Sgt. Tracy Renee Birkman
United States Army
KIA 28 Jan 2008
41, of New Castle, Va.; assigned to the 626th Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team,
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Ky.; died Jan. 25 in Owesat, Iraq, from
non-combat-related injuries.

This Memorial Page Established by-SFC Rod Brewer
In Honor Of Sgt Tracy Renee Birkman

Sergeant Tracy Renee Birkman, 41, of New Castle,
Virginia. She died in Owesat, Iraq, January 28, 2008. Christmas in
Arlington... Rest easy, sleep well my sister. Know the line has held, your job is
done. Rest easy, sleep well. Others have taken up where you fell, the
line has held. Peace, peace, and farewell... Tracy, You Will Not Be
Forgotten... Rod.

May 03, 2011
Great Soldier, great person and a great lost. We had our promotion ceremony together when
she made E-6 and I made E-7. I worked with her for a spell in 226th Maintenance motor pool.
Always willing to help a fellow Soldier. Rest in Peace, Tracy.

December 14, 2010
terri jasso
Tracy worked for me while i was at FT Sill,OK in 588th maintenance from 1994-2000.  I loved
Tracy she loved the Army and could perceiver through anything.  We worked so hard and so
late so many times and kept each other laughing.  I loved that she was so animated when
she talked.  Those flying hands were dangerous!  She low crawled to the MKT with the
biggest ugliest tree branch in her helmet I ever saw.  I was so glad to run into her when I
deployed in 2003, Tracy loved the Army and we loved her.  She is frequently thought of
never forgotten.  Terri Jasso (MSG Ret)

August 8, 2009
MAJ Terry LaFrance
I was heartbroken to learn of Tracy's death, shortly after I arrived in Kuwait, enroute to Iraq.
Tracy was a mechanic in 15th Trans at Ft. Sill, OK when I was a new 2LT. The things I
remember most about her were related to our dogs. I say "our" because when she was
deployed to Korea and had to give them away we took them and my wife fell head over heels
in love with them, "Tuffer" in particular. We'd been given a puppy from "Tuffer" and "Sandy"
previously to give to my dad as well. "Frisco" as we called him, was a huge hit, a tiny ball of
energy with a huge cowboy.
I'll never forget the time she decided to train her soldiers on mortuary affairs and collected a
bunch of road kill to use as training aids. It caused a bit of a stir higher up, but I've always
thought it was brilliant. Such creativity is an all too rare trait. I wish someone could tell me
exactly what happened to Tracy, and my heart goes out to her family, especially her sons,
who will miss out on growing up with someone I think would have been one of the coolest
mom's those boys could have had.
She will be missed in place and by people you've never thought of.
MAJ Terry LaFrance

Feb 5, 2008
SFC Pamela D. Cook
Rest in Peace SGT Birkman and may GOD be with you.
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