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In Honor Of Cpl James S. Holloway

Cpl. James (Jimmy) S. Holloway passed 04/26/2009 shortly after his time was up in the
Marines from medical reasons. He has a beautiful baby girl and leaves behind a wife. He
served a successful 7 months in Iraq where 3 of his fellow Marines paid the ultimate sacrifice
all on 04/28/2006 (Sgt Davis, Sgt. Lea R. Mills, and Cpl. Brandon Hardy. We deeply miss you
guys and not a day goes by that we dont think about you. My fondest memories are sitting
around playing poker till sun up with Jimmy. Theres not a day that goes by that I dont think
about you. Lea's smile and just how amazing his mother is and the organization she runs in
leas memory, raising money to send stuff to our troops. (
Davis by word of mouth was an out standing guy, I only wish I had a chance to meet him. And
where do I start with Cpl. Hardy, him and his cowboy hat. Nobody could touch his cowboy
hat. He took his girlfriend to the Trace Adkins concert before they!
deployed, where he proposed on stage to her. I recently learned Hardy's parents had a meet
and greet with Trace where they broke the news to him about Brandon. He dedicated his
some "semper-fi". in memory to Brandon at the concert. We miss these guys so much and
April is such a rough time for our brotherhood. Please remember what we now call H.M.D.J
and all of our other fallen comrades. *Semper-Fi*
Cpl James S. Holloway
United States Marines
DOD 26 April 2009
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