Cpl. Joseph H. Cantrell IV

United States Army
KIA 04 April 2007, Iraq
23, of Ashland, Ky.; assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team,
1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas; died April 4 in Taji, Iraq, of wounds sustained when an
improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle. Also killed was Army Staff Sgt. Jerry C.

Memorial Page established by- Mike Farris
In Honor Of Cpl Joey Cantrell
Joey I'm so proud of you for what you became . Nothing
I say can express the way I felt when I heard the news of your death it
was like hearing my own son Michael was killed. There is not a day
goes by that I don't look at your picture and break down and wonder why
you. You were the all American son. Your mom and dad did a good job
raising you. Michael is over there now I worry that I will losing my son too
so could you please watch over him.I could not bear losing him as your
mother and family have lost you. I'm so sorry.                 

September 04, 2014
SGT Mark Steven Fuller JR

Joseph was one of my best friends coming up in the army.  Basic Training where we shared
duties as platoon guide, with confused conversations of what to do while in charge.  Young
military men that we where.  Moved on to AIT as combat medics where we were let loose;
according to the restrictions of training soldiers.  We enjoyed San Antonio, the River Walk,
get togethers and La Quinta.  Oh the memories shared, LOL.  Upon completion of being the
best medics in our class, we moved on to Ft. Hood together.  Different units sure, but,
continued our shared moments, laughs, irreplaceable memories.  And then to Iraq in Oct of
2006.  With idea's of the future upon return.  Myself with ideas of to continue being a soldier
and loving the ladies, Joseph with ideas as well; loving his lady.  Proposing to her, sharing
with her, growing old with her.  Unfortunately her name escapes me, but the vision of her
does not.  Joey was a lucky man.  He spoke of her often.  So that when he did, the sight of
tears made me turn and look away not to interfere with his moment of a future moments to
share with her.  This darn war!  Everything, swept away in a moment.  I remember the day
that I heard of Joey's death.  It was days later from a mutual medic friend.  Her voice
trembling as she gave me the news.  Knowing how close Joey and I were, I can imagine how
hard it was for her.  I couldn't move for what seemed to be hours.  All the talks, the laughs,
hopes of future endeavors, and plans.  Taken from Joey.  We knew though, we discussed
the chance that things would go bad.  We knew it to be a real possibility but treated it as an
urban myth in discussion.  I still have the luxury to feel so, but for Joey, that urban myth
became real.  I want his family to accept my condolences.  It has been over seven years
since I have spoken out about Joey.  I had my own demons to face through this time of
uncertainty but that does not excuse me not sharing !
A story that his family would not be surprised to hear but grateful to hear.  The way he
would laugh at you with his head half cocked; almost to think to himself, your a fool.  I look
down at my wrist everyday, touch that memorial bracelet, and just share memories of better
times with Joseph.  I am so grateful to his family for sharing Joey with us that knew him
along with you.  I could write all day about him.  I have written papers on how he has
impacted my life before 04-04-07 and how he continues to impact my life after.  I always
google and look up information about Joey and a recent search took me to a page of how he
got to deliver a baby and thought the gift of life was amazing.  Along with that was another
story.  One where he saved a woman's nephew.  The woman told Joseph's mother that her
nephew was going to name his soon to be born son Joseph after the medic that saved his
life.  Even in death, Joey continues to amaze me.  I enjoy that, it keeps me close to him,
reminds me that I still get to learn more of my good friend.  Always remembered never
forgotten buddy.  Forever in my heart.  I love you.  I do have hopes that his family will allow
soldiers, friends like me to reach out to them and share some of these memories.  I doubt
any of these memories will surprise them but I would love to share.  RIP brother, your
memory is strong across this great country!

June 14, 2011
SGT James Henson

Been awhile since basic and AIT. Miss you buddy, and thanks for all the laughs and good
memories you provided everyone around you with during your short stay here with on Earth.

Nov 12, 2007
Mike Farris

Joey its Veterns Day and you and your family are in my
thoughts today. Its been 7 months since you left us and I still cant
get over what happened.I know your mom is thinking of you today and
everything she lost when you were killed. You will never be forgotten by us
or the people of Westwood Ky. Always in my thoughts Mike.

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