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Army SPC Roy Russell Buckley, 24, Portage, Indiana.

 Killed in a vehicle accident in Iraq on April 22, 2003. He was a graduate of Merrillville High
School and joined the Army Reserve two years ago. He was a member of the 685th
Transportation Company, based in Hobart, Indiana.
In his last letter home, Buckley wrote of the anguish he felt for Iraqi children and his pride in
being a soldier.
"The kids here are so sad. I give them as much food as possible. I gave my last $20 to a man
who looked so bad", he wrote. "I couldn't care less; I can do without stuff"
Buckley, 24, Hobart, died in a fall from a military truck while dispensing meals and water to
Iraqis. He was an Army reservist.
His older brother, Charles Calvin, said Buckley was a patriot who felt "every note of the
national anthem vibrate through his body".
Buckley's mother, Janie Espinoza, last talked to her son on Easter. He told her he hoped to be
home by Mother's Day.
SPC Roy Russell Buckley

United States Army
KIA 22 Apr 2003, Iraq
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24, of Portage, Ind.; assigned to the 685th Transportation Company, based in Hobart, Ind.; killed
when he fell from an M818 truck traveling in a convoy. The incident is under investigation.