Sgt. Ronald Coffelt
United States Army
KIA 19 July 2007, Baghdad, Iraq

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A career soldier and military policeman, Sgt. Ronald Coffelt joined the U.S. Army right after graduating
from Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks.
He died Thursday, 19 July, 2007 in Iraq at age 36, killed by a makeshift bomb that exploded while he was
on patrol in Baghdad, the U.S. Defense Department said.
His father, Robert Coffelt of Fair Oaks, said his son was on his second tour of duty in Iraq and scheduled to
come home in two months.

"He would have been back home by the middle of September," he said.
Coffelt said his son was looking forward to getting back to his wife, Debi, their five children, ages 7 to 15,
and their home in Fort Bragg, N.C.
"He missed the United States and he hated that desert," Coffelt said. "He wanted to show us the area
where he lived. He liked it there in Fort Bragg. He said it was beautiful country, nice and green and real
"When he was at home he coached Little League teams and umpired the games," his father said. "He
loved being involved with his children. He was so anxious to get back home. He missed his kids."
Ronald Coffelt was in junior ROTC in high school and played sports including soccer, football and
baseball, and also ran track, his father said.
After graduating in 1989, he served eight years in the Army. After five years as a civilian he joined the
National Guard.
In 2005 he began a one-year tour of duty in Iraq. He came home for a short time, joined the regular Army
and signed on for a second year-long tour of duty, which was extended by three months, his father said.
"He always wanted to be in the Army, and he was sorry he got out of it the first time," he said. "He was
third-generation Army, and he was proud of that."

Ronald Coffelt was assigned to the 503rd Military Police Battalion, 16th Military Police Brigade, XVIII
Airborne Corps, based in Fort Bragg, N.C.
Besides his father, wife and 5 children, Ronald Coffelt is survived by his mother, Janice Coffelt, and sister,
Kimberly Conner, both of Fair Oaks, and his grandmother, Pauline Coffelt of Carmichael.

To Debi, Daniel, Alex, Rachel, Johnny, Hannah...our family is very sorry for the loss of your husband and
father.  We will always remember the sacrifice he made for our country and our protection.  We will never
forget the love we've seen in your family's eyes for him.  He will never be forgotten.   The Lacey family.
From Jerrica and Zalyca to Rachel, Ra Ra we love you and we miss you and we are sorry for
your Dad.
You are our best friend forever. Love Jer and Z

April 5, 2009
Rachel Coffelt
In Honor Of Ronald L Coffelt
Thank-you Z and jerr jerr it means alot and you guys have been there through everything and i
will never forget you guys and it was very kind of you guys to do this for me and my family.
I can only hope my dad is proud of me and proud of what you guys have done.thank you

March 12, 2009
Kirsten Pryor
In Honor Of SGT Ronald Coffelt
I met SGT Coffelt back in 2005 when he was on his first tour in Iraq, I was on my second. He
was only a SPC then and part of the 126th MP CO attached to my unit, 42nd MP BDE/504th MP
BN. We were on the same trailer pad together at Camp Liberty. I have to say he was the most
outgoing, funny guy I knew out there in the desert. He was full of life and the occasional
sarcasm. I became friends with him and SPC James who was wounded by shrapnel from a .50
cal malfunction. He would tell me stories of outside the wire and how he wanted to see some
real "combat". He did hate the desert, but always found some way to make light of any
situation. I had only found recently, when i was adding "brothers" on a military affiliated
website, that he had fallen. When i had seen the date i was shocked. He passed away on my
younger sister's birthday and one month before i was honorably discharged after 9 long years
in the army as active duty. He had made an impression on me as a d!
edicated soldier, father and most of all friend. He, like many other soldiers, missed his family
very much. We shared that in common. At the time i had a small girl who was 2 years old and it
was my second time leaving her. But he was proud to be doing his job and wouldn't give it up
for the world. So, i will be thinking of him and his family and hope his children grow up proud
to know that their father was a great guy!!!

Kirsten Pryor
(Disabled Army Veteran)
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