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Pfc. Michael C. Balsley
United States Army
KIA 25 January 2007, Iraq

September 12, 2014
Jim Balsley
Hey Punk. This is the first time that I've gone to Operation Mom's web site. Very nice, guys !
Thought that I'd type a little something for my man, Michael.
Winter is on the way, Michael and it does get cold here. Hatcreek is finally up and running.
Even have a sign up on the barn above the doors. More important though there is a
connection for you and I. Yeah, Ol' Dollar. Told you that I would do it. Even looks like Dollar.
He's a Bay with white stockings. He's maybe 15 hands and still growing. Like that song goes,
"we're gonna ride............."; How about coming to see me tonight.

September 12, 2014
Jim Balsley
Good morning,Punk. Looking out the window again at the valley below the ridge. It's raining
some and kind of cold. Don't mean nothin', right ? I was burning some more music off
YouTube and found another version of "the Wild Ones" by Waylon.. Part of that is me and
you. "We were the ones they couldn't control". They tried, didn't they. LOL
One of my horses is named Ol' Dollar. Thought that you'd like that. He has a great disposition
and attitude. Always comes to me when he sees me. Been awhile since you've come to see
me. How about coming tonight ? Love to talk with you again.
Ol' Dollar

March 25, 2014
Jeffrey Kruse
I think about you often. I think about when were kids and would wrestle in either your yard or
mine. I was blessed as we never had to wait for holidays and special events to goof around
since we were only 2 houses away from each other. I remember how often you would humor
me by coming to A's games with me even though the Giants were your baseball team of
choice. You and Jimmy are more like little brothers then cousins. My son Isaac knows who
you are and why his middle name is Michael. You'll always be a hero not just in my house, but
to our country as well. Your always in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

Love U Man,

July 22, 2013
Jim Balsley
Hey Punk. I have the flag installed. Looks very cool half way down the ridge with  your brick
at the base. It's nice out here. Quiet, serene, hardly any traffic out on the road. Funny, I
sometimes go to the different websites that honor those who died in Iraq. Looks like my
greatest fear is coming true. Just like Viet Nam. Only the Fallen and those who did come
home are getting forgotten little by little. But, my generation has a saying, "Never again
will one generation of Veterans forget other Veterans". I have that bumper sticker on
my tool box up in the barn.
We're getting an estimate for a fence for the horses tonight. May not get the "horsie house"
by the time the snow comes, so we'll wait until the spring comes. Can't have a cold horsie,
now can we? Little by little we're getting it done. Up the hill it's all cleaned up, no debris at all.
A guy came by last week hauled it all out. Feels weird sometimes riding my John Deere up
and down the ridge. First time I did it, I thought that I should check my "dainties".
It's quite a slope. Doesn't look so steep until you start down from the flat part. The fence is
going to run about half way across the property. Still have the deck though to look out across
the valley. Looks wonderful in the morning. There's a kind of mist that runs half way across
sometimes. Kind of warm today, about 96 and humid. Nothing better than a glass of root beer
and sitting on the deck and watching the sun go down. Aren't we about to go on a patrol ? Ho!
about tonight, kid. Come see me........
Old Dollar

Memorial Day 2013
Robin Hill
I have never met Michael, but I knew of him from his mom Bev who is a beautiful person. My
family went to his service & I promised her that we would never forget their son. I just
wanted them to know every memorial day I wear his picture pin so others can see his face. I
wear it the whole week where I work on my hat so students can see him to & ask..who
he is. Today we went to see his name on the wall at the Castro Valley Veterans Memorial. Just
want Jim & Bev to know..Michael is one of the faces we remember when the word hero
is mentioned & he will never be forgotten. Your family will always be in our hearts.

March 2, 2013
Darlene A Gillenwater

Hello, Michael...
We have never met, however, I spoke with your father over the phone, March 1, 2013, by his
contacting the company for which I work, we had the wonderful opportunity of talking about
you during our business transaction.  He asked me to look for you on the internet... I am so
glad he did.  Thank you for your service to our country - and specifically to me and my family
in that we are safe and secure because of your sacrifice!
My condolences to your family... Darlene

November 12, 2011
Jim Balsley
Hey punk. I was at a Remembrance sponsored by Misty and I met this lady who does quilts
and she has offered to make one for Diane and I. I have made some prints made and I need to
ghet them to here. What she does is transfers the photos on to cloth for the quilt. Very cool.
And yes, there is one of the PABs, LOL !!!
I miss you and I'm thinking of you, man. Lace your boots tight, march on.........

December  01, 2010
Hey punk. It started snowing this morning. Just a little bit, nothing to speak of. Cold and
windy day. "It's a blustery day, Winnie the pooh" Yeah. LOL. I went down to the hardware
store in Grimes to get a cover for the air-conditioning unit. My home is well insulated, but
every bit counts. It gets below minus degrees. I went out there to cover the thing up, hmmmm.
Cold !
Going to cook some pork chops for dinner tonight, that and some broccoli. Good stuff. I can't
hardly BBQ anymore. We moved the BBQ into the garage for the winter. I went out and
bought a small fan to blow the smoke out when we cook. Smoke is bad for me these days.
Tonight is "Shake & Bake".
Thursday I'm getting a bigger book case to hold my books. I'm getting quite a few these days.
And nearly all my prints of airplanes are on the walls of my "office". Diane wanted me to have
a special room for the stuff to go on the walls and a place for me to build my models. The
place is cool. I even have Ron's calender up and my photo of Ralphy and Mark. It's been
awhile since you and I have been on patrol. How's about coming tonight. I miss you so,

December 16, 2009
Good morning, punk. Well, my life has turned into another adventure. I'm in Iowa now and it's
a whole new ballgame. Right now there's snow on the ground and more on the way. I
couldn't take any more of the ways of mankind. Your mama said that I'm old hippie who has
never grown up. That's cool. I've learned in sobriety that what people think doesn't mean a
I'm here with Charmel, man. And it's a home I've looked for all my life. Sort of like Rachael's
lifestyle. Laid back, love and appreciation is shown every day. I've found a place to make
another flag for you too, punk. It'll be ready in a few days. There is a flag holder out front
already. With the lights on all night, I'll be able to hang it 24 / 7 for you.
I think about you every day, Mikey. I miss you so. Some times when I'm out, some thing will
catch my eye off to the side. I'll look and for a second it's you with that little grin and a "wife
beater" on. Oh, I hated the term when you used it. Some times you come to me in my dreams.
Come pay me a visit, will you ? Maybe we'll go for a ride in my Dodge once more. Me and you,
the way it should be, punk.

June 28, 2009
Arthur Ochoa
In Honor Of Pfc. Michael C. Balsley
E I'm very sorry for you loss. Michael was a friend of mine in middle and high school.

May 3, 2009
JIm Balsley
Good Morning, Mikey. I've come to this website many times, but have not entered an entry.
Some times it feels like only yesterday that you died, other times it seems so long ago. Some
what like Viet Nam. Only a memory. With you it's different. You are my son, my friend and also
my buddy.

March 03, 2009
In Honor Of Spc. Michael C. Balsley
Hey, punk. I don't know why I'm doing this. I'm looking out the window and it's raining. I
thought about you a moment ago. Damn. I miss you, kid. Some days it seems like yesterday,
other days it's like so long ago.

April 12, 2008
Wayne Whitbeck
In Honor Of Michael C. Balsley
To the family of Pfc. Balsley, please contact me

Susan Crihfield
My married name is Susan Crihfield, my maiden name is
(Balsley) I would like to offer my condolences to your son, my dad who
is passed on always told me we (Balsleys ) were all related, I was
looking on the internet and came across his name. I am sorry for your loss.
I am honored to have the same name as someone who fought for our
country. God bless you all...

Jim Balsley
Mikey, I miss you like the breath I take. The other day, I was at the "Good Guy's" Show in Pleasanton.
I turned to look at something, and I thought I saw you walking towards me. I love you and
some day I'll see you again. Love Dad

Jan 28, 2008
It is difficult to believe that a year has passed since
Michael was killed in Iraq. I send my love and condolences to Jim, Bev
and Jimmie, this very kind and generous family. We will always keep
Michael in our hearts and minds. He will be with us always.

Jan 18, 2007
Beverly Balsley
Mikey, in a few days it will be one year that God
called you home.  I miss you so much Mikey.  I'm so very proud of you and
all our servicemen and women.  Till were together again Mikey, you are in
my thoughts and heart.  I LOVE YOU SON.
Michael Christopher Balsley    
MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER BALSLEY Age 23, killed in Baghdad, Iraq on January 25, 2007. Michael served in
the United States Army, B Troop, 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Inf. Division. He was born on
June 30, 1983 in Castro Valley, CA. He graduated from Mt. Eden High School in 2002. Michael was a fun
loving, adventurous young man who will be greatly missed. Beloved son of James and Beverly Balsley.
Loving brother of James Balsley III. Cherished Grandson of Annabelle Hibbs. Loving nephew of Gary and
Kris Hibbs, and Cousin and dear friend of Jeff Kruse. Husband of Samantha and stepfather to Logan.
And, many loving and wonderful friends.