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In Honor Of Brian Bowman
It was with great sadness and disbelief that the staff at DiRaimondo Clinic heard of Brian
Bowman's death. We had worked with Brian for some time before his deployment and learned
of his incredible strengths, knowledge, and sense of humor. This was the first time that I
personally worked with a team of medics, got to know them and then sent them off to war,
and then lost one. Brian stopped by on his valuable R&R time before Thanksgiving,to say HI.
He looked like a big burly Teddy Bear. I will always remember him that way. Thank you for
your ultimate gift Brian, Rest in Gods Hands.

January 1, 2014
Ted H.  Snyder
Brian "Brumann" Bowman, you were a fantastic medic and a wonderful man. I miss you and
think of you often. You will live in my thoughts as long as I live. Meet me in Flander's Fields
my friend.

May 23, 2014
John Dougherty
Spc. Bowman, I did not know you. I did an internet search of our Fallen Warriors and came
across you name.  In your honor, my family and I made a donation to Mike's Hiking for
Heroes.  Our son serves in the 82nd, 3rd Brigade.

May 13, 2010
Rebecca Bosstel
He was an American Hero and we will never let our children forget that.

February 14, 2010
Casie Bowman
Brian was a wonderful husband.  I couldn't have asked God for a better helpmate.  He is my
best friend and will always be.  He was a wonderful medic and loved his job.  Brian was
always soaking up medical information via books, magazines, or television.  He also loved the
men of 3rd platoon, Bravo Co.  He loved God, his family, and is country.  

Brian I will never love another the way I love you.  I won't let people forget what a wonderful,
caring, smart person you were and what we gave up so people could be free. I love you with
all my heart!  Your wife, Casie
Spc. Brian R. Bowman
United States Army
KIA 03 January 2010, Afghanistan
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24, of Crawfordsville, Ind.; assigned to the 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade
Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colo.; died Jan. 3 in Ashoque, Afghanistan, from
wounds sustained when insurgents attacked their unit with multiple improvised explosive
devices and small-arms fire. Also killed were Sgt. Joshua A. Lengstorf and Pvt. John P. Dion.
Brian & Wife Casie