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October 14, 2014
Dianne Hayes
Thank you for your service.  We will never forget it.

May 24, 2012
Bruce and Debra Hudson
Thank you so much for your service for our country.  We are so sad to loose you so young.  
What a wonderful young man you was and we are all suffer a great lost with your passing.  
Please know that this country loves you and misses you.

May 17, 2012
Larry Wright
Kevin showed me, in my brief time with him, that courage comes to even the quietest, most
pleasant person God had the wisdom to create. Kevin instilled love and courage with
whomever he touched. May God bless his family for raising such an amazing young man.

May 17, 2012
Mickie Lyman
My precious nephew Kevin is missed so much. He is one of 4 boys. His strength sustained
the family during his life time and is inspiring the family since his passing.

I first learned the saying if you are free today thank a soldier; during his time in his country's
service. My husband and I feel so grateful to God for having a young man of Kevin's mind set
and moral courage in our family.

Please continue to pray for our country, leaders and our young people. My youngest nephew
Keith leaves on 9/11/12 for basic training. He has been inspired by his big brother and we are
so proud of him.

Aunt Mickie and Uncle Robert

May 17, 2012
Merry Jones
Thanks to our heavenly Father, the service men & women and their families for all the
sacrifices made for our freedom and the freedom of others around the world. All of you are
heroes in my book. Thank you all.

March 06, 2012

Kevin was very seriously injured in Samarra, Iraq on 9/30/07, and suddenly passed away on
January 22, 2012 in Killeen, Texas.  We so very, very much appreciate your continued prayers
and support for our family during this most difficult time.

May 01, 2012
Elaina Hayes
Although, I didn't know Kevin Hardin, through his mother, I've come to know him, as if he
were a member of my family. He was an exceptional young man ; left an impression on
everyone who knew him.
Through the loss of Kevin, I met his mother. She also is a special women, and an inspiration.
I was fortunate enough that she shared a very special letter with me that she received from a
young man in his unit. He spoke of Kevin's dedication to the wounded. The compassion he
showed to those he treated,even to the enemy.
After he was wounded, he endured the countless surgeries without complaint and always
had a smile for everyone. This young man will truly be missed. His sacrifice will never be
forgotten. Forever, The memory of this young man's courage , commitment and zest for life
will be a constant reminder to me of how precious life is, especially family & friends. I will
never look at life the same again. There are no words to express my sorrow at the loss of this
Soldier. My heart breaks for this mother & father who loved their son so much. May this
family find comfort in Kevin's memory and the special mark he left on this world. He will
forever live on in the hearts of so many. May God bless you and give you peace.
I want to bring attention to my favorite picture of Kevin. He is helping carry supplies to the
people of Iraq, all the children following behind him. His determination and commitment
shining in each step. An example of the kind & compassionate young man he was. We will
never forget you Kevin.  
Elaina Hayes
Spc Kevin Hardin
United States Army
DoD 22 January 2012
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While on patrol in northern Iraq last year, Army Spc. Kevin Hardin of Jupiter, Fla., was hit by a
rocket-propelled grenade. He suffered injuries to his hands and arms. As a result, some of his
fingers were amputated. Shrapnel penetrated his skull, leaving inoperable injuries.Army Spc.
Kevin Hardin was serving in Delta Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry in Iraq.
Army Spc. Kevin Hardin, far right, poses with his
father, Charles, right, and brothers Kyle, left, and
Keith, far left, in Washington, D.C.
Spc. Kevin Hardin is flanked by his parents, Charles and Terry Hardin
of Jupiter, after he was airlifted from Iraq to Walter Reed Hospital.
The young Army medic was injured in an ambush. While he was
driving a Humvee, an anti-tank rocket missed the tank and hit his
vehicle instead. Hardin suffered severe wounds, including shrapnel
that is still imbedded in his face and head, a shattered left arm and
the loss of two fingers on his right hand, including his thumb.
Kevin in Iraq
Kevin carrying school supplies
Kevin and Mom
Kevin's funeral
Kevin's gravesite
Dad and Kevin with The President