Staff Sgt. Travis K. Hunsberger

United States Army
KIA 27 June 2008

This Memorial Page Established by-Rod Brewer

July 10, 2008
Deb Biggs
In Honor OfTravis Hunsberger

To the Loved ones of an honorable man and soldier,

No one will know the depth of your sorrow and loss, except others who
have also lost a soldier.  It is something no one wants to experience
and too many have.

But these brave men and women who stand up for their beliefs and our
country deserve our acknowledgement, undying graditude and blessings for
the sacrifices they made so  we can live freely.

Bless also the family and friends who support and love these wonderful

I didn't know Travis personally, but I grew up knowing his mother and
her family.  So I know what strong, honest, hardworking and family
oriented people he comes from.
Even through their grief they have to be proud of what he accomplished
in the life he choose.

May all honor his memory.
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