that some sort of happiness will be a part of my life again - without you
my life is not complete and sometimes a living HELL.  It's not fair
that you were killed and taken from us - we had such a beautiful life and
so much to look forward to.  You had so much to offer your children and
someday, your grandchildren - you were SO FULL of life and everyone
enjoyed being around you.  I will forever admire the way you always
lived a life of integrity and respect. As well as the way you
maintained a balance between your family and your work. You truely were a man
to look up to and I can only hope that I can instill your traits in our
babies.  Josh, Anthony and Gabby are so very lucky to have you as their
Dad and I promise you that they will always know that.

I miss you so much - I miss everything about you.  You made me feel
loved every second of everyday we were together no matter how far away you
were - I LOVED laughing with you - we were always laughing, weren't
we?!  I miss your hugs and kisses, especially the kisses on my forehead.
I miss you holding me and making things all better with just your
presence.  Life can be so cruel - the person I turned to with everything
(good, bad, funny, etc.) and the person I NEED MORE THAN ANYTHING OR
ANYONE is you - and you're not here so what am I supposed to do now?  I
always looked to you for support and I've never needed as much support in
my life as I do now.  I know one day we will be together again, but it
really sucks that I may have to wait 30 - 40 years for that day.  The
only reason I'm still here anyway is because of the kids.  So, Babe, I
hope you are at peace and know how much you are loved and appreciated.
I literally could not have had a more perfect husband and perfect
life - I hope you know that.  I hope you know how thankful I am for
EVERYTHING we had in our 11 years - I thank God that he brought us
together and gave us a perfect life for all those years.


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