Memorial Page Established By-SGT Nathaniel D. Frazier HHT 1-113th FSB
In Honor Of SGT Joseph Andrew Ford
Sgt Ford was from a small town in Southern Indiana, that town was New Albany! Joe really
loved being in the Indiana National Guard. And when the time came for our next deployment
to IRAQ, he was all over it! (Dec. 2007- Jan.2009) We had gotten the greatest opportunity that
we could expect! They put us right outside of the town of Faluijah! Our base was called Al
Taqaddem or as us who have been in the Al Anbar province know it as TQ. And it was right in
the middle of HELL!!!!  Our job while in IRAQ was Convoy Security! Pretty exciting at first, but
after doing it for a whole year, it gets pretty boring doing the same thing day in and day out.
But we did it, and we did it with the highest respect. Not only for the other soldier to our left
and rights, or our families and loved ones, but for the FREEDOM of our Great Nation! But on
Mothers Day morning, 11 May 2008, we all got the worst news of the year...Joe Ford was
killed in a vehicle roll-over! Not by enemy fi!
re or by an I.E.D., but from a vehicle accident! That was the day as I will always remember my
good buddie who died for his country and for what we believed in as soldiers of the United
States Army. Joe will always be remembered as someone who loved the military and would
do anything to make us smile and laugh! And when things got rough, we could always look
for Sgt Joseph Andrew Ford to make our day better by telling a joke or just making us to
forget home just for the brief moment. Joe was a loving husband and a devoted son. And will
greatly be missed. Rest In Peace Sgt Ford, and watch out for our brothers and sisters in arms
that are still in harms way, I ask this in Jesus Christ Almighty's name, AMEN!!!!

Joe was part of the Indiana National Guard out of New Albany IN, was in B-TRP 1-152 CAV
RSTA, thank you for taking time to read this, and continue to support our Great Nation while
we are at War in Iraq and Afghanistan! GOD BLESS

May 04, 2016
Dalarie Ford
Once again The month of May is here. With that it always brings a mix of emotions.

May 11, 2015
Abbey M. Ambrose
I still miss you little brother. Yesterday was a very tough day. I see so much of you in Noah's
eyes. I really wish you could have met both he and Sammi; you would have spoiled them

January 05, 2010
Abbey (Ford) Ambrose
I miss you little brother. You were always my caretaker & my source of light. I could always
rely on you when times were tough & you are the best to share good news with. I think about
you daily & miss you so much. Love always.

December 03, 2009
Dalarie Ford
In Honor Of  Sgt Joseph A. Ford
I read this some place and it says it all....The tears in my eyes I can wipe away, The ache in my
heart will always stay.  
Sgt. Joseph A. Ford
United States Army
KIA 10 May 2008, Iraq
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23, of Knox, Ind.; assigned to the 1st Squadron, 152nd Cavalry Regiment, 76th Brigade
Combat Team, Indiana National Guard, New Albany, Ind.; died May 10 in Al Asad, Iraq, of
injuries sustained in a vehicle accident.
Form at Knox in truck