This Memorial Page Established by -Antonia Gross, Frank's Mom

May 24, 2017
Craig Gross
Frankie - this has been a tough couple of weeks - just checking in to say I LOVE YOU!

April 03, 2016
Craig Gross
I miss you every! Every day I feel like my heart was ripped out of me. I just miss you so much....

June 9, 2013
Toni Gross
Son, it blesses me when I view a page like this in your memory, provided by kind and generous people
who created, established and maintain this site.
To see your smiling face brings joy to my heart and spirit, even though you are no longer here in this life.
Memorial Day this year was a sad time, yet a proud time for us Gold Star families...I am proud of you and all
of your battle buddies who have sacrificed your lives in a far away wretched hostile land.... and have since
transitioned to "higher ground"
I know that where you are the soul knows no despair, there are no tears, no fear...only perfect joy, peace
and everlasting life.
You will never be forgotten,
Love, Mom

July 5, 2012
Maria Williams
Independence Day is a very good day to remember your sacrifices. A big THANK YOU to you CPL Frank R
Gross. As I'm sure when we look back on the many loved ones that we all have lost from war. The fond
memories will be with us forever. But, we all need to remember..... They knew what they wanted and
needed to do. They did it for us, so we could continue to live and be there for each other.My heart goes
with the family of CPL Frank R Gross, to his loving father Craig, loving mother Antonia, and to his sister -
words is not enough to fill the void you feel in your empty hearts. But because you live with God's grace,
we find comfort and peace. God bless you all and  God continually bless America.

May 29, 2012
Bruce and Cathy Huertas
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gross,

Yesterday, May 28th, 2012, my wife and I attended the Memorial Day service in Oldsmar.  Upon leaving the
ceremony we were both overcome with emotion trying to imagine the pain you continue to endure.  As
parents, we can only in vain attempt to know the loss you feel.  We will visit the park again in the near
future and pay our respects to your son's memorial bench.  You raised a son with laudable ideals and
commitment, be proud of who he was, the best this nation has to offer.


Bruce and Cathy Huertas

February 15, 2012
Craig Gross - Dad
Son, I miss you! Love, Dad.

December 08, 2011
Toni Gross
My deepest gratitude to the many people who have prayed for my husband, my daughter (Frank's big
sister) and for me since Frank's death. It is by God's grace and comfort that we have made it thus far....we
miss our son.... our loss is Heaven's gain.

Frank lived and died by these 7 core values:
Selfless Service
Personal Courage

Son, your blue star has turned to gold, you have now been deployed to guard the gates of
easy now Soldier, you've earned the right.
December 7, 2011

Oct 28, 2011
1st LT Damon T Leehan
Very sorry for the loss of CPL. Frank R. Gross, we received his memorial CD from family and as a father of
a fallen soldier are hearts go out to his family. We lost our son on August 14th, 2011 in Afghanistan due to
an IED. Seeing the pictures of Frank when he was younger reminded me so much of our son.
I wish you the best in this painful time. God bless and God bless all our soldiers.
Dennis C. Leehan
Cpl. Frank R. Gross
United States Army
KIA 16 July 2011, Afghanistan
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25, of Oldsmar, Fla., died July 16 at Kandahar province, Afghanistan of wounds sustained at Khowst province,
Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device caused a military vehicle roll-over.  He was assigned to the
2nd Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment, 504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, Fort Hood, Texas

CORRECTION:  July 20, 2011 -- Cpl. Gross’s unit is corrected from 2nd Battalion, 38th Cavalry Regiment, 504th
Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, Fort Hood, Texas.

UPDATE:  July 20, 2011 -- Spc. Gross was posthumously promoted to corporal.