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In Honor Of Michael Shane Cote' Jr.

My son in-law Michael.  You were never an in-law to me or my family.  From the moment we
first met you and saw your huge warm smile, we were all in love with you.  You touched our
hearts and the hearts of everyone in our family and friends that you met.  My God, you were a
wonderful person.  You have left our lives too soon.  Brooke has so much she needed to
learn from you.  Ashlee has a tremendous emptiness in her that can never be filled.  We will
be here for both of them.  Brooke will be well taken care of by Will and her Grandpa and your
fellow buddies in the unit when they have an opportunity to get to meet again and we know
you will be watching over them as their guardian angel.

You were so happy to get your crew chief position and excelled in it according to the pilots
and your Sgt.  That makes us even more proud.  We know you were happiest when you were
flying.  I know you are still flying, flying with the angels.  As the General said at your funeral,
God needed the best crew chief for his new Blackhawk, so he took you. Now you have the
best of both.

The void you left in our lives will be with us forever.  You will never ever be forgotten.  You
will live on through Brooke and for that we are grateful.

Sadly missed by
Ashlee, Brooke,
Ma and Dad

September 20, 2014
Sgt Garcia
Thank you for everything you did. 5 years has passed. I still pray for your beautiful family.

September 13, 2014
Michael, I didn't know you. I didn't have the chance to ever talk to you or spend time with you.
It's only because of your sister, my girlfriend Danielle, that I know so much about you. I could
tell you of all the stories she tells me everyday. I could tell you of all the times she reminded
me how much she misses you and loves you. I could tell of every time she's wished you back
here and the tears I've seen her and your mom shed for you. In this single year, the number
of laughter filled stories and good times I've been able to hear about are abundant. Unlimited
it seems. And for good reason. Michael, I didn't know you but I do know this.
Your mother and sister loved you unconditionally. No matter what anyone says I've
witnessed firsthand the love and compassion they have for you. Having listening to only
some of these stories and memories you have made for them, I feel like I got to know you just
a little. And now I know what an amazing person you were. I only wish I could have the honor
to shake your hand Michael. I know your watching over them both. And to be honest I'm not
sure how to end this, so I hope this will suffice. Thank you Michael. For everything.

December 16, 2013
Battle Buddy and fellow Tomahawk
To Michael:

I think of you daily. You have affect my life in so many ways since the day we met. It has been
just over 4 years since that September day and I remember it as if it were yesterday. I thought
about your loving wife back home and your 6 month old Brooke or "BB" as you
called her and how they were going to handle the news. I knew Ashlee was very strong and
they she would make it through. By the time they got word of the accident you were already
there with them back in Alaska in spirit. We had to finish the deployment without you and
make the hard trip back home. Seeing Ashlee and Brooke standing there when we marched
into the hanger was one of the hardest things I've had to go through. We all finally got to meet
your precious daughter and she was so full of life. We all knew your were there with us and
her, I've never seen a baby so happy. Throughout the years I speak with Ashlee and Brooke
to check in and make sure all is well. Brooke is an amazing little girl,
I know u are very much proud of her.

To the Mother of SPC Michael Cote':

Ashlee and Brooke were the light if Michael's life. He spoke of them both daily and about how
all he wanted to do was get home so he could spend time with his girls. I was with both
Michael and Ashlee when we were all stationed in Alaska and he was an amazing husband
and so excited to be a father. He got Ashlee and Brooke a puppy before Brooke was even
born so when he come back from his deployment he would have his whole family together
waiting for him. He had the perfect life planned out. How could you not mention his wife as
people for him to be with?! The love of his life, mother of his only child. How could you say he
was killed in Afghanistan when he was killed in Iraq. They are 2 complete different places.
Michael was an amazing Soldier. Crew Chief, friend, Husband, Father,  Brother-in-Arms,
brother and son. Respect his wife and daughter, they are his family that he chose to be with.

A Co 1-52 AVN
TF 49
Flying Dragons
RIP SPC Michael S Cote' Jr
5 Oct 88 - 19 Sept 09
Never Forgotten

October 24, 2013
Carol Bass
To My Loving Son: Our lives,  since you left this world to go and be with our loving Father,  
have not been the same. You were our rock when things would go wrong. There is not a day
that goes by that I wished I could take your place so that you could be with Brooke, Danielle,
Landon and  Heather. I love and miss you daily. You were no doubt the life of the party while
you were over in Afghanistan. Your comrades were like the brothers you never had. Shane,
your best friend misses you like crazy. Thank you for watching over your friends and family.

Love You Always

September 19, 2012
SSG Michael J Strange
There are few days that go by that I do not think of you.  I look at your memorial name tag
nearly every day. I remember that September night  still as if it were yesterday though my
wounds have healed on the outside, the pain inside is still so fresh.  I often wonder why god
took you alone, and none of the rest of us on board that aircraft that night. My heart aches for
you,a young man that passed way before his time, and your family that has been ripped apart
in one way and mended unreadable in others. To your wife thank you for allowing me the
opportunity to serve with your husband. He was a fine soldier. To your daughter, your dad
was a hero. He left you only to ensure that you have a free life to live. So live, play, and thank
and love your dad every day. Carry him in your heart  with you he'll never lead you astray.
Michael I drink this drink to you. Thank you for your sacrifice.

September 18, 2012
Greg Hooper & family
Life changed, that morning in September
God's call home, nothing would hinder.

Three years flew right by,
Some still may wonder...why.

Through time, we have grieved and teared
and sorted over things most feared.

But Faith, along with friends: hope and love
is quietly given from Heaven above

Allowimg us to smile evermore each day
as the Lord gently reminds us to say:

I Love You.

September 04, 2012
Juanita Zachary
To the family of Michael:

I never knew Michael in life. But through his death, I am reminded of the price he paid and the
sacrifice you all have given with his loss. You see, for over a year, I have been proud to wear
a memorial bracelet with his name engraved on it each and every day.   At every glance or
every touch of the bracelet, know that he is remembered by someone other than  friends and
family. Also know that when others ask about my bracelet, his name and information are
given so that even more people can learn of his love of country.  

I suppose you may be wondering how I came to wear your precious Michael's name. Well my
son in law, Shannon Dyer, is also in the army. For years, he has worn a bracelet with the
name of a missing soldier. When he decided to order a bracelet for my sister with the name of
her husband, Carl Cain, who died in the Vietnam War, my husband and I asked him to order
one for each of us with a different soldiers name engraved. Because we were teens during the
Vietnam War, he wanted to request names of soldiers killed during that time and from the
Denham Springs area.  Without realizing, he chose Carl's best friend, Richard Brumfield, for
my husband to wear.  There were others who were killed in Vietnam from this area, but they
had been in other branches of the military.  Because Shannon is an army man, he wanted to
keep the bracelets within the same branch. So in checking further, he found Michael...and that
is the rest of the story.

I will continue to proudly wear Michael's name on my left wrist--closest to my heart.  I can be
found in the DS phone book if any of you would like to contact me. I would love to personally
meet the family of "my soldier".

Juanita Zachary
Denham Springs, LA

October 12, 2011
CPL garcia, Tonya
Thank you for your service. So sad what happened .... I still remember the sirens across the
base when it happened. Scared not knowing what was going on and seeing all your battle
buddies run to where you crashed. You were loved and missed. I wish I could have gotten to
know you. Everyone from your company was so nice when we flew with you all. Still
remember how beautiful your service was in balad, Iraq and how much everyone truly cared
for you. Your family is still in my prayers. You will never be forgotten.
Cpl Garcia, tonya

June 17, 2011
Spc Nelson, Skyler
You will NEVER be forgotten SPC Cote. I am a soldier in 1-52 and at our battalion ball there
were slides of you. It broke my heart to see a comrade give their life at such a young age. God
Bless your family.

Memorial Day 2011
SGT Samuel Iwasaki Jr
To the family of Michael:  I want to honor Michael today for his sacrifice for all of us and for
his country.  I flew with Michael a few times when I was in Balad and just on those few
missions I saw what a great kid he was and we were able to laugh together.  I remember one
time he noticed I was panting in the heat like a dog and he took a popsicle out of the cooler
from his company's area and gave it to me even though I wasn't even in his company.  I will
always remember him and remember what a great kid he was.  Thank you.  
SGT Samuel Iwasaki Jr.

March 27, 2011
SGT Cara Ruscin
To SPC Cote's family,
I didn't personally know SPC Cote but I was a medic that responded to the crash and tended
to the wounded. I was by his side when he died and I just want to say that I am deeply sorry
that there was nothing more I could do for him but be by his side during that time. I think
about him everyday and will never forget his sacrifice. Thank you for your sacrifice as well.
He will never be forgotten. God bless

November  18, 2010
To the parents of Michael
I want to say I know your pain is ongoing and that I grieve for you.. I am a Blue star mother
and Love all the troops. The president of the Baton Rouge chapter emailed me and would like
your address or contact her. she is the president of Louisiana Blue star mothers and her
name is Janet Broussard. If you like you may call me or I will call you if you would rather that.
sincere peace for you.
Ellen Hoaas
Blue star mothers of Oklahoma
Chaplain for state of oklahoma
3rg vp for chapter 8
in Edmond, Ok
Hope to hear from you.

July 15, 2010
SGT Samuel Iwasaki Jr.
Thank you SPC Cote for your service and your sacrifice to our country.  I am praying for your
family that God would keep them strong.  SGT Samuel Iwasaki Jr.

Jan 02, 2010
CPL Tonya Garcia and SPC Frank Garcia
Praying for Spc Michael Cote's family.  
Love Garcia's
Spc. Michael S. Cote Jr.
United States Army
KIA 19 Sept 2009, Iraq
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