Staff Sgt. Michael L. Deason
United Statesn Army
KIA 31 August 2006, Iraq
28, of Farmington, Mo.; assigned to 3rd Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 101st
Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Ky.; died Aug. 31 of injuries sustained when an improvised
explosive device detonated near his vehicle during combat operations in War, Iraq.

This Memorial Page Established by- The Deason Family
In Honor Of SSG. Michael Deason

SSG Michael Lee Deason was born 7/23/1978 and was
called home to be with God while on patrol in Ad War, Iraq on
8/31/2006. He was a brave, dedicated soldier of the 101st Airborne who willing
volunteered to serve his country and help others in need. SSG Deason
tackled each mission with one goal – to complete the mission as best he
could with 100% of his effort, strength, & determination. Although his
mission on earth has been completed, he is now continuing his mission
in Heaven. SSG Deason was not only a brave soldier, however. He was (and
still is) a loving son, brother, husband, and daddy of two amazing
children. SSG Deason is my BIG Brother (Bubby). His presence would
always 'brighten' the day and bring a smile to my face. His shimmering grin
and laughter brought comfort and joy to every person blessed to have him
in their life.
Standing taller than 6 foot, he was ‘a gentle giant;’
although he may not always admit it. Growing up with him was a
blessing and! an adventure. He always made life exciting. Whether it was his new ‘dance
moves,’ ‘rap,’ ‘food creation’ or even a new creative idea he thought of, life with Bubby was
an experience of a lifetime I would not trade for anything. Although we had our brother/sister
disagreements over the years, he was quick to forgive me for constantly pestering him. He
has always been there for me to 'cheer' me up and give me pep-talks; when not in person
through e-mail in Iraq. Over the years, I saw my big brother grow into an amazing,
persevering, dedicated, respected young man (proud son of my mother and father, caring
husband, loving daddy of two amazing children, and Staff Sergeant of the Army).
Although he’s still my big brother, so many more people look up to  him.
Not because of his height, but for the respect and honor they each
have of him. In Iraq, his fellow army buddies talked about how Bubby was
the ‘Morale Booster’ and was quick to bring smiles and laughter to
everyone’s face. !

He could always sense when someone was feeling down and was not afraid
to make a ‘fool of himself’ to bring laughter to others. His
‘insightful raps’ and ‘innovative dance moves’ were trademarks
of his. My BIG Brother,  Bubby, is one of my true Heroes. He is my hero
for many reasons – for the brave sacrifice he gave so others including
ourselves could live in freedom and safety, for his willingness to
stand up and fight for what he believed in, and most of all, he is my Hero
because of the courageous, funny, caring, loving, dedicated,
gentle-giant friend he was (and still is) to every person he met. My family and I
know God needed another soldier up there in Heaven with him on August
31st, and Bubby was the man for the mission. He is now continuing his
mission from Heaven above. I know one sweet day we will all see him
and all of the other brave soldiers God has called home, but until then I know
he (Bubby), all of his fellow comrades whom God called home and God
are watching over all of us. He is and will always be my BIG Brother,
Bubby, my He!ro who is shining down from up above!

August 9, 2012
Charles Stokes
Sergeant Deason was the first person that my son Christopher P. Stokes met from Bravo
Battery, 3rd Batt, 320th F.A. at Fort Campbell in the spring of 2005.  Even 6 years after Sgt.
Deason made the ultimate sacrifice, Christopher continues to think of Sgt. Deason as a true
friend, a true soldier.  Sgt. Deason, you will not be forgotten.

November 09, 2009
SGT Nick Wallace
In Honor Of SSG Michael Deason
I don't know what there is to say.  Deason I miss you. I miss our card games with Rico and
Benge in the middle of the night between shifts.  I miss sneaking around at PLDC to call our
wives after lights out.  Hearing you sing those crazy songs and grinnin' from ear to ear.  I
hope you can look down and see your beautiful children.  I hope they get your smile.  I look
at my son everyday and thank YOU for the opportunity to be with him everyday!  I could
have easily been me my brother!  You did everything right.  

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