Petty Officer 1st Class
Steven P. Daugherty
United States Navy
KIA 06 July 2007, Iraq

Memorial Page Established by- Lydia Daugherty
In Honor Of Petty Officer 1st Class Steven P.Daugherty
CTT1 Steven P. Daugherty
May 16, 1979 - July 06, 2007

Petty Officer First Class Steven P. Daugherty CTT1 (Cryptologist
Technician Tactical First Class), born May 16, 1979, Apple Valley,
California, was killed in action on July 06, 2007, in Baghdad, Iraq, by an
improvised explosive device.  Steven worked with elite Navy SEAL teams by
providing critical intelligence support to troops on the ground. He was
respected by his peers as a professional and dedicated CTT and his work
was vital to the success of the missions.   Besides his love for the
Navy, he enjoyed playing guitar, outdoor activities, and spending time
with family and friends.  

Steven is survived by his parents, Thomas and Lydia Daugherty of
Barstow, Ca.; a son Steven Jr. of Washington; a brother Robert of Omaha,
Nebraska; a sister Kristine of Killeen, Texas; and a brother Richard of
Colorado Springs, Co.

Steven was a very loving and compassionate son, brother, father, and
companion.  He had a great sense of humor and a very big heart.  He took
pride in the job that he believed in, and his family is very proud of
his dedication, courage, bravery, and the fact that he celebrated life.

Our lives have changed forever in the loss of our son, Steven, and he
will always hold a bright special place in our hearts that can never be
taken away.  We will always cherish his bright smile,and the love and
laughter that he so easily shared.  

You're in our hearts forever, Steve,
We love you, Your Daugherty Family.

December 24, 2012
Lydia Daugherty
Christmas 2012
Merry Christmas my angel son, Steve.  We love and miss you so much.  You are missed every day.
Christmas is just not the same without your beautiful smile.  You're in our hearts always and forever.  
Love and Hugs, mom and dad xoxo

December 11, 2012
Debby (Weaver) Fisher
I babysat Stevie & his siblings when they were little, they were our next door neighbors.  I just wanted
to let the family know that I read the recent book, "No Easy Day" about SEAL Team 6 and the mission
that killed Bin Laden.  Steven is remembered as a SEAL team member that has lost his life since 9/11,
in the back of the book.  He was a great kid and I am proud and very humbled to have known him and
his wonderful family.  Tom & Lydia, he will always be remembered by me in my prayers.  
God Bless all of you.

November 11, 2012
Lydia Daugherty
Veteran's Day 2012
Always Proud and Grateful, Steve, for your dedicated and loyal service and sacrifice for the freedoms
of our country.  You are so loved and missed, each day is empty without you.  You have a proud family,
we honor you.   Love always and forever, Mom and Dad xoxo

Memorial Day 2012
Jim, Corinne, Rebekah & amp; Kevin Daugherty
In memory this day of our nephew & cousin, Steve, this Memorial Day.  We also wish Tom, Lydia,
Bob, Rick, Kristine, and Steve Jr. well.  Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice for our Country.  
Freedom is not free.  God Bless.

May 22, 2012
To Thomas, Lydia, Steven, Jr. and sister and brother. You're in my thoughts during this Memorial Day
weekend and we miss Steve and wish his son could relish in the warmth of his daddy and see what a
wonderful person he was. God bless you and I love that his memory is living on..

Rick, Lisa, Hunter and Jenna Vidal

May 16, 2012
Lydia Daugherty
Happy 33rd Birthday, Steve, our son, our angel.  We love you and miss you so much.  You're in our
hearts forever.  Love Mom and Dad xoxo

March 26, 2012
John Francis Laffin
I am stationed at a military installation overseas that has a memorial and flag pole in honor of CTT1
Steven Daugherty. Me and the Sailors in my unit stop by this memorial daily to remove stones and dirt
from the memorial's surface. On the surface of this Memorial it says that Steven set the standard for
others to follow. His legacy makes us proud and gives us guidance. Hoo-ya Steven Daugherty!

Christmas 2011
Lydia Daugherty
Merry Christmas Steve, you are forever loved, cherished, and missed, my Sonny Boy.   Merry Christmas
sweetheart. Mom XOXO

Memorial Day 2011

Lydia Daugherty
Veteran's Day.  Always remembered, Steve, Always Cherished.  Love you with all my heart, Mom xoxo

Leon & Kathy Batanian
Thank you Steven for your bravery and service. You were so young when we knew you, but watched
you grow up through your mother's letters. Words cannot express our graditude for the sacrifice and
dedication you gave for our country.

Steven grew up too fast.  I recall him as a boy but remember him as a man dedicated to the service of
his Country.  My nephew's sensitive side will always be a memory to me.  God Bless Steven today and

Lydia Daugherty
On this memorial weekend, Steve, I remember you with honor and pride, and embrace you with all my
love.  You are forever with me in my heart.  Always big hugs and kisses, love mom xoxo

May 16, 2011
Lydia Daugherty
Celebrating your life, Steve. I have the honor of reflecting on so many beautiful memories. Happy 32nd
Birthday. Always love you, miss you, Mom xoxo

Christmas Eve- 2010
Lydia Daugherty
In Honor Of Steven P. Daugherty
Christmas Eve
Merry Christmas, my angel Steve. You are forever a joy in our lives. Love you and Miss you always
Sonny Boy. ~~Mom XOXO~~

Thanksgiving Day 2010
Lydia Daugherty
On this Thanksgiving Day, Steve, you're here with us as we remember your love, your laughter, your
wonderful spirit.  Miss you so much. All my love always, Mom xoxo

September 17, 2010
Cal Calimquim
Not a day goes by that I dont think of Steve. Everytime I passed by Barstow on my way to Las Vegas, I
always talked about him to my family. I always treasure the memories of how I met Steve the first time
at MEPS. RIP Steve! Your shipmates has the watch.  Chief Cal

September 11, 2010
Lydia Daugherty
Steve, I am proud of your courage, I am proud of your gentle heart.  Love you always and forever,
Mom xoxo

July 12, 2010
Daniel Jenkins
I miss you cousin.  In my heart, you are still my brother.  I still think of you for inspiration, and
guidance.  You are on my mind, every day.  You will not be forgotten.  I just wish you could know how
much you still touch my life.  I only hope you would be proud of me, if only half as proud as I am of you.  
Thank you.

July 6, 2010
Lydia Daugherty
Every day is a lifetime without you, Steve.  Love you and miss you so much.  Always in my heart, my
thoughts, my being. Always a light in my life. Love you forever, Mom xoxo

May 30, 2010
Lydia Daugherty
Always remembering, never forgetting.  Love you with all my heart, all my love, always and forever.

Veterans Day November 11, 2009
alisa Vidal
Even though only done twice a year, written memorials are a just a small tribute to the fallen. Steve
will always be remembered and thought of, as well as his family. I want the Daugherty family to know
that Steve will always be missed. I wish the best for Steve Jr. and hope that he learns from family how
great his dad was and how mus he loved him. God bless you Steve and your family.

Memorial Day 2009
Alisa Vidal
I knew Steve through my Navy husband while both were stationed in Norfolk, VA. We had him over all
the time for dinner, family functions and holidays. We were even able to meet Steven, Jr. He was
always funny, polite, happy and will always be remembered as a great person that was taken way too
soon. I will never forget his reaction to my mom's new and different brussel sprout recipe. He hated
them but was very polite about it which made it even funnier during the Thanksgiving dinner. We
think of Steve often and miss him very much. I know that his son will be reminded of how great his
father was but it makes my heart ache to know that he will never know how truly wonderful his father
was as a person and a father...Steve, we miss you so much!
The Vidal family

CTT1 David Kurt Kraus
Best Wishes on Memorial Day 2009. I saw your son's grave two days ago, he is not forgotten.  

Sept 1, 2007
Trina Cretella
There is no easy way to describe how Steve changed my
life.  You meet so many new people in the military and don't always keep
in touch when you go separate ways.  That wasn't the case with Steve.
We met in April 2004 and even after I left in July 2006, we remained
good friends.  I can't believe how lucky I was to have known him.  He
was there for me in the good times and the bad.  We were there for each
other.  It is hard to find someone like him, someone as truly selfless
and genuine.  
We loved to laugh so it was hard to be in a bad mood around one
another.  We were the class clowns of our division and that was okay.  We used
to go to the mall just so we could sit in the massage chairs at
Brookstones.  We were waiting for the day that they would kick us out.  We
always went out for dinner and ate until we were about to ooze food.  I
can't drive by an Olive Garden without thinking of him.  Thank God we
don't have Sonics in CT.....
I even look back at the times he drove me up the wall and am able to
smile.  If we didn't agree on something, boy, was there an argument about
who was right.  Neither of us were willing to concede our position.  I
guess that happens when you get two thick headed people together.  
Steve was just so amazing.  A day doesn't go by that I don't think
about him or remember something he had said to me.
Steve, I will never forget you and will love you forever!

Sept 20, 2007

Kelly Franklin
How can I share with the world my feelings
toward my friend, especially when I was never brave enough to be forthright
while he was here? We had an on going game, “Who’s stronger, both
mentally and physically.” There was no room for weakness with us, yet
we were so dramatic together. No fights, yet endless debates. No
headaches, but relentless competition. We were so tough on one another, but
we were that gentle too.
For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m (in a word) a mess!
I’ve got the goofiest disposition ever, a frightful temper, and back when
Steve and I hung out, I don’t even think I brushed my hair! I
didn’t have time for it as prissy as I was. Strangely enough, he adored it.
He understood me. He fed off of it. I was in awe when I found out just
how much we had in common. We were serious and strict, but the
silliest couple of buffoons you ever saw. We shared a love of everything. It
started with movie tastes, then our eclectic music likes, and even our
passion for our Irish heritage. He was like a male me!
Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a big hit in the theatres then. Steve saw
it first and was so excited to tell me all about it. He said that that
movie was written about us. I have to admit, there were some
similarities! Then, he said that it was set in stone when they played our Bob
Dylan song toward the end. Granted it was a remake, but I let it slide.
It had my seal of approval. We were in fact like those two competitive
There was no way to describe the excitement and vitality of
being around one another. If you’ve listened to Bob Segar, and you’ve
heard the greatest hits album, you know how we were together. He was the
best friend a girl could ask for. Everything we did was so
adventurous. I took him to my beach which later became “our secret beach”
because no one ever goes there. The new name also made it sound like we
were on a treasure hunt or something. Even though we posed as adults, we
still acted like children with over active imaginations!
We pursued strength as if we were the only ones that could
master its essence. We worked out even as we were sharing laughs over a cold
beer. Idiots! He used to make fun of my push ups, saying I’d look
down because I was too weak to do them with my head up. I’d tell him,
“No I just don’t wan to fall over!”
How did I feel about that kid? He had and will always have my
respect. I honored him. I cherished every ridiculous word that he
uttered! I loved his opinions and the way he spoke. I loved his evil little
nick names for me. I loved how we made fun of each other. We had to be
thick skinned, because we had the tendency to be ruthless, but we could
be kind too. He was my John Wayne and I was his Maureen O’Hara.
I have my regrets. I’ve made many mistakes in my day, some of
which could be put right and others not. The one that seems to haunt me
the most is the last time I saw Steve. We ate lunch together and went
shopping at the NEX. It had been a while since we had hung out, though
frequent emails were passed between us. It was a chance meeting. He was
about to leave for Iraq. I had the biggest lump in my throat. So many
things were going through my head. So many things I wanted to tell him.
I had to maintain an even strain, no room for weakness. Nothing came
out. It now reminds me of one of “our movies” The Alamo. Davy
Crocket quotes some preacher, “If only we mortals knew…”  
You know, a heart can break, but it still keeps on beating just
the same. Someday I’d like it all explained to me.
Steve finally gets a chance to share with heaven, his  sense of
humor.  Oh, but to think of the wonderful legacy he left behind. The
world will never be the same because of one Steven Phillip Daugherty. I
thank God for every moment I spent with him. He was an angel even as he
lived here amongst us little people. I don’t know why he wasted so
much time with a goof like me, but I’m glad he did.
To you, the Daugherty family, I need not tell you how special he
was. You know. I don’t have to tell you how much I wish things were
different. My feelings don’t compare to yours, I’m sure. All I can
do is thank you for raising such an amazing man and offer to be here for
all of you. I live not too far from Arlington, should you need
anything at all, I’ll be glad to help. I owe it to the family of the bravest
and sweetest man I have ever been honored to have known. God Bless.

With my sincerest love and deepest respect,

Oct 4, 2007
Kuwanda Nathan
We worked together at our first command.  He will be
missed.  God Bless him and his family.

March 13,2008
K. Antonio George
I was deployed with Steve, during his time in
Iraq....Great guy. I know he'll be missed.

May 21, 2008
CTICS Thoms J. Armstrong
The progress made in Iraq to help millions & millions
of Iraqi people is due in large measure to the courage, skill,
dedication & sacrifices of military men and women like CTT1 Steven Daugherty and
his family members.  God bless you, Steven...May you rest in peace &
enjoy eternal life!  Our prayers are with you & your loved ones.  You
will be greatly missed...
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