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is honored on Panel 38E, Row 46 of
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Date of Birth: 12/16/1944
Date of Casualty: 2/9/1968
Home of Record: CARMICHAEL
State: CA
Branch of Service: ARMY
Rank: 1LT
Casualty Country: SOUTH VIETNAM
Casualty Province: QUANG NAM

March 04, 2012
J.M. Byrnes (brother )
First Lieutenant .ROBERT ( BOB ) BYRNES
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------KIA 1968 Panel 38E Line

046 ·
Pleasure to meet you. My name First Lieutenant Robert (Bob) Byrnes Everyone has a tale to tell.
Some great and some not so. mine ended like this ...........................................................
I had such a blast in high school. Before high school I went to Our Lady of the Assumption
Schooland the new Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish then off to La Sierra High
School. I enjoyed being on the swim team, Coach Stan LeProtti and his physical fitness program
were the best; we had great teachers at La Sierra High School. I worked at Carmichael Recreaton
and Park District as a lifeguard, and attended American River JR. College I was on the water polo
team there as well. I then found a job with Ma Bell (Pacific Bell) so as you know Uncle Sam needed
some help so I enlisted in the U.S. Army, June 1965, went to Fort Ord Ca., then off to Fort Sill
Ok.(OCS) school . Received my LT. bars and proudly my father pinned his LT. BARS on me. In
July 1967 I was off to Vietnam. Just before Vietnam I met my wife at the Western Drive Inn in
Downtown Carmichael and we were married on my R & R in Hi. January 1968 my best man
was my RTO CPL Darrel A. Bondrowski, from Boothw!
yn, PA we were KIA together on Feb. 9th 1968. ROBERT ( BOB ) BYRNES, 1LT, Army,

1LT Byrnes was assigned to Battery A, 3rd Battalion, 82nd Artillery, 196th Light Infantry Brigade. He
was killed in action during a firefight while serving as a Forward Observer with Company D, 2nd
Battalion, 1st Infantry. The Tet Offensive began in late January 1968 and heavy fighting continued
through February. In Quang Nam Province, the 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry, lost fourteen men near
Lo Giang on 9 Feb 1968

October 09, 2013
Roger  Mulock
Brother in Arms

Robert Byrnes was the Artillery Forward Observer embedded with C Company. On February 8,
1968, two battalions of the Americal Division formed Task Force Miracle to clear the area just south
of the Danang airbase, which had been one of the many places attacked during the Tet offensive.
Heavy fighting on February 8 between the 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry and the 2nd NVA Division was
continued on February 9 with the 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry becoming engaged. C Company
engaged the enemy in the morning and was in a fight for their lives: Pinned down in a rice paddy,
they had lost their company commander to injuries and the Artillery Forward observer was killed,
and 5 members of the Company were killed. Companies A and D re-enforced C Company, losing 3
Killed in Action in A Company and 5 in D Company. These actions removed the threat of the 2nd
NVA Division to the Danang area. I honor all those who fought, and particularly those who died, for
their valor and sacrifice. Excerpte!
d from It was just a matter of fate, as yet unpublished memoirs by 1Lt Roger Mulock,  3rd Platoon, A
Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry, 196 Light Infantry Brigade.
1LT Robert S. Byrnes
United States Army
KIA 09 February 1968, Quang Nam, S. Vietnam
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