High school football teammates of Brent E. Beeler nicknamed him "Bayou Beeler."They called
him Bayou because he was a crazy redneck," said his mother, Rhonda. "He would get all hyped
up to hype up the rest of the team." Beeler, 22, of Jackson, Mich., was killed Dec. 7 after being
shot in the chest in Anbar province. He was a 2002 high school graduate and was assigned to
Lansing. "He was one of the most aggressive kids we had, which I think kind of lent to him
becoming a Marine," said his former football coach, Don Baxter. Beeler's biggest love was
football: A 200-pounder, he started at offensive tackle and defensive end, said Scott Ashe, his
former principal. "He's the kind of kid who always had a smile on his face," Ashe said. "And he
always went a hundred miles an hour wherever he went, whatever he was doing, whether it was
playing football or getting in trouble. Erikk Marchese, a lifelong friend, said Beeler loved the
water and motor sports. "He loved anything with a motor," Marchese said. "He was a big fan of
dirt bikes, snowmobiles, trucks, everything. He was a great friend. He also is survived by his
father, Edward.

Other Tributes
Lance Cpl. Brent E. Beeler
United States Marine Corps
KIA 07 December, 2006 Iraq

Veterans Day 2014
Brent Beeler, my loving brother
Andrea Blakely
It has been almost 8 years since you left us. It feels like it was yesterday. I still feel you
with me, watching me and protecting me like you always have. You are an amazing
brother. Part of me died when you did. Life will never be the same. I hope you are proud
of me. I hope you will help protect your new little nephew who we named in honor of
you. Know that Brennon will always no about his uncle Brent. Chad and I both love you
and think of you every day. I am proud to call you my brother.  You are an American
hero. I love you brother.. Forever and always

Rhonda Beeler
In Honor Of LCPL Brent E. Beeler
Brent was my only son.  I thank all who have made
website's like this.  He loved being a Marine.  I was always proud of him,
he was a good kid (man).  He was only 22 and had only been a Marine for
1 yr.  He was on his first deployment for only 2 months.  His Dad,
Sister and I would like to thank this country for not forgetting.  Your
outpouring of love and support helps so much.  I know Brent would be proud
of all the support helping his family through this.  

Thanks to all
God Bless
Proud Marine Mom
Rhonda Beeler
Semper Fi

April 17, 2012
Jill Berkemeier
Thank you Brent. It is so inadequate, but I mean it with my whole heart. It's been 5 and a
half years, and hurts like I just heard it today. You are not forgotten, you will never be
forgotten. You are my hero, and an amazing inspiration to all that believe in freedom
and liberty, and fighting to protect those they love. I pray that one day, we will meet
again. God Bless you, Your family, and America.

March 14, 2012
Miss you man. We shall meet again my brother.

December 14, 2009
Michael Welch
Brent "Bayou" Beeler,
I Think about you a lot, your family has made such a big impact on my Life after
standing by then at Cpl. Nealeys Funeral.  I never met you in Life but, I carry with me the
Love, Devotion and Dedication they Showed to a Fellow Fallen Marine.
We talked about your life and the Marines. Brent I will always Remember you.


Jan 25, 2008
SFC Rod Brewer
Christmas in Arlington... Rest easy, sleep well my
brother. Know the line has held, your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well.
Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held. Peace, peace,
and farewell....