Lance Cpl. Adam Johnson Crumpler
August 31, 1985 - June 18, 2005
United States Marine Corps
3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division
01 June 2013
Ryan Lusby (Lcpl)
Hey bro I just wanted to let you know I think about and miss you everyday.  Crumpler and I
were good friends and when we were in Iraq we had bunk beds and he was on top bunk so
we always talked about life.  It's still hard remembering coming back from the mission
knowing that you had passed and seeing that empty bunk with all your stuff.  He was a great
person and we spent lot's of time talking about our personal lives outside of the military.  I
had gone home with him and met his grandfather and grandmother Emma who to this day I
still consider my grandmother.  I remember our squad was headed in that house when at the
last second the call was for us to hold back to let your squad go in.  I think about that
everyday and try to make the best out of life in Adam's honor.  I wish he was around to see
my family.  I know that he is in a great place and that he will never be forgotten.  When I have
a son I am going to name him after you bro.  I will see you again one day bro!  
Lcpl. Lusby 3/2 Kilo.

21 February 2013
G. Davis Musser
I had never met Adam Crumpler.  I was participating in a walk to remember fallen heroes
several years ago and selected his name since he was from West Virginia.  Later I was at a
reception at the West Virginia Capitol and a quilt was given to his grandmother, Emma
Johnson, in his memory.  I was introduced to her and told her the story of setting out a flag
on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia in Adam's memory.  She was very touched and I was
later invited to visit her home near Charleston.  It happened to be Christmas Eve and I spent
the evening with her looking at scrapbooks of Adam's life.  It is a very special memory I have
of that evening learning of his life and family connections.  Emma, I do hope that you will see
this post and we can reconnect as I plan to participate in the Walk to Remember Fallen
Heroes again this year 2013.

03 January 2012
Sgt Corey Cativera
I met Adam after boot camp  when we were both going through school of infantry, we
became friends then, I remember like it was yesterday the 1st time we spoke, we were
outside the armory getting our weapons for the course. Ever since that day we were friends,
we ended up in the 3/2 together and roommates, we went to his home quite a few times and I
met his grandfather and grandfather, I always had a great time going with him, which is
probably why I didn't get mad at him when we got hit by a off duty WV state trooper, I was
deployed with him to Iraq and was with him about everyday, when he passed it was a shock
, it was hard to believe, now it's like everyday something reminds me of him, I were this
reminder on my keeps me in reality of what can happen to the marines that I now
lead, and it reminds me in a blink of a eye it can all be taken away.....   RIP Adam, never

22 August 2010
Eric Elder fmr Cpl/USMC
Crumpler and I were rack mates for a short time in boot camp and then he was in the rack
next to me for the duration of boot camp. We discussed what we were going to do and what
we had done in the past. I was older at the time 23 yrs old, and he said I just feel like I can talk
to you Elder, and talk we did. I heard of his passing shortly after it happened and I was still in
the Corps. then but no one seemed to know much about anything. I am just sending this out
to tell family and friends Crump is a good man, and I will ALWAYS, have him in my mind for
the 13 weeks we trained together and the times and memories we shared.

Semper fidelis brother,
Cpl. Eric Elder

27 September 2007
Candice Bishop
To the family of Lance Cpl. Adam Johnson Crumpler.
I didn't know Adam but, I do know the ultimate sacrifice he made for
me, my children and this country.  He was so young and yet he was more
brave than I could ever be and most men I know.  I know many people who
talk of changing this world and that's all it ends up being,  I
know you are very proud of him and the many other soldiers who are
fighting for our FREEDOM. He is TRULY a HERO and I will pray for Adam and
your family ALWAYS.
Forever in your Debt,
Candice J. Bishop

18 August 2007
Donnie Cottrell
Ive known Adam all my life,he was like a brother to me
and my two other brothers. Emma took care of me when i was just a little
tot and she is the strongest woman i know, Adam will be sorely missed

01 June 2007
Emma Johnson
In Honor Of Lance Corporal Adam Johnson Crumpler
Hi Adam, well another Memorial day has past, and in a few days will be the anniversary of
your death, Baby the highway you traveled to school will be dedicated to you
Adam Johnson Crumpler Memorial Midland Trail U.S.M.C. Iraq. June 16 th at Riverside high
School 12;00 Noon
Several of the guys are suppose to come,Baby I love you and i am just sick without you.
Love grandma..

13 February 2007
Angel Myers
Hi My name is Angel!
I'm 21 and Was a Great friend of Adams. His family misses him alot but we know he is happy
and taken care of.
Nothing hurts more then not being able to say goodbye, its all because
you thought he was coming back home to us. Adam was great, a guy how made jokes and
loved everyone. I know what are other family are going through and I wish them the best.
Nothing will take away the pain, but I promise you all that things will get better and the days
will get brighter.

Emma is a great grandmother and wounderful person. She loves Adam very much and
misses everyday. I would like to say to Adam, that we miss you and cant wait to meet you at
the doors of heaven. Can't wait to hug you and see that handsome face. I know your around
me and I thank you for watching over the family and I. Ill talk to you soon and your in my
thaughts and dreams. We miss you Adam!

Emma L. Johnson
Lance Corporal Adam J. Crumpler was killed in Karabilah.Iraq during operation Spesr,

Adams goal since a little boy wanted to be a Marine like his grandfather, Adam enlisted while
high school , he graduated may 2003 , but couldn't leave until he was 18 on August 31, 2003 .
He left Sept 5th for Parris Island South Carolnia,  then to Camp Geiger for OSI school then
stationed at camp Lejeune NC,

In February 2005,  Adam was deployed to Iraq, his dream was short lived he was
killed by an insurgent while clearing a house during operation Spesr.i
I miss him so much and a very proud Grandmother? /guardian , Adam lost his
mother at the age of 13.

Emma Johnson

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