Sgt. Frank J. Gasper

United States Army
KIA 25 May 2008
25, of Merced, Calif.; assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group, Fort Carson, Colo.; died May
25 in Najaf, Iraq, of wounds sustained when his vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device.

This Memorial Page Established by-SFC Rod Brewer
In Honor Of SGT Frank J. Gasper, OIF, 05/25/08
Sergeant Frank Joseph Gasper, 25, was kiled in action
by an improvised explosive device while conducting resupply operations
near Diwaniyah, Iraq.

Gasper, who was in his third deployment to Iraq in support of Operation
Iraqi Freedom, was assigned to the Headquarters Support Company, 3rd
Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Fort Carson, Colo.

Gasper, a native of Merced, Calif., earned his General Education
Diploma in 2000. He enlisted in the Army in October 2002 and became a Rodio

Gasper's military education includes Basic and Advanced Individual
Training, Basic Airborne School, Base Station Operators Course and Special
Mission Radio Supervisors Course.

His awards and decorations include three Army Commendation Medals, two
Army Good Conduct Medals, National Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign
Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on
Terrorism Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Combat Action Badge and
Parachutist Badge.

Gasper is survived by his wife, Breanna, and his God-son, Devon, of
Colorado Springs, Colo. He is also survived by his mother, Anita Richards,
and his sister, Victoria Gasper of California.


Christmas in Arlington...
Rest easy, sleep well my brother, Frank.
Know the line has held, your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well.
Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held.
Peace, peace, and farewell....
SFC Rod.

May 22, 2018
SFC(R) Rob Burd
10yrs... Wow how time flies my friend! I think of you often, but my heart has been especially heavy this
week. I'm not in uniform anymore, and I think thats made it extra emotional, because I feel like Ive left
you behind. I wanted to share this time with you, be that crusty old bastard that tells you about the way
it used to be, lol. I carry you with me every day, brother. I'm doing my best to live my life to honor your
sacrifice. I love you brother, and will toast you this Friday! Until we meet again my friend.

November 12, 2017
Anita Richards
Today is your birthday, it's just an ordinary day with extraordinary memories of how you lived to be the
greatest son a Mom could ask for, a faithful friend and brother. You lived your life as if it was your last
day. You never hesitated to help restore, uplift or lend a helping hand. I remember one cold snowy
Christmas in Colorado as we sat around eating you decided you needed to go help people stuck on
the side of the road. You used to tell me when you were in states " Mom, I am needed in Iraq.
Americans are spoiled, and there's so much yet to do". Although, you loved the family gathering your
soul didn't rest knowing there was so many oppressed people that needed to be freed.
You are remembered for the life you lived as a Patriot! You are not forgotten! Always in our hearts!
Today, I still wish I could hug you one more time and  hear your laugh.. But, your smile remains in my
heart! Love you son, Mom

May 24, 2016
Anita Richards
It was early in the morning 5/25/2008,(sometimes it still seems like yesterday) we had two servicemen at
our door. Although, the phone at our house rang with that terrible news just hours before they could
inform us that Frank had been killed. I truly denied it could be possible or true. Surely, It had to be a
mistake. They had to have the wrong person. But, it wasn't a mistake. I can imagine,it was a much
similar night like this that   Frank wrote those two poems "Warriors" and "Just regular men". Being in a
dark place, far away from home, losing his comrade. So, it was for us his distance seemed so far away
from where he called home. My heart beats fast reflecting on that day, and memory, I still have tears run
down my face. I know exactly what I was doing and the time I got that phone call. But, what is more
embedded in my heart is the twinkle that I saw in his eyes the day he was born on 11/11/1982. It was
love at first sight.  Now, that twinkle remains today as I feel you watching over me. It's in the little things
that happen that  God allows me to have some "wow, moments". Like walking down the street and
suddenly your name "Frank" is carved on a side walk or when I'm sharing a story about you and a
tractor pulling a bed of hay goes by and with an American Flag :) so,you really can not be gone when
you still make yourself visible in these small but great ways. You are always in our hearts.  May God
continue to bless those that picked up where you left off. We miss you Frank! Love you always, Momma

May 24, 2016
Anita Richards
My thoughts are heavy tonight as yet another year marks time without you! My thoughts reflect back to
reading some of your letters written while in some of the darkest places in Iraq. Just a young man, far
away from home. I imagine it was like a night like what I'm feeling right now far away from you that you
wrote your poems "Warriors" and "Just Regular men" that you felt an urgency to write. Well, tonight as
mixed emotions cross my heart I want you to know son that I still have tears running down my cheek.   
I still feel like a blessed woman that I had the opportunity to be called to be your "Mother". Oh,
sometimes what I would give just to hear your voice that echoes in the distance of my heart. Or, what
distance I'd travel just to see you and hold you one more time. But, if Life granted me to do it all over, I
wouldn't miss a beat, or look back to regret. But, rather I'd be thankful that I hugged you tight, called
you my lean mean fighting machine, that I laughed with you and cried with you and gave you all a
Mother could give.  So, tonight as the clock is ticking closer and louder yet another year has come and
gone but, you're not forgotten. You are right in the center of my heart where I first met you like on that
day you were born just now that twinkle I saw in your eyes is a twinkle looking down on me now. I love
you with all my heart. I miss you but, I'm thankful for the time we shared together. Because you live
inside My heart today you really haven't died, you LIVE on! It's your infinite love that gives me strength
today. With all my Love, Momma

December 13, 2012
Andrew Calverase
Thank you Frank for stepping up and filling the breach when we needed you. You were the "long ball
hitter"; at NTC in 2006 and earned the respect of peer and equal alike. May you rest in Valhalla with
those equal to your courage.

November 24, 2012
Christopher Adkins
It's crazy how you always seem to lose the best ones. You are continuously remember and you were
the model soldier and man that I would follow any day!!! You are deeply missed and I am proud to have
served next to you!!! Until I'm up there in the blue skies with ya buddy.... Here is to you!
Chris Adkins

July 22, 2012
Jarod V.Hudson
Hey brother,

I just wanted to send much belated thank you for what you gave and that your smile is so missed. You
were known as the "go to guy". For those of us that have served in support of SF, we know not
everyone gets that "title". I remember the fond memories at 3/10: you, Dustin, Soto, Rod, Nate, Rose,
Dale, Newberry, and you're family's sacrifice will always be praised. For those that have
paid the ultimate sacrifice,you are in the better place.       

Memorial Day 2012
Stephen Flanagan
Frank, we remember you this memorial day and always. Thank you for serving and for giving your life
for the rest of us.

February 06, 2012
Anita Richards
A true Hero named Frank touched my life. It started the day he was born my son, my hero was born on
Veterans day November 11, 1982. I remember seeing his big brown eyes, and his sparkling eyes just lit
the room. The smiles we shared as we looked into each other eyes. His perfect little fingers,feet and
hands. His little fingers grasped mine and I instantly thought wow, I have this little God sent guy to take
care of and love, care for and protect. Well,the years went by and Frank became a fine young man and
served in the US ARMY and he loved what he did. He was proud to serve our Country. He never
hesitated to go overseas as a matter of fact he was on his fourth deployment when his vehicle
encountered an IED. It was Sunday morning and we got the knock on the door. Of course, I had
already heard of the bad news, but in my mind I kept thinking,"maybe it was a mistake, maybe it
really wasn't Frank;. As the door knock came, the funeral to!
ok place it all became so real. But, as months went by and I missed him more I knew I my hero, my son
would not want me to be laiyed up in some dark room. It has been through many community events
like the Annual Run for the Fallen, reaching out to Soldiers actively serving and taking up sewing that I
have truly found some peace and consolation. I feel Frank guiding me and he truly takes me to places
that I could of never imagined I would go. My son is truly my hero, and he truly is the wind beneath my
wings. I have met some remarkable young men who served with Frank while he served in Iraq in
support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and it has not been hard to recognize the character, the pride and
braverly that they all resemble as Soldiers. It just seems as I meet more of Frank buddies and find out
where they fit so uniformly in Franks life that I have begun to understand just the True American Hero
that Frank truly was as he full filled his life as a Soldier. I am !
thankful everyday that God granted me with such a blessing to be called Frank's Mother. It is a
blessing to get to know all of Frank's brothers that he served with. I feel my extended family with 10th
Special Forces, 3rd Battation Group is truly the best support any parent of a Fallen Soldier could have.
Thank you very much for your continued support, it means a lot to me. Thank you for being apart of
Frank's life and for continuing to be apart of our life. Thank you for helping me keep his memory alive.
With love & prayers, Gold Star Mother, Anita

November 11, 2011

SSG Frank (The Tank) Gasper
SGT Timothy Beck
Happy Birthday Buddy
I miss ya more than you know.
I will alway remember you and the price you paid for us.
You will always be my best friend and I will never forget you.
Love Always and Forever
Your Best Pal
Timothy Beck

Veterans Day
November 11, 2010
1SG Monroe Ewing
I served with Frank in 10th SFG(A) and deployed with him in 2007 and 2008. He was the greatest of
Soldiers and of men. On this Veteran's Day, I remember him and his honor that remains.

June 07, 2010
SGT Michael Barnes
I served with Frank in 2007 in Taji,Iraq. He was a great soldier and an even better person. My God Bless
his soul with Eternal Light. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

June 06, 2009
Anita Richards
In Honor Of SSG Frank Gasper

June 08, 2009
My tears still fall on my pillow,
My tears still can't seem to stop,
My love for you is ever so real,
as I think of you everyday!
My heart swells with pride,
as I remember your brave acts
Your courage is what has kept me
and your love is the most I treasure!
but, though your Gone, your not forgotten!

Rest in peace my son, my hero!
love you,

May 17, 2009
Anita Richards- Frank's Mom
It was almost a year ago that my son, my hero SSG Frank Gasper was killed in Iraq. Yet, my pain is so
deep, so is my feeling of how proud I am to be called his mother! My son, fought hard, he was brave,
courageous, and he was a warrior! I am so proud of my son, for not being the man to sit around and
watch, wait for someone to get the job done, but he was a true warrior. He always looked out for
everyone, he always thought of others first before himself. He was a TRUE AMERICAN HERO! He loved
what he did, and he would not have traded it for anything else.  Frank, I miss you so much! It will be
another hard day for me as I stand there at your memorial. But, son just know that you made me proud,
and I will NEVER FORGET your sacrifice. I am thankful for the years that God Lent you to me. Again, I
ask myself this question? WHY DID MY SON HAVE TO DIE IN IRAQ?? because he would of not had any
other way. He was a true WARRIOR.
Rest in peace!

November 26, 2008
Anita Richards
I see you all around

I see you all around
Yet your gone, I see you all around me
I drive downtown to run my errands
pass by that school you attended,
I set you all around me
I drive to go to Grandma's and pass
by that barn you used to play in
I see you all around me
I go by the santuarary that you grew up at
and I see you all around me
I see that field that you once played football on

I see you all around me
Yet another day goes by me
that I can't feel your face,  kiss your
cheek, or give you a hug
but, I see you all around me

The memories are embedded deep within
my heart, and your spirit is yet so free
but Son, I see you all around me.
With love,

Sept 4, 2008
Remus and Joyce Hunwardsen
Although I didn't personally know Frank, my husband was
friends with him. My husbands fondest memory includes drag racing... You
will forever be missed in our family..
Thank you for protecting our future. Thank you for giving your life to
make sure we all have a safer country..

Sept. 3, 2008
Anita Richards
In memory of my son, my hero SSG Frank Gasper,died May
25,2008 in Najaf, Iraq. Frank was two weeks into his fourth tour in
support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, when his vehicle encountered and
Improvised Explosive Devise.
The last memories of Frank were when I went to visit in Colorado
Springs during Spring break March 2008. I always tried to visit him before
he deployed. We spent 10 days together, enjoying making home made cooked
tortillas, enchiladas, carne asada, rice. Which were all of Frank's
request. We were suppose to make Portuguese beans but found out that
Colorado does not sell Linguisa, LOL! So, we just made chili beans and my son
in law,Dustin made cheese drop biscuits to go with them! We had some
really delicious food! We went to the park on one day,and enjoyed a
picnic, went to Old Colorado City, which was a lot of fun. We were together
everyday and had a lot of fun. We spent Easter Sunday together, of course
it snowed in Colorado that morning! I remember I woke up early that
morning,  took a walk then came back shortly due to the snow that was
coming down. Later that day, Frank, Breanna and Devin came over for the
cookout. Dustin made a brisket on the BBQ and I made scalloped potatoes,
fresh string beans,green salad and ambrosia. Paul, Gerrie, Steph
and Dakota came over they brought some really yummy desert. We really
enjoyed the day together. Then came time for the boys to open their
Easter Basket. Frank and Devin open there's first. Frank's basket was filled
with Dale Jr Hat, PJ's and candy. Devin didn't have a Easter basket
from Grandma & Grandpa his basket ball, baseball & glove wouldn't fit in
a basket. He got a Dale JR Lamp, and action figures. Oh, the smiles on
their faces will never be forgotten. Then later it was Dustin and CJ's
turn to open their basket. Dustin got the same hat, Dale JR and he got
a towel of Mater and candy. CJ, was living with Dustin & Victoria at
the time, got a t-shirt with candy. But, I can remember the 10 days that
I was there visiting, each day that we were together we're so happy. The
kids would stay up late playing Guitar Hero, Rock band. I even got
them on video. We laughed and played till late at nights. Frank was actually
the only singer in the group that could keep up,LOL! He sounded
like he was Australian, LOL! But, then it came time to leave. This
was the first time Frank did not accompany me to the Airport. I remember
he came over hugged me. Then, I said Frank aren't you coming. He came
and hugged me again, and said" you know I hate good-byes". That was the
last time I saw him.
He arrived to Iraq, on Mother's day. I did not expect to hear from him.
He called to wish me a Happy Mother's day! I told him how this call
was the best gift I could receive. I told him I loved him and to be safe!
He said, "you know I always am".
You can never say it enough, you can never hug enough, you can never
take enough pictures, you can NEVER be ready for the death of a loved
But, I know that one day, we will meet again! Until then, Rest in Peace
my son, my hero, SSG Frank Gasper.

June 21, 2008
Anita Richards

SSG FRANK GASPER, 25 of Merced died May 25, 2008 when he was doing a resupply for fuel and his
truck encountered an IED. He was laid to rest in his home town of Merced, CA. Frank served with the
US Army since October 2002. He was a very outgoing, happy and very funny story teller. He loved what
he did and loved everyone.  He was very respected by his family, friends and fellow unit. SSG Frank
Gasper was respected and thought of highly by his unit. He will be remembered for his extraordinary
abilities and skills as a soldier, friend and brother. He served with the 10th Special Forces Group
(Airborne), Fort Carson, CO.

Shortly after his assignment to Headquarters Support Company (HSC), 3rd Battalion, 10th Special
Forces (A) he deployed with his unit in support of OPERATION Iraqi Freedom, I, III, V, and VI.  He
selflessly gave of his time to help all those around him, training and mentoring junior Soldiers and
striving to bring freedom to the oppressed. Gasper's duties
placed him in key locations ranging across the Continental United States and Iraqi Theater of
Operations. SSG Gasper volunteered to take the lead on countless resupply operations in some of the
most dangerous areas of the war, knowing that his mission was critical to the units ability to keep our
Soldiers in the fight.

SSG Gasper distinguished himself through selfless service to the Signal Detachment  and his unit
during his career with the United States Army. He mentored and developed over 25 Special Forces
Communications Sergeants,enabling them to successfully join their Operational Detachments with the
necessary  radio and communications skills. He demonstrated a mastery of his MOS so complete that
he was known as the communication expert throughout multipletalion. He utilized his skills to prepare
and maintain communications on multiple occasions in combat. SSG Gasper personally set up and
installed the Joint Base Station in 90 minutes, un heard -of even with a fully staffed section. The speed
at which he set up this equipment significantly reduced the interruption to the communications
network, facilitating ongoing combat operations with Special operations Task Force-Central Area of
Operation. Soon after arriving to Iraq, SSG Frank Gasper assumed the position of Section Sergeant of
the radio section in the 3rd Battalion, Headquarters Support Company,Signal Detachment when his
supervisor was suddenly moved to fill a mission critical position in another section in the battalion.
Then a Sergeant, Staff Sergeant Gasper immediately assumed control in the absence of senior
leadership and took the reins of Radio Section, a position normally maned by a senior Sergeant First
Class Radio Operator. Because of his maturity,motivation, and technical and tactical expertise, SAG
Frank Gasper consistently outperformed his peers, all having more than twice the amount of time in
services that he himself had.  SSG Frank Gasper's leadership of his Soldiers was confirmed as his
Soldiers excelled as communicators while providing 100 percent secure communications operations
in support of the Operations Detachment's tactical mission. This motivation directly affected all
aspects of his mission
and his Soldier's exceptional performance.  SSG Gasper's ability to execute a myriad of Special Forces
missions enabled him to fulfill all tasks necessary to complete each mission at the highest level. HIs
ability to train Soldiers was one of his hallmark skills that he honed to perfection by teaching
numerous Soldiers in 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). His examples and dedication inspired all
those around him. SSG Frank Gasper's experience in tactical driving and convoy operations made him
an indispensable asset in the success
of Special Operations Task Force-Central. His actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of
military service and reflect distinct credit upon himself, Special Operations Task Force-Central, Special
Operations Command Central, and the United States Army.

His awards include the Bronze Star Medal, the Purple Heart, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army
Commendation Medal with two Oak leaf Clusters,and the Army Good Conduct Medal (second award).  
His decorations include the Combat Action Badge and the Parachutist Badge.

He served our Country with such valor and distinction. It was obvious he loved serving our Country
and would not be doing anything else. He wrote many letters to home and expressed how he felt about
his service. He wrote" momma, I would not be doing anything else or be anywhere else than what I am
doing today". He also shared his passion and said
"momma, I just want to make a difference here and assist in helping to set the oppressed free". He
often wrote in his letters asking about his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. He would
sometimes write each of their names and at the end would say " sorry if I missed anyone". When he
would come home he ofter wanted to gather with friends and family.  He loved Classic cars,
motorcycles, big trucks and shooting at the range. One of his highlights of his life at a younger age
was when he won the BURN OUT CONTEST in his home town at the Merced Fairgrounds. He will
forever be remembered for his trade mark smile and his bravery and sacrifice serving our Country. He
had two dogs named Morgan and Liberty,that he loved to spend time with and train for obedience.

He is survived by his Wife Breanna Gasper, his God-son Devin Maldonado (Gasper), and his sister and
Brother in law, Victoria & Dustin Beuerlein from Colorado Springs,CO. His parents Joel & Anita
Richards, from  Planada, CA. His grandmother, Maria Segura,his Step-grandfather, Robert  Richards of
Merced, CA. He is also survived by many cousins,aunts,uncles and many close friends.

Anita Richards
In loving memory of my son, SSG Frank Gasper. We love
you so much and we are so proud of your bravery, and dedication.
Although, our heart ache with emptiness and sorrow. We mourn not just the loss
of our son, but of a hero that gave his life so that we may be free,
and others may be free. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!! My son died doing what he
loved and believed in. I pray for the men and women serving our country
and their families. You will Forever be in our hearts. Love, Mom
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