Sergeant Kyle Colnot
Was born on December 15, 1982 in Houston, Texas and is from San Dimas, California and the son of Jack and Denise
Colnot.  He entered the military on May 4, 2000 and attended basic and advanced individual training as an infantryman
at Fort Benning, Georgia.  After completion of training he served with the 25th ID in Afghanistan.  On September 27,
2005 he was assigned to B/1-67, 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division.  

SGT Kyle Colnot was a true blue infantryman.  He was immensely proud of his time in what he called “The ‘Gan” with
the 25th ID.  He was a rising star in the Army, a natural leader and squad leader for 2nd squad, 3rd platoon.  He was
always ready and willing to help and never passed up an opportunity to get outside the wire and get on the ground.  
He is survived by his wife Kimberly, his mother Denise, and his father Jack

SGT Colnot served as the squad leader for 2nd squad, 3rd platoon and the Truck Commander for B203 on 22 April
2006.  SGT Colnot’s awards include the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service
Medal, Iraqi Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, and the Combat Infantryman Badge.
Memorial Service Program
FOB Iskandariyah, Iraq
FOB Iskandariyah, Iraq Memorial
Kyle's Brother Kris
Hand of Kyle's Brother
Our Fallen Hero
Patriot Guard Riders
The City of San Dimas,
Placed this banner in honor
of Kyle,
a Hometown Hero
Sgt. Kyle Arnold Colnot
Our Hero
Dads arm
"Texas Sister" Jennifer
Tribute to Kyle

An inspired American Flag
Drawn by Kyle's Nephews
River and  Red Colnot
Pacific Rim Elementary in Carlsbad, CA where
Kyle's nephews  Nick 8 and Alex 11 attend school
planted a flower garden memorial in their school
garden to honor Kyle. Ms. Paris and the children
planted  Yellow Roses and Red, White and Blue
Official artist
Nephew Alex
1-67 Memorial
Near Ft Hood Texas
Dedicated 05 April 2007
17 roses placed honoring each fallen
Brick placed on July 4th 2007
at the oldest VFW Post in Texas
A brick was placed for each San
Antonio area Soldier KIA OIF and
Kyle and Nephew Alex
Desert Sunset
Kyle and His Mom

April 21, 2012

Memorial Day 2017
Shane Rubio
I met Kyle at Schofield in 2000, he was a young private with a lot of promise. He was in my squad and we both
from the San Gabriel Valley. I rennet Kyle as a energetic guy always willing and a fighter. It wasn't until I was
out of the Army and heard the tragic news. Kyle gave this country all that he had I am sure of it. I saw the
dedication in his eyes early on. When I met my future wife some years later and I mentioned Kyle, I was
surprised to learn that she being from Arcadia knew him as well and showed me a picture of her at summer
camp with Kyle. It's a small world but his heart was big. "Take Arms, Cacti".

October 21, 2015
E. Hyzen
Still missin ya, Coconuts.  Thanks again... Never Forgotten.

March 06, 2014
T. Monroe
I never knew you and I do not know your family. I see a lot of my son in your pictures. He just returned from
Afghanistan. I grieve for your family and can't imagine what they have gone through over the years.  I want to
say THANK YOU for serving our country. Thank you for your sacrifice. I am so sorry that you were taken off
this earth and at such a young age and in such an ugly way - WAR.
Rest in peace Kyle.

Memorial Day 2013
Hey buddy- another memorial day which is everyday day in our world. Cant help but fight the notion that you
are not here with me, I want you and Korra back NOW. I know that cant happen, but I do know I'm going to see
you both again in the great bye and bye. My love Dad

Veterans Day 2012
Hey buddy thinking about you a lot, sure miss you so. Tomorrow is Veterans Day, a day we thank all of those
who serve and who have served. Makes me really appreciate men like you Kyle, men who step up and
sacrifice for their country. I know so many who don't even think about service, it's sad. That's why your
brothers and sisters in arms are so stressed.  I love you Kyle! Dad

Memorial Day 2012
Kyle you are in my heart and on my mind every single day. I can see you in my memories and they are all
happy ones. All the wonderful things you accomplished, we were so proud of you. Rest in peace Kyle, we'll be
together again some day.

It has been six years now Kyle, We've missed you more and more everyday. I know that someday we'll see
you again. You are our hero and we all love you so.

April 23, 2012
Joshua Chambless
You were my soldier and my friend i miss you man. All your brothers in arms pay tribute to you and the others
on a regular basis. To any Family: I would like to visit his burial site at some point and give my proper
respects. Please email me @

Joshua Chambless
I miss you brother. It was a great joy of mine to make a special trip to your burial site last year. All your
brothers in arms pay tribute to you on a regular basis. you left a huge impact on those around you. To Family
of Eric: I was his squad leader until about a few months before his death. We became best of friends and i
miss him. He spoke of his kids daily and i regret not ever getting to meet them or anyone in his family. Feel free
to email me @

Joshua Chambless
All your brothers in arms still miss you and the others. We pay tribute to you and your sacrifice. To any family
of Kyle: I would like to visit his burial site to finally pay tribute to him proper. I served with him in Iraq. He was
my replacement as squad leader when i got moved. Email me @

August 05, 2011
Greg Quillen
In Honor Of Allcott, King, Colnot, and Bouthot
You were a great guy.  All of you guys were. You will not be forgotten.  You will always be remembered as an
American Hero.

Memorial Day 2011
Kyle- I read something this morning that struck me-
"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived."
George S. Patton

Of course we mourn your loss Kyle, but the pride and love we have for you will live forever !
I love you- Dad

December 09, 2010
Cystal Parker
We are Truely sorry for your loss,We here at Soldier's wife worlds toughest job want to say thank you to Kyle
for everything he done for us,He is A Hero and will alway's be....May God be with you and know that you have
A very special Angel watching over you Who is thought of as Our Hero.

Memorial Day 2010
Kyle, we miss you so much, everyday is Memorial Day in our world.  I will never learn to just accept what's
happened, but each and everyday I think about what a wonderful son you were, and someday I'll see you again
Our mission continues Kyle, you and all your fallen brothers and sisters will NEVER be forgotten.
Rest in Peace, My love- Dad

February 03, 2010
SFC, Justin C. Pearson
I had the superb experience to serve with Kyle in Alpha Company 2-35 INF, Schofield Barracks, HI from
2001-2005.  We served in 3rd platoon along with SGT Dunn.  In the beginning I was the Squad Leader of both
Soldiers, then eventually became the Platoon Sergeant.  To see Kyle grow day to day as a Soldier and define
himself as a man was an amazing opportunity.  In 2002 Kyle won a Soldier of the quarter board that was held
at our BN Headquarters.  On a day to day basis Kyle pushed others to be the best they could be.  I initially got
him started in his new tattoo adventures since I had already full sleeves. Kyle also ran the Oahu Perimeter
Challenge with our team in 2003 that was 144 miles divided by our team of 5 in which we ran (legs) which
encompassed the whole island.  On numerous occasions Kyle and I would surf pipeline on the North Shore or
we would go mountainside and go 4-wheeling.  Kyle was a great friend, great Soldier, and a great Leader.  
Feel free to contact me anytime

To the Colnot Family: My deepest condolences for your loss and thank you for your dedication to all that have
served or are serving.

January 26, 2010
Nick Peratsakis
I wasn't to ecstatic about the war to begin, but every time I talked to Kyle, on leave or on the phone, he told me
stories of the great appreciation the Iraqi civilians showed him and the rest of the US soldiers, for fighting their
fight for freedom from their tyrannical leaders. He brought me back a hand made Iraqi flag, and on the back
was embroidered operation Iraqi freedom. He told me about how an old woman made it and gave it to him to
show her appreciation! I was touched!
And people still question why we are there...

October 22, 2009
SGT Thomas E. Dunn Jr.
Sgt Kyle Colnot was one of my closest friends during Operation Enduring Freedom.  He and I served in the
same squad as team leaders(2nd SQD 3rd Plt.)  I had the honor of watching him grow up in 3rd platoon from a
private into a fine NCO and an outstanding man.  He was always someone that I could confide in and consult
when in need.  I often think back to the time we served together.  I can't explain the bond that I shared with
Kyle.  Kyle is certainly missed and will forever be my hero.    
To Kyle's family:  Your son and his memory help define my life.  He will never be forgotten.

Sept 27, 2009
Kyle- Today I decided to update this page for you.  It's not easy to sit here and try to do the best job I can for
you.  To be honest, it's kickin my ass!  I'm thinking about your life, I wish I could put every thought into words
and add a picture to illustrate who you were.  Don't get me wrong buddy, you still
ARE but not here in earth
land.  What has happened to you is unacceptable, but you are a soldier and your mission took you away from
us here, now we are just praying for the day when we'll see you again.  I'll tell you Kyle, you sure touched a lot
of lives, you were straight up and wore your own kind of hat.  The memories I have of you are gold, so many
times you made me so damn proud, and thanking God for a son like you.  Telling people about you makes me
feel like your still here, I can see you, and expect you to say something to me,  I'll be happy to just keep talking
and someday, God willing you will be right there beside me. I love you Dad

Sept 16, 2009
JoEllen Coussan
I want the family to know how sorry to hear of the death of your son. Words are just words but please believe
me when I say how much I appreciate that he served our country in order to protect me and my family. He will
not be forgotten. JoEllen Coussan

May 06, 2009
Kelly Luisi
Kyle -
It is hard to believe that three years have passed now.  Everyday we are reminded of your dedication to your
country and the love you had for your family.  We are who we are because of the incredible impact you had on
all our lives.  I am blessed each day to share you and your life with many people I come across each day.
Nothing makes me prouder than to speak about you.  Everyday too Kyle... I know you are still here with us.. I
feel your presence in every aspect of my day.  Everytime I see a American Flag blowing in the wind, I catch my
breath... as I see your face Kyle in the flag. You gave your life for our country!  You are in my heart forever and
each day I will honor you little brother!  I know you are grinning BIG as you hear us up in heaven listening to
Pantera, drinking Bud-Light and having Bon-Fires in your honor!  

I love you forever and ever - Kelly

Jan 28, 2009
Raul Gonzales
In Honor Of Alcott, King, Colnot and Buthot

To my fallen soldiers from B 1/67 Armor,   you guys are still in my thoughts almost everyday.    I am lucky to be
alive myself,   rest in peace brothers.   

December 2008
This is your month Kyle, 26 years ago you came as a wonderful gift to us.  You loved Christmas so, Pam and I
started our tree with your Angel.  It's a reminder that you are at peace with the Lord.  Not a day goes by that
memories of you brighten the day.  We all miss you so much and know that the day will come when we are
together again.  I love you Kyle

25 August 2008
Diana Nadler
"It will take mind and memory months and possibly years
to gather together the details and thus learn and know the whole
extent of the loss."
Mark Twain

22 April 2008
This is a rough day, and we miss you beyond what words could ever express.  I have been thinking a lot lately
and I must tell you that I am so thankful for Pastor Sonnenbergs words following my Mothers passing. He
explained that those who pass are not subject to the trials and tribulations of life on earth any longer. With
those words taken to heart, I am assured that your troubles were left behind on earth on this day 2006.

With our close involvement in this website and OFS each and every fallen hero is close to our hearts. You and
all who gave their lives for our freedom are remembered, you are our children, our parents, our husbands and
wives, our brothers and sisters and our family and friends.  We remember you and we cherish all of you. You
are what makes America the land of the free and the home of the brave. As the war on terrorism takes each of
you from this earth the news is devastating, it is the most significant news of the day. It is a tragedy.

You believed in your mission Kyle, you understood the threat of terrorism.  Politicians twist and turn the
reality of the situation. My choice is simple Kyle, I support a victory over terrorism. I loath those who would
pull up and leave as I know it will then be up to my grandchildren to finish. Terrorist will strike again if not
defeated. America must win this war.
I love you Kyle, be at peace with the Lord.

June 14, 2008
1SG Powell
To the Colnot Family and SGT Colnot:
God Bless all of you; I am deeply saddened by the loss of your warrior.
I pray that you rest easy in the peace that only our Lord and Saviour
can give. We will win this war.

March 31, 2008
Eric Hyzen (2002-2005)
In Honor Of Kyle A. Colnot
Just wanted to post something.  Kyle was a good friend of mine...
taught me some things about being a soldier and had a lot of good times
together.  He taught me the little I know about playing the guitar, and
one of his songs is now one of my favorites.  My best wishes for his
friends and family.  Kyle will never be forgotten.

Jan 30, 2008
SFC Rod Brewer
In Honor Of SGT Kyle A. Colnot
Sergeant Kyle A. Colnot, Christmas in Arlington... Rest
easy, sleep well my brother. Know the line has held, your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well. Others have taken up where you fell, the line
has held. Peace, peace, and farewell.... Kyle, You Will Not Be
Forgotten... Rod.

Dec 23, 2007
Kelly Luisi
In Honor Of Kyle Colnot - My Hero!
Kyle - I love you so much and miss your incredible
smile!  You are always with me, I carry you in my heart forever - until we
are together again!  

Nov 22, 2007
Kyle, I miss you so much, rest it peace my Son

Oct 31, 2007
We miss you Kyle, such a short life. Barely enough time
to figure out what it's all about.  But, you were a fine young man.
Smart, funny, polite , courteous and a devoted husband to my daughter.
And for that I thank you. May you rest in peace and on that great day
when Christ comes, may we all be joined together in the clouds and go to
our mansion in heaven that Jesus has promised us.
With deepest sympathy the Colnot family.

Ronny C Perry Jr.
In Honor Of Kyle A. Colnot
To the Colnot Family
I am truly sorry for your loss, I have got to hear some stories of
Kyle growing in to the man he had become. It sounds like he is the type
of person that I would have like to meet. I know that my family and I
thank God every day for creating heroes like Kyle that keep our freedom
safe. It is men and woman like him that make this the greatest place on
earth,and make it possible for me to raise my son and enjoy all the small
things he does every. Thank you to all the soldiers and there loved
(Kyle) I know your dad is truly proud of the man that you became in
short time on  earthland you and all your fallen brothers are in our
thoughts every day!

July 18, 2007
Nick Luisi
Uncle Kyle - Tonight Mom and I were in the car listening to "YOUR" songs.  We were singing at the top of our
lungs.  It was so loud... we are sure you heard us!  I love you like crazy and I wish you were still ALIVE!!!!  I
know you are here with me though, because I FEEL YOU in my enormous HEART.  You are right here next to
me Uncle Kyle  LOVE YOU!!!!!!  
Your Nephew

June 18, 2007
Pedro R Guerrero
In Honor Of Kyle A. Colnot
Its Fathers Day In San Antonio,Tx And Ive just read An article About Jack and the sadness I know he must
endure every day with the loss of his Son.........
Sgt Colnot, We dont forget the sacrifices Our Soldiers make every day
And wish we could go back and FIGHT to keep our young Safe. May your
Bonfire never lose its flame and we pray for THE RETURN OF ALL OUR MEN AND WOMEN.
Pedro R Guerrero
USAF 1975-1981
San Antonio,Texas

June 5, 2007

28 May 2007
Lil Angel
In Honor Of Sergeant Kyle A. Colnot
I am so sorry for your loss.

An Angel of the Lord does walk,
The mission chose by Him,
Walking towards the one God chose,
Whose life has now turned grim.
Weits all so true,
An Angel of the Lord does walk,
Fulfilling ordained commission,
Are you the one know not how,
nor know us when,
Nor what, but only why,
God desires for us to know,
He hears our mournful cry.
Some behold angelic sights,
And marvel at God's hand,
Some receive the unexplained,
Deliverance He's planned.
Just know when least expected that,
You may behold one day,
An Angel of the Lord, that's come,
To keep ill fate at bay.
It matters not, if none believe,
Nor what, one says to you,
For when your eyes behold God's Help,
You'll know whose now in need?
God honors true contrition.
Stan "Rocky" Rogers
Lil Angel

It has been a year now since you were taken from this earth, we have missed you terribly and remembered
what a great son, uncle and brother you are. Memories of you are my most cherished
possession, in fact I'm building a big bonfire tonight, I'll be thinking of you and hoping that you
may see it from Heaven.  The person that you were has inspired me and focused me. You live
in our hearts, we all love you so much. Dad

April 2007
John Parkinson
In Honor Of Kyle Colnot
It's a sinful earth we occupy.  Thanks to murderers and
international thugs, like Osama, earth is not safe.  Kyle, and
thousands of others like him, pay for our freedom with their blood.  Honoring
our veterans should be near the top of list of priorities.  The very top
should be Jesus Christ who this nation honored at one time.  I hope
that all our fallen heroes are being welcomed into heaven by the Grace of

February 2, 2007
Crystal Cardoza

It had been such a long time since I had heard anything about you Kyle. It was weird because even after 7yrs. i
never forget about you or Korra. I guess that sometimes people just leave an
impression in your lives and because of it you never forget them. Since I heard you've been gone, you have
been in my prayers and thoughts so much.
I have faith that when someone gives a part of themselves for the benefit of others, God will see that. I beleve
in all my heart that his hand was apon you and that you made you're way to be with him. I'll keep you and
Korra in my heart always.

Kyle -

Merry Christmas!  Today was a tough day, but with memories of you... I had a smile on my face.  
Remembering you and how you loved Christmas as a little boy made for precious memories today.  

Last night Rich and I hosted our annual Christmas Eve party, and although a new tradition for us (this is our
2nd party) we felt you here.  A  friend of mine brought over her son who is 20 and his buddy, both NAVY
corpsman.  Seeing them last night, with their military haircut and their array of tattoos brought me back to

We miss you so much Kyle.  
Forever you live on in our hearts!
Kelly -

December 15, 2006

Kyle -  Happy Birthday Kyle!  Today you would have been 24!  Rich and I took the boys out of school early today and made
the journey north to Forrest Lawn to see you!  It is always hard making that drive into the cemetery Kyle.  So many
memories, I would rather forget.  What I carry in my heart though more than anything...  is  all the great times we shared
Kyle!    The ones like today... us just  hanging out together!  You are with me always Kyle, I feel your presence everywhere.

Today, we hung out with you... Sitting on the hillside!  We all shared memories of you and made a toast to you with your
favorite brew...a Bud Light, in the bottle, just like you liked it.  It was a sad yet memorable day.  One of reflection and the
yearning that LIFE would have turned out differently.  Our lives are forever changed Kyle by your existence in our lives.   
You touched the lives of so many with your infectious smile , witty-ness and your willingness to lay down your life for the
freedom and liberation of others!  What a selfless act Kyle!     Forever,  I will see you in every American flag that waves,
hear you in every National Anthem that plays  and feel you with every breath I take.  

I am so proud of you Kyle.... rest in peace!  America will NEVER forget!
How we miss you Kyle, in our hearts and memories you live on.

Today would have been your 24th Birthday, Kelly, Rich, Alex, Nick and Brad
are on their way to be with you at Forrest Lawn. Pam and I, Kurt, Danny, Kris,
River, Red and Gabriel have all declared this KYLE DAY, we will remember
you and celebrate the time we had on Earth with you.  Your at peace now, and with Angels in Heaven. I pray for the day we
are all together again, until that day we will do everything we can do to honor you and all of your brothers in arms.

Rest in peace Kyle, I love you

Kyle - I miss you with every breathe I take! I am so honored and proud to be your sister Kyle. I will carry you in my heart
forever. I feel so blessed to have spent that last "leave" with you in
February. Being together as a family that one last time, is now an unbelievable gift and treasure. Who would have ever
known....... that would be our last time to hang out for a while.  I say a while, because we will be together again someday!  
Until then, I am on a personal crusade to make sure that everyone I know and come in contact with..... remembers the
sacrifice you and your fellow soldiers  have made for us and the freedom of others!  You are a brave and courageous man
Kyle..... and I will live each day of my life to remember and remind others of your integrity as a brother, a man and a
American Soldier! I am so proud of you!
Kelly   (Kyle's Sister)

Kimberly Nadler
In Honor Of Kyle Colnot
Kyle was one of my best friends before anything and he
will always hold a spot in my heart. I truely am grateful to have
experienced a close relationship with him and will be forever thankful for
the impact that his existance brought upon my life. My condolences to
all that were dear to him and that knew him. We need to remember that
dispite this tragedy, Kyle had a great sense of humor, and although he
will be missed dearly, he would want nothing more then to see us laughing
and smiling with friends and with family, because that is the way that
he lived his life. And for the families out there that have a fallen
soldier of their own hold your head up high and know that their life was
given, not taken. Also be thankful for what you have it
little or great...because it is a direct result of having a God in or lives.
These are his angels that fought for our freedom so that we could enjoy
these things that we have. God bless and let us never forget.
Friend Shea
Tribute to Kyle

April 22, 2012
Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter (with lyrics)
A tribute to Kyle from Kim
Meet "KC"
September 2012
Carolina Patriot Rovers trains puppies to become
companion dogs for soldiers who have tramatic
brain injury abs PTSD. One of the beautiful puppies
shown was named after Kyle. This is a wponderful
gesture and we thank David Cantera and his great