Staff Sgt. Michael A. Dickinson II
United States Army
KIA 17 July 2006, Ramadi, Iraq

Memorial Page Established by- Vicki Dickinson
In Honor Of SSG. Michael A. Dickinson II

SSG. Dickinson was KIA July 17,2006 in Ramadi, Iraq by
a sniper. He had been in Fallujah whe he volunteered to go to Ramadi.
He ha only 9 days left before coming home. This was his 2nd time there.
He had been in Afganistan twice also. Michael was in  A Co 9th POB (A).
My  26 year old son was a wonderful father of 5,a loving son, a caring
brother and a loyal soldier. We are all so proud of this young man who
gave his life for what he believed in.He is truly My Hero, My Son"
Michael graduated from Harper Creek High school in June, 1998. One week
later he left for the Army. He had enlisted in the delayed entry program
when he was 17.Mchael always knew he wanted to be in the Army.As a
child he would sit on his gandfather's lap and listen intently as Grandpa
told his war stories. Michael always loved his family and had no
problems letting his feelings be known. He was such a very special young
man.He is greatly missed by all who have known him.

Sept 16, 2008
Sherwin D. Orallo
SSG Dickinson,
It was a very short time that I have known you but it seems like I have
known you forever.  I just want you to know that you are always in my
thoughts.  I wish many times that I would have traded places with you
so that you can be with your family.
Take care,

April 14, 2008
Vicki Dickinson
My Son, it has been almost 2 yrs. since you gave your
life in service to our country and the wound to my heart is still as
fresh as it was the day I received the news. I just want you to know how
very much you are missed and loved. Your birthday should be April should be 28 that day. Instead, I will be lighting a candle in your
memory.... sitting and reliving some of my wonderful memories of you
as a sweet, funny and loving little boy who grew up to be an honorable,
respectful young man.Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and
shed tears for the loss of my baby boy who was always so very special and
dear to me.I have always been proud of you and shall continue to be,
as you are a true hero. I love you, My Hero, My Son.

Jan 19. 2008
LCPL Jeremy R. Williams
SSgt, Great to know you, and serve as one of your machinegunners....god bless
you and your lovely wife and children. You have fallen, but you are
not forgotten.
Your Gunner,
LCpl Jeremy Williams USMC(ret.)
the "Alamo", Ramadi Iraq. 2006

Judith Hull
I didnt get the privilage  to ever meet michael, but i
feel I knew him as I worked with his wonderful mother, Vicki. She
talked about him every day and was looking forward to his coming home. But
his life was taken just days before he was to come home. Michael is
truly a hero. he certainly is one of mine. He and all the others who have
given their lives so that I may live in the land of the free!
SSG.Michael Dickinson will never be forgotten.

SSG Morris, Darrell
Hey Bro,
I love and miss you bro, you were the brother and friend a person could
ever have! I miss you everyday your pictures and accomplishments are
displayed all over my home and Recruiting office! Some people have told
me having pictures displayed of a fallen soldier in a Recruiting office
is too much! I reply by saying why it's reality Great Men and Women
die each day for Our Ungrateful Nation! I love you bro and where ever I
work or lay my head down you will always be displayed because you are My
Brother and My Hero!
Love Always Your brother 4-life

loretta scruggs
i am the mother of an only boy child that is currently
with the navy.  for 7 years my only child was overseas serving and i
experienced a many sleepless nights.   my heart goes out to the family of
STAFF SGT MICHAEL A DICKSON II for an irreplaceable loss.  i know my
son did what he wanted to do against my will.   But, i want you to know
that there are a lot of prayers for comfort for STAFF SGT MICHAEL A
DICKSON II 's immediate family and son.   THANK YOU FOR POSTING HIS

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