Navy Special Warfare Operator 1st
Class Joshua Harris
United States Navy
KIA 30 Aug 2008, Afghanistan
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36,of Lexington, N.C.; temporarily forward deployed from his assignment at Naval Special
Warfare Development Group, Dam Neck, Va.; died Aug. 30 from injuries sustained while
conducting combat operations in Bagram, Afghanistan.


Memorial Page Established By-Drew Lohr
In Honor Of Josh Harris
Remember Me.

I am a soldier,
A guardian of freedom,
A believer in my faith,
A warrior for righteousness,
A member of the strength of our nation.

I am a soldier,
A protector of those who cannot defend themselves,
A link in the chain of security,
A soul dedicated to good and equality,
A man ready to serve and protect.

I am a soldier,
My blood is neither red nor blue,
My allegiance to America is pure,
My fight is for my country,
My reward is simple and self-attained.

I am a soldier,
I feel no pain.
I lived for my brothers,
I died for my country.
I did this all, freely, for this is who and what I am.

I am a soldier,
Grieve not for me,
But honor and remember me.
For I lived my life for each of you.
I gave my life for my beliefs,
And I have no regrets.

I am a soldier.
I now lay down with my brethren.
I made the sacrifice, same as them.
I am satisfied that I gave my all,
For I am a soldier.

God accept me with open arms,
For I am a pure and simple man.
I loved my family and my country,
And I served them both very well,
For I can only do what I was meant to do.
For I am a soldier.

In honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Joshua Thomas Harris, 36, a Navy SEAL.

August, 2008
By his cousin Drew Lohr