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In Honor Of Spc Justin R. Blackwell
Spc Justin R. Blackwell was a shining light for his family and friends.  Born in Germany July
18, 1980 to an Army family, he was raised primarily in the small town of Paris, TN.  His first
daughter was born just weeks after graduating high school in July of 1999, he joined the U.S.
Army just 10 months later in May of 2000.  Justin spent 17 weeks at Fort Leonard-Wood, MO,
at the elite Army Military Police Corps AIT training.  Justin's first hardship tour was spent in
Korea with his cousin Joshua, also an Army Military Police Officer, the two inseperable while
stationed together.  Justin returned stateside to be stationed at Fort Carson, in Colorado
Springs, CO.  Almost immediately his first company 984th MP Co was deployed to
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Git-mo) for detainee transport from Afghanistan to the military
installation.  Upon his return to the U.S. he was again almost immediately deployed to finish
out his new company's first deployment to Iraq.  Now Justi!
n was serving with the 59th MP Co, literally next door to his original unit.  He returned home
from his first Iraqi tour, and had a little over a year at home-his longest time stateside in
almost 4 years.  He received the news that he would again be a father just before leaving
again to Iraq on his 2nd Iraqi tour in 2005.  His second daughter was born while he was
deployed, in August 2005.  He returned stateside in February of 2006, in June of the same
year he met the woman who would become his wife in June of 2007.  In August of 2006,
Justin was told he would become a father yet again, and in November of 2006 was given the
news this time he had fathered a son who was born with Justin in attendance in March 2007.  
Justin was incredibly proud to be a father, he loved every moment he spent with each one of
his 3 children.  He married in June 2007 and shipped out July 2007 on his third Iraqi tour with
his head held high and a smile on his face, surrounded by his best friends and
brothers, leaving a happy family in Colorado to await his return.  In August, just 28 days after
leaving the U.S. on the fifth day of the month, a mortar attack was launched on FOB
Rustimiyah and with the first mortar detonation, our hero was gone.  Just 10 feet from his
position the first mortar hit, without any time to react, Justin and his driver and best friend
Jeremy Bohannon were killed instantly, both leaving behind parents and siblings, Justin also
leaving behind a wife and three children.  Justin was a man with a sense of humor, always
having a willing and ready smile for anyone, who soldiered with responsibility and a sense of
pride.  He was the "old man" of the 59th MP Co by this time having been the only member of
the unit to have been in the Company for about 5 years.  He loved country music, WWE
wrestling, spending time with his friends, and just hanging out with his wife and son.  He
loved his life as an MP and as a family man.  We miss him so much every single day, and love
him very very much.  He was always happy, and the night
before his death was happily talking to his team leader about his wife and children back
home. We wouldn't trade a day we had with him and are blessed for the time we had with him
and can't wait to see him again one day.

May 30, 2016
Michele Adrian
Thank you for your service to our country and defending the freedoms that we enjoy.  May
your loved ones have peace and comfort this Memorial Day.

November 18, 2013

May 29. 2012
Karen Stark
Dear Hero,

I never had the privilege of meeting you but am in awe of your willingness to go into harm's
way and look evil in the eye for me and for my freedom.  It is this unselfish willingness to
volunteer for a job most people shy away from that causes me to call you "hero".  If you were
here, you would shake your head, smile and say, "Just doing my job, ma'am", as most other
military members do.  But, I know it is much more than that.  It was a patriotic heart that beat
within your chest and that is a special were a special man, as are all our military
members who serve the red, white and blue.  

I recently came across a quote by G.K. Chesterton who said, "You don't fight a war
because you hate the people in front of you.  You fight because you love the ones behind
you."   Thank you for your great love of country.  I hope we don't let you down.


Karen Stark - Because every American serving in harm's way deserves the
thanks of a grateful nation.
Memorial Day 2012
Sergeant (P) Kevin James Lipinski
On this memorial day 2012, it's been five years since I was called back from a mission and
told the horrible news about SPC Blackwell and his gunner PFC Bohannon.  Although I was
not his best friend, roommate, and it had been about a week since I spoke to him at the time
of his death, it wasn't something that was easy to deal with.  It still bothers me to this day.  
Justin Blackwell was the first person to truly accept me as a member of the 59th during our
prior deployment to Mosul, Iraq in 05-06.  I can still remember how we poured over the
manual for the M240B machine gun in order to give a class on it to the platoon, how we went
to chow, and the gym together when we were assigned to the same mission and were able to
hang out.  I remember how he was always around to talk or just hang out when we were back
at the Chu's; and how he was always reading a book or trying to learn something new that
first deployment I spent with him.  After the first deployment, we were moved platoons and I
didn't see him much.  Regardless of who was around him, he truly was an amazing person, he
created community around him, there wasn't a person I know who could say that he wasn't a
nice guy who could get along with almost anyone.  You will be truly missed...

February 21, 2011
SSG Brian Ratterree, U.S. Army (Ret)
I knew Justin at Fort Carson and had the privilege of being his platoon sergeant for awhile. I
deployed twice with him to Iraq and got to re enlist him on the second tour. (He just had to
take the oath with him in one gun turrent and the commander in another)LOL. I was
saddened to hear of his passing when it happened. I got to attend his memorial service and
meet his family briefly. Justin will always be remembered as a Soldier and a friend.
Spc. Justin R. Blackwell
United States Army
KIA 05 August 2007, Iraq
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27, of Paris, Tenn.; assigned to the 59th Military Police Company, 759th Military Police Battalion,
89th Military Police Brigade, Fort Carson, Colo.; died Aug. 5 in Baghdad of wounds sustained
from enemy indirect fire. Also killed was Pfc. Jeremy S. Bohannon.