Sept 9, 2008

It is with great pride and yet humbleness that I write you Great American Soldiers!
As a Blue Star Mother,  it was on May 25,2008 that I faced and received that horrific news that my
son,SSG Frank Gasper was killed and ultimately paid the price for Freedom! That was the day that
changed my life completed, and also made me A Gold Star Mother! But, I find myself  that even as broken
as I feel,yet I feel a sense of duty and responsiblity to preserve the legacy of  my son, Frank . And also to
remember those before him, and those after him.
I am honored to say that in the midst of the letters he wrote me, he left me pieces of history. He gave me
places, dates and situations yet,so little information. Yet as he expressed and shared, you could not help
but feel somewhat of what he was feeling. As the tears run down my face, as I reflect on his writings,I sense
the urgency of not letting this legacy "die". I will not let it sit on a shelf and collect dust, nor will it go in the
family heirloom chest. But, rather it is being told to everyone I come in contact with.
You are but the history book, the "talking history book", that the world needs to hear. It is a great price that
you have paid,or are paying and it must not be forgotten!
It's you,that goes without rest,or when you do rest your head, your mind is full of the weariness.The days'
hell that you went through,the meals you missed,the days that you didn't get a shower, the adrenaline that
rushed through you chest as you watched for your brother's back, yet there's nothing you could do,when
the worst faced you! the wounded solider up in the Hospital,the Veteran that was snuck back into the
Country after war,the suicides that many committed,the silent wounded Soldier that tries to fit in yet,finds it
hard to,the holidays spent away from home,the steps you never witnessed or the birth of your first born
child, the girlfriend that left you for just a civilian,the far away rumbles of the bombs going off afar, all the
Soldier's huddled together,praying God keep us safe! the news that your unit just got orders to deploy
again,the vacation that you will not get to take with the family,and so many more!! this is the price for
Freedom,that must not go unforgotten! It is because of you great American Soldier's that our RED,WHITE
and BLUE flag still waves in the wind,and stands so strong!
These are the stories that I have a burden to preserve, and not let go unforgotten! Yet, I am humbled by
your courage,your strength,your integrity and dedication,your battle wounds,those unseen, and those
seen that each of you American Soldier's share in common. Yet, you do not expect anything in return, nor
do you do it for the medals, not even a "thank you", but for your comrades, your brothers, who fight next to
you, the innocent people that are oppressed, and for the duty that calls within you!
I am humbled and in awe to think that I know such Great men as yourself and I have to "salute" you. I don't
even know if it's proper, or if it's politically correct ! but, I just have to "salute" you.
Just as your soul will not rest,until freedom reins in the land! Neither does my soul rest and I will make sure
that the price of Freedom is not Forgotten!
May God Bless you! Keep you safe! and until we meet again,may your heart begin to write our world's
history so it will not be forgotten!
I pray you find the strength to write at least one line a day, to write down the things that you feel and go
through on a daily basis. You will be surprised just one line a day,with a date or even a time how it will
bring healing to you,as it has to me. I have started to write my life's journey as a Gold Star Mother.There's
days,I look back and read the struggles,even of a day or two ago and some days I can honestly say, it's
what got me through the day!
Stand tall, Stand proud, and don't let the guilt,shame and regrets of today rob you of tomorrow! You are
an American Soldier, part of this great history and the price that was,and is paid for Freedom!
I will pledge to each of you,that all I can do is pray for you,write to you, send you packages,and I will even
be an ear for you. I will stand in support of you at a Rally. I will place my Blue/Gold Star flag up so
proudly,yet so humbly!  I will even shed a tear at the thought of the price of Freedom! but I will promise to
you,that the Price for Freedom will not be forgotten!
With all my love and prayers! My heart is so filled with graditude for each of you for your service to me,and
our Country!
Anita Richards
Proud Gold Star Mom of SSG Frank Gasper
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Writings In My Heart
To All American Soldiers and Vets
By Anita Richards, Gold Star Mother
Sgt. Frank J. Gasper, KIA 25 May 2008