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In Honor Of Daniel Cox
Daniel I don't know where to begin.  You are our true hero, words cant express how much we
miss you it is so hard to think about it, but you are always on our minds.  You made us proud
of how you served our country.  I know that you are looking down on us all the time and
seeing how proud all of are of you.  Just wish that I could hold you in my arms and tell you
how much we love you.  We will never forget you

Love Always Dad and Mom

October  05, 2009
Uncle Ron Cox and Family
On September 12, 2009 our hearts were broken by an untimely event that occured a half a
world away in Afghanistan.  Our family lost a great person on that day, Daniel Cox.  Daniel
was all things to all people.  Daniel was that "special great grandson" to Grandpa Charles who
appropriately gave Daniel his nickname "Boone".  Like the man from Kentucky, Daniel Boone,
our Daniel was also an explorer, a man who traveled to foreign lands in search of himself and

Daniel or "Dan" as he was known in New York by his new friends, fellow soliders and his
girlfriend Liza, was a loyal, well respected and caring person.  Oh, how this boy from a small
town in Kansas found his true love in the great State of New York.  To Dan, Liza was his true
soul mate, the one.  Dan loved Liza with all his heart.  Dan was her trusted partner, lover and
true best friend.

To my family, Daniel was a cousin, a nephew, he was that little boy that was destined to be a
star someday.  It could have been on the football field or the battle field, from Kansas to New
York, from the United States to Afghanistan.

On September 21, 2009, as our Lord wept, the family cried as we all tried to say "Good bye".  
For now, we give "Boone" to our God in heaven knowing that he is in good hands and will be
watching over each of us until we meet again.  

Daniel is our hero, Daniel is your hero, Daniel is an American hero.  People will sleep better
tonight because of the brave, selfless acts of Daniel and the other men and women serving
our Country and protecting our freedoms.  

Daniel, Thank you, God Bless you, We Love you.  

"You have climbed to glory"

October 04, 2009
Liza Winans
Dan, words can't even begin to describe how much I miss you. With each day that passes it
makes it harder for me to get through. I feel as if my world crumbled above me and I am
having the hardest time getting out. Baby you know that you will forever be my world. It was
so nice to meet the rest of your family but so many of them told me that they were expecting
to meet me at our wedding....and I wish that was true. Baby I can't even imagine my life
without you and these past three weeks have been the hardest days of my life. Even though
everyday I get up I try to tell myself that I am going to make it through that day...just for you. I
know you hated when I was upset and I try so hard not to be, but I just miss you so much
and I miss what we had. We had everything and it was just amazing....Dan you were an
amazing person and you will forever live on in my heart. I will NEVER forget you and could
NEVER forget all the times we had together. The list could go on!
, but you were such a special person to me and you always will be. I just hate the thought of
living my life without was supposed to be us and in my heart it always will be.
However, I now know you are safe...and that is all I ever wanted when you were over there.
Somedays I just don't know how to get out of bed and face the day without you. It seems it is
just harder and harder each day. Dan you know you were my life and I know you knew how
much I loved you, that love hasn't changed and it won't change. I will always love you just as
much as before. My life just feels like it is in pieces and I need you here to pick up all the
pieces with me.... I still remember that last night talking to you....and your last words were
"sweet dreams babe, I'll talk to you later" until later babe...I will always love you. I miss
you so much Dan....

Sept 04, 2009
Patricia Smith
To the family of Daniel my heart filled sympathy go out to you. He was with my cousin that
got killed. My prayers and thoughts are with you. And I will always remember Daniel when I
am thinking of my cousin.  Your truly Patricia
Spc. Daniel L. Cox
United States Army
KIA 12 September 2009
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23, of Parsons, Kan; assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat
Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), Fort Drum, N.Y.; died Sept. 12 in Wardak province,
Afghanistan, of injuries sustained when enemy forces attacked his vehicle with an
improvised-explosive device and small arms fire. Also killed was Staff Sgt. Nekl B. Allen.