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In Honor Of Brother-Cpl. Thomas Steven Hickman KIA Vietnam

God Bless You and Your Family, may the Angels wrap their loving wings around you and lift
you up above the pain. Hugs..

December 12, 2013
Karen Hickman
Cpl. Thomas Steven Hickman Infantry 8/1/51-8/26/70

26 August 2013

Lawrence M Celani
I receive updates from the VVMF regularly and every day I am reminded of the terrible loss of
war. Vietnam was the war of my generation and while I could never serve and my family did
not suffer the unimaginable loss of a son, daughter, brother, sister or parent, I lost two of my
best friends. I am sure the sister of Cpl Hickman can attest that the pain of such a loss may
subside over time, it never goes away. I do believe that after our time on this earth, we all will
be reunited where the pain and terror of war will never be known.  Each young man or
woman who dies in war is born again in a new child. As I was taught as a child, our bodies
are only a place for our spirit and soul to reside. The body may disappear, but the soul is in a
paradise and the spirit of our heroes live among us.
Cpl. Thomas Steven Hickman
United States Army
KIA 26 August 1970
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CPL Thomas Steven Hickman D/2/1 196 LIB was KIA 26Aug70 when the CH47 helicopter he and 20
others were in was shot down.