Marilyn Havlin
In Honor Of SFC Christopher R. Brevard
For my Grandson Christopher who will be missed for the
rest of our lives.                  

Our souls sing a song of sorrow, coming deep from within our hearts
Knowing that for all the tomorrows, we will be so far apart
It's not just your leaving us, but the way you had to go
All by yourself in a land far away with no way for us to know--

Until the strangers came to the door, to tell us of your death
The words so stunning, it took away the breath
Never for a moment did we believe, you would not come home again
Stunned by this dreadful news we stood, and then the tears began.

How to cope with the awful sadness, that those who love you feel
How to make one understand, that this is not a dream but real
They finally brought you home again, that part is true
It is not the way we had planned, although we are so proud of you.

You died a soldier's death, they said it happened fast
You did your duty and led your men, you gave to the very last
They gave you many medals, that you will never get to wear
Beautiful words were said for you, so very hard to bear.

We could not look upon your face, the casket was closed tight
We knew you were not really there, but walking in God's Light
Until we meet again, we will live with our grief
Our circle has been broken, and our hearts beyond belief

May God Bless all our soldiers who gave to the last and all the
people who loved them, left behind, until we meet again.

August 05, 2016
Tammy Birch
It feels like yesterday we lost you.  I just started thinking of you and the countless memories we all shared.  I would
give anything to see that infectious smile one more time.  Jeremie and I still talk about you and it hurts a little less,
even if there are still too many tears.   

Love and miss you, always.

December 27, 2013
Jason Burger
Shortly after arriving in Iraq, our FOB was hit with a few mortar and rocket attacks.  During one of the attacks, I
reported to the nearest bunker for cover and then accountability.  A few seconds after reaching the bunker, in came
SFC Brevard.  I was young, nervous, and on edge.  I didn't know what to expect.  SFC Brevard was calm, cool, and
began to joke around with me as he introduced himself.  A few minutes later we were beating feet to the chow hall
chatting and laughing about being in Iraq.  
I didn't get to know Christopher R. Brevard very well, but in the short time we served together, I gathered that he was
confident, "high-speed", and really cared for his men.  
Thanks you for the leadership and friendship, Christopher R. Brevard.

December 05, 2010
Mr. Chris,  Dec. 5th 2010
That is how I came to know you through my parents Michael and Marianne.  I can remember running down to your
house when we lived in Missouri and watching you work on your VW bug, and polish up your awesome bike.  I
remember you and Ms. Amber playing cards with my parents and laughing so loud.  I was too young to understand
the dangers of your job,  but I always looked up to you.  What a brave men you  were and are in my eyes.  I was
devastated to hear of your passing.  I just want you to know you and your beautiful family will always be in my
memories, and I want to thank you for the sacrifice you have taken.  I got to see you right before you left the Ft.Lewis
base in Washington and that was wonderful.  You met my now husband while you visited and I'm so glad he had the
honor of meeting such a wonderful man.  I hope you have found happiness on the other side.  I pray for your family
and once again thank you.  What a brave man you arr. You have left a imprint on my life!
Desiree McIntyre/Wing    

June 02, 2010
James Sidabras

March 17, 2010
Marilyn Havlin
In  "DAY IS DONE, GONE THE SUN," is the beginning of the mournful TAPS. Today marks the third year of your
death, March 16, 2007.  The truly amazing thing is though the sun has dimmed greatly since your death, your soul
keeps shining more brightly than the sun ever has.  Your spirit keeps sending down rays of light to those who knew
you and loved you.   Your friends, your family, all of us have been very inspired by the way you lived and the way you
fought for what you believed was right for everyone. Your sense of humor still brings a smile to all our faces. Your
love for all of us will forever shine out in all the photos we have of you.  The old saying, "THE GOOD DIE YOUNG,"
carries great meaning for me when I think of you each day. In my great age, your old granny can never hope to
accomplish one iota of what you did in your short time here on earth. I am blessed to have been able to be in your
life and double blessed that you loved me as I loved you. "ALL IS !
WELL, DAY IS DONE, GOD IS NIGH."  I love you Grandson.

August 24, 2009
Robert Duarte
In Honor Of SFC Christopher R. Brevard
Chris I wish I could have been by your side. We used to be invincible together at least we thought! I will be a better
man in your honor, because that's what you were! To your sister I will confirm your statement to her when you left
and said goodbye. "You can't kill this!" and they can't your spirit lives on in the beautiful daughters and wonderful
family you leave behind. Your spirit is alive in all you touched and we know you watch over all of them, because that
is who you are!!!!!!

Robert Duarte
In Honor Of SFC Christopher R. Brevard
It is August 23 2009 and I have learned of your passing through TV I cannot stop the tears from falling. Your smile
and bravado my friend was overwhelming at times. I was once your squad leader a long time ago, in your beautiful
Alaska. You were the best. You kept us all laughing and we were a phenomenal team!!! Amber used to say "that
smile!" she was right, it was if you knew something we all didn't.
You were always so giving of yourself to anyone who needed help. You were the master of all trades, self taught and
a perfectionist. You built that awesome subwoofer box for me in my jeep and refused to stop until it was perfect.
When you were done you said " ok its done! no charge hommie".
We did this all so we could listen to Tupac. You would play that song over and over " how long will they mourn me?"
Well for those of us who had the honor to be graced by you, forever is not long enough. That's my response to the
song. I still can picture you singing it out at the top of your lungs, with a big smile on your face.
Chris I am sadden that as close as we were I never followed up. I am hurt by your passing and how for granted I took
such a great friend. I learned from you to take risk and be happy, not to care what people think and be yourself! You
have left a huge footprint in many lives including mine.
I will change my outlook in your honor and take life by the horns. Appreciate everything and take nothing for granted!
I wish we could have met when you called that summer and you were here in Tucson. I promise I will never say next
time to anyone ever again!
I will follow up with Amber and your girls who are so much older now. Be in peace in Gods house brother. I will see
you on the high ground when he calls for me to come home. May God bless your family now and always!!

June 27, 2009
Stacey L. Busskohl VanMeter
In Honor Of Christopher R. Brevard
My Christopher,
I will always remember you as my little wild nephew. I think of all the time's we had as when you were a child and
laugh at the thing's you did in your honory mood's as you had so very often, then you grew up to be someone I had
so much respect for as a man and a husband and father, who could ask for more? You just kept on going as if there
was no stopping your dream's You are a awesome man and I will always look to you to remember I can too have the
strength to survive when I think of you and the way you are in my heart and the will you had and always will. You are
my strength there with our LORD and SAVIOR! I think of you all the time and yes I cry due to the terrible loss, but
look what the LORD has with him now! I love you so much and will never let you out of my heart or mind! NEVER!!!

  Your Aunt Stacey


February 09, 2009
Kelly Pearson
To My Brother, My Hero.....I love you and in my eyes you will forever be a hero and will never ever be forgotten.
Someday I pray that our family will all be together again because it just doesn't feel right without you. We all live
everyday thinking we have tomorrow but losing you has taught me that we are never promised tomorrow and it can
happen to us. Nobody thought you wouldn't come home. Remember.."you can't kill this"! That's what you said the last
time I saw you in person when you hugged me goodbye at the airport. And one more thing before I close here....I
want my "cupcake" Christopher....the one you promised me on my 27th birthday when you were the first one to call
me that day all the way from Iraq! You and I both know I wasn't getting the sweet kind of cupcakes either and we will
just leave it at that...between you and me! I love you My Dearest Brother....Forever in my heart is where you wil
be....Love Always and Forever.....Your Sister......Kelly

Sept 14, 2008
Phil Haley
I work at both Elmendorf AFB and Ft. Richardson. I
noticed, on Friday, that the NCO Academy was dedicated to your Grandson.
I'm so sorry for your loss and so very grateful for his service to the

The words "sorry", "grateful" and "thank you" don't begin to convey my
feelings but they're all I've got in this venue.

Thank you for your moving tribute.  

Other Tributes
SFC Christopher R. Brevard
United States Army
October 17, 1975 - March 16, 2007
Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Robert Brevard, 31, of Wasilla died March 16, 2007, while deployed in support of
Operation Iraqi Freedom in Baghdad.

Christopher was born Oct. 17, 1975, in St. Louis, Mo. He made his way to Anchorage in 1991 because of his father's
military relocation from Davis Montham Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz. Christopher then graduated from Dimond High
School in 1994. In 1995, Christopher enlisted in the Army and began his career as an 88 M Motor Transport
Operator. In 1997, while stationed at Fort Richardson, Christopher and Amber were married. Also that year, their first
daughter, Emily, was born. Christopher then took a short break from military service to attend motorcycle mechanic
school in Phoenix, Ariz. After graduation from Mechanics Institute of Phoenix in 1998, Christopher re-enlisted and
started the second phase of his Army career at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. It was at this assignment in 1999 that
Jessica was born. While at Fort Leonard Wood, Christopher changed to Airborne Infantry. After joining, he was
reassigned to Fort Richardson and the 1-501st Parachute Infantry Regiment in 2001. It was here that Christopher
continued advancing in his Army career. He was an instructor at the NCO academy. He completed Jumpmaster
school in 2005 and was selected as the Enlisted Honor Graduate in 2006 at the Ranger training course. He was
deployed to Iraq in October of 2006 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Christopher was a nondenominational Christian.
He enjoyed airplane-model building as a young child, restoring Volkswagen Beetles, snowboarding, snowmachining,
four-wheeling, sky diving, mechanics and motorcycles. He loved baseball.
Memorial donations can be made at any Alaska USA Federal Credit Union branch to account 1317256.
Christopher is survived by his wife, Amber Brevard; daughters, Emily and Jessica Brevard; father, Chris Brevard;
mother, Michele Brevard; sister, Kelly, and Kelly's three sons, Joe, Zachary and Aaron Pearson; grandmother,
Marilyn Havlin; aunt, Stacey Buskohl; great-grandmother, Rose Conner; uncles, Dan and Mark Brevard; aunts, Robin
Boyles and Renee Byrd; mother-in-law, Kathy Mason; brothers-in-law, Danny and Kyle Mason; sister-in-law, Jody
Mason; and many relatives and friends in Missouri, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut and Arizona.