1st Lt. Jonathan P. Brostrom
United States Army
KIA 13 Jul 2008
24, of Hawaii; assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 503d Infantry Regiment (Airborne), 173rd Airborne
Brigade Combat Team, Vicenza, Italy; died of wounds sustained when his outpost was attacked by
small-arms fire and rocket propelled grenades from enemy forces in Wanat, Afghanistan, on July
13. Also killed were Sgt. Israel Garcia, Cpl. Jonathan R. Ayers, Cpl. Jason M. Bogar, Cpl. Jason D.
Hovater, Cpl. Matthew B. Phillips, Cpl. Pruitt A. Rainey, Cpl. Gunnar W. Zwilling and Pfc. Sergio S.

This Memorial Page Established by-Lindsey Spargur
In Honor Of Jonathan Paul Brostrom
We will always love you...and your memory will live on
through our beautiful son.  Always our hero, and now our angel.  
1st LT. Jonathan Paul Brostrom born 8-22-83 died a hero in Afghanistan
Chosen Co 2/503 173rd

Memorial Day 2012
Troy Cummings
To Col. Brostrom:
I am deeply saddened to hear of your loss.  I remember being your crewchief at Ft. Drum
and Ft. Riely.  From one old solder to the other I send my condolences.
Troy Cummings

June 27, 2010
Dr. Ed Shimkus
As an Air Force medic during the Vietnam war, I often heard the rhetorical question, "What
purpose did their death serve?"

To be sure, our military men and women serve to protect and advance the core values of
the United States set forth by the Founding Fathers. More importantly, I think, front-line
military personnel, especially, give witness to a higher calling, to wit: to lay down their lives
for their friends.

Platoon Leader, Lt. Jonathan P. Brostrom, and the brave men under his command, in life
and in death, serve to remind us, lest we forget, that there are people in this place who will
sacrifice all in order to cover our backs.

I salute Lt. Brostrom, his fallen and wounded comrades, and their families knowing that a
loving God is most pleased with them, even if we cannot understand.    

November 17, 2009
1SG Blount, Antonio
In Honor Of 1st Lt. Jonathan P. Brostrom
I just want to send a prayer out to the family of 1st Lt. Jonathan P. Brostrom and his family. I
met COL (R) Brostrom and family back in 1991 in Giebelstadt, Germany. I was the Brigade
commander’s driver during my tour with the 1st Combat Aviation Brigade. May your son
rest in peace, god bless

1SG Blount, Antonio
HHT 2-14 Cav
2nd Stryker Bde Combat Team, 25th ID

September 04, 2008
SFC Rod Brewer
First Lieutenant Jonathan Paul Brostrum, 2/502rd
Infantry Regiment. Killed in action near Wanat, Afghanistan alon with 8 other
soldiers on July 13, 2008. Jon, You Will Never Be Forgotten... Rock
Christmas in Arlington...
Rest easy, sleep well my brother, Jon.
Know the line has held, your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well.
Otehrs have taken up where you fell, the line has held.
Peace, peace, and farewell...

SFC Rod 09/04/08

July 18, 2008
Colonel John W. Hall, US Army Retired, Proud
Gold Star Father
In Honor Of 1LT Jonathan P. Brostrom

Colonel and Mrs. Brostrom, and Jase and Blake;
I offer you my heartfelt condolences for your very great loss.  Your
son is a wonderful young man and a true American hero and I thank you for
your most terrible sacrifice.  Your son died defending my family and
our way of life and for that I will always hold him in my heart and
never forget his courage and commitment.

I know you love him greatly and are so proud of him that words cannot
fully express your feelings of absolute pride and tremendous sorrow.   I
also know the emptiness and sadness you are feeling and I’m sorry for
you.  My son is 1LT Benjamin J. Hall of D Company, 2d Battalion 503
Infantry (Airborne).  Ben was killed in Afghanistan on 07/31/07 in much
the same situation as Jonathan was in.   During this past year I have
thought about Ben every single day and wondered why he had to be one of
the young people killed in this war.  I don’t have an answer for my
question and I’m sure I never will but, I do know Ben was proud to be
where he was and of what he was doing for his Country.   From what I’ve
read about Jonathan I can tell he is much the same type of person as my
son.  Funny, proud, loving, heroic; are just a few of the words I
believe describe Jonathan. Your son was one of the very few young people in
our Nation today  brave enough to stand up and go where others wouldn't
ever think of going and do what others are afraid of doing.  I’m not
sure if our sons ever knew each other while they walked this earth but,
I’m sure they would have been friends if they had been given the
chance.  As I know you are, I am also proud of our sons and their courage
and willingness to serve and fight for their Nation.   

Although no one can suffer your pain for you, please take some comfort
in knowing there are others who also feel your sadness and who honor,
respect, and will miss Jonathan.  God bless you and your family.  

John W. Hall
Proud Gold Star Father       
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