SPC Daniel E. Gomez

United States Army
KIA 18 July 2007

Memorial Page Established By-Marian Gomez

Army Spc. Daniel E. Gomez

21, of Warner Robins, Ga.; assigned to the 1st Battalion, 26th
Infantry, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Schweinfurt, Germany;
died July 18 in Adhamiyah, Iraq, of wounds sustained when his vehicle
was attacked by enemy forces using an improvised explosive device and
small-arms fire. Also killed were Sgt. 1st Class Luis E.
Gutierrez-Rosales, Spc. Zachary R. Clouser and Spc. Richard Gilmore III.

Army Spc. Daniel Enrique Gomez is being remembered by those who knew
him as a natural leader, hard worker, caregiver and loving son.

"I knew Daniel very well," said Warner Robins High School principal
Steve Monday. "He was a leader in our school, an excellent, well-rounded,
mature person."

Gomez, who graduated in 2004, was "one of the best and brightest we had
to offer," Monday recalled. "His death really brings things back home.
I'm shocked and saddened. He was a tremendous young man."

The young soldier's father, Juan Gomez, recalled that in his son's last
visit to Warner Robins in early June while on a rest-and-recovery
leave, Daniel's thoughts were half a world away.

"He was telling me all the time he was ready to go back," Juan Gomez
said. "He wanted to be with his buddies and take care of them."

November 20, 2013
Chris Parrish
I did not know Daniel personally, but I am friends with his father Juan. I told Juan thank you
for raising a  son willing to give up his life for his brothers. As a medic he worried about
"his guys". That is why he was there with them. God rest his soul and let his
family know that he was a true American Hero! I am so sorry I was not able to meet this fine
young man, but, I will always remember his sacrifice.

November 12, 2013
Valerie Santa
I remember Daniel Gomez this Veterans Day! Not a day goes by that we dont think about
you or miss you... I heard about his death after returning from a deployment from
Afghanistan. Daniel and I used to write letters to each other(snail mail). He was one of the
greatest men I have ever met! That same year(2007)for Valentines Day to cheer me up after
my boy friend had broken my heart, he had sent me a gold necklace with my name
"Valerie"; on one side and my name again in Dari(Iraq language)on the other side. The letter
that came with it said;"You are the only Hispanic girl I know without a gold necklace with
your name". Daniel knew that would cheer me up and even make me laugh. He always
made people happy around him and I miss that. :) I still wear that necklace and I have
brought it on the last five deployments with me. I believe that Daniel is truly my Angel. I am
blessed to have met him and my life is better having known him! To his family!
... I am so sorry for your loss. A piece of my heart is with you always!
When I found out about Daniels death I was a wreck. I drove out into the desert in my truck
just to be closer to the sky and to feel near him... I wrote the below message;

31 July 2007
To my Army Angel:
Daniel Enrique Gomez,
The world was not great enough for your heart. As the wind blows with rage tonight, I
understand this madness and why you had to go. Your soul so beautiful and calm, that war
and its anger with your love in the midst of evil, and turmoil
Tonight I hear about your death and I weep, but what for? Your soul has gone to a much
greater place and yet I weep because I wanted more time with you, to see your smile, see
your presence among others The joy you bring others hearts
This moon is bright tonight Daniel, but it is not easily seen through the dark clouds. I think it
symbolizes your love for the world and you Daniel. You always shining bright, and yet it is
blocked from sight. Light clouded by the war and its heavy burden. Blocked from some
peoples views, but Daniel they werent really looking
Daniel I saw through it, I saw the beauty love and passion you had for this life! There are no
words left to say, only silence, and hopes that the wind or some sound from above will
bring me a hello from my Army Angel.
In loving memory of Specialist Daniel Enrique Gomez; an awesome man, a Hero, and my
friend. I love you Daniel you will never be forgotten!
-Valerie Santa

(After writing this I looked up into the cloudy sky and saw a break in the clouds where the
stars were shining through it looked like a shape of an angel, of course that made me cry
but instead they were happy tears because I knew he was there with me. I got into my truck
and turned over the engine, and on the radio for the first time ever I heard the song by Tim
Mcgraw "If your reading this";... I knew he was home at that moment. I get the chills even
writing this. Please listen to that song and remember Daniel)

April 19, 2012
Joshua Hoeft
I remember gomez as a person i looked up to. He was 3 years ahead of me in school,
shortly after he graduated high school my family moved to ram stein, Germany. Through
out his time in Iraq we would talk on yahoo messenger, when he was available. Being two
hours difference in time gave me more opportunities then my brother, who was good
friends with him. His death hit me hard, i talked to him a couple of days before hand and
was looking forward to my next conversation with him. My mom was the one that broke the
news to me. I After leaving the gym and headed to meet up with my dad to go home. After
hearing about the death of one the people i looked up to in life my emotions took over.
Shortly after graduating high school i enlisted as a medic in the army. Gomez was my
inspiration, when ever things were going the other direction and not towards me i would
look up at the stars and have a conversation with him. Our talks varied from the days
events to my struggles with the material covered in the days class. While at our field
training exercise i discovered a memorial. A Iraq trial to all the fallen medics from the wars in
Iraq and Afghanistan. I quickly learned that i was not the only one inspired to become a
medic through unfortunate events. My battle buddies and i that shared a similar story spent
the night in front of that memorial. gomez was my inspiration.

Memorial Day
May 31, 2010
Jan Grace
Thank you for all you did to preserve our freedom!
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