This Memorial Page Established by Sarah and Brent Garvin
In Honor Of Marine Lance Cpl. Edward M. Garvin

"Fighting Thru and Thru"
By Sarah Garvin
-This poem was written for my hero, my love, my life, my sons amazing daddy.

I fought for my country
and took my pride to the grave
I stood amongst the ranks
A Tribute to the Brave

I'm in my final resting place
I am forever free
I'm proud to be a Hero
For all the world to see

Remember me forever
For I'll remember too
How i died an American Hero
Fighting Thru and Thru


October 4th.  To some it meant nothing, to others it means everything. It is the day we lost a
father, son, brother, friend.  It is the day our world stopped. It is a day that changed our lives.  
Some more than others, but everyone was touched by this day.  October 4th was the day we
lost Edward Garvin. He was a father to a little boy, a son to a mother, a brother of two, an
uncle of a couple and a friend of many.  Eddy died a Hero for his country but was a Hero
before then.  He saved many before he was taken from us. Eddy will live on in our hearts


Eddy was a one in a million kinda guy. He loved everything you could think of. He was a
boyscout since he was a kid, and then became a counselor at TL Storer Scout Camp in the
summer with his long time best friend Andrew. He'd sneak outta the cabin and go down to the
docks for fun. He always had more girl friends than guy friends and he thought he was GOD.
not even just Gods gift, nope he was GOD. He loved every minute of it too. He was sweet,
compassionate, loving, and the funniest guy you could have come across.  No matter how
you were feeling there was a way that he would make you smile and he wouldn't stop until he
made you. He grew up in Malden with a brother, Lawrence and his sister Catherine with his
mom Cathy. His sister had a son and a daughter so he was an uncle early and then he
became a daddy himself. Brent Mathew Garvin February 3, 2005, 8lbs 7 oz at 6:37 in the
morning. People also know him as EJ for Eddy Jr.  Eddy then joined the Marines. He was
fighting for hi!
s country from September 1st until October 4th when the worst happened. We got the news
that he had passed away. He died for his country.  It hurts everyone til this day but we smile
at the thought of his face and his jokes.  Not a day goes by that hes not on our minds.


Eddy - you were and still are the one i will love. You are the father to our beautiful son and an
american hero. You are my love, my heart, my hero. I Love you forever. You are the only one
that knows whats really happening. You are still alive in everyones thoughts, forever apart of
me, forever in our hearts.


We love you Edward Marcell, you will never be forgotten. Rest Sweetheart, We'll see you
soon but until then watch over us and keep us safe.


"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one remembers to turn on the
light"  - Eddy you are my light. I Love you.

October 04, 2019
Robert Fritsch
I feel the pain of this memorial as I just just learned this. I was Garvins bunk mate and good
friend at Parris Island SC bootcamp PLT 1091 Bravo Company August 2005 . He was great
person and a great Marine. I am sorry to hear he was killed in Iraq. Prayers to you all on this
anniversary of a wonderful person. SEMPER Fi
Lance Cpl. Edward M. Garvin
United States Marine Corps
KIA 04 October 2006
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19, of Malden, Mass.; assigned to the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd
Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C.; killed Oct. 4 while
conducting combat operations in Anbar province, Iraq. Also killed was Cpl. Benjamin S.