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In Honor of Cpl. Joshua Philip Barron

Always LOVED and NEVER Forgotten!

Corporal Joshua Philip Barron, USMC, 22

At the young age of 22, Corporal Joshua Philip Barron, of West Baldwin, passed into eternity
sometime after his disappearance on Tuesday, March 15, 2011.

Joshua grew up in the town of Standish, where he was an active participant of the football,
baseball, basketball, swimming, and wrestling teams for Bonny Eagle. He also took part in

Throughout his life, Joshua showed his genuine love, duty and protection for his close
friends and family. He attended St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Windham, where he found a
personal relationship with Christ, giving him the loving, loyal, and calm spirit that he always

Josh signed up for the Marine Corp. When he was only 17 years old. He said that he always
know he was meant to be a Marine and that's all he ever wanted, was to protect and defend
his family and country.

Josh is survived by his mother, Belinda Barron; his father, Dean Barron and his sister, Sarah
Yeo and her spouse Tyler Yeo; maternal grandparents, Ron and Joan Denyer, and paternal
grandmother, Virginia Barron. He was predeceased by his paternal grandparents, Richard and
Jane Barron.

Joshua you will always be in our hearts!!!
Cpl. Joshua Phillip Barron
United States Marine Corps
After his disappearance March 15, 2011
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