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PFC Gifford E. Hurt

My son PFC Gifford E. Hurt joined the Army on January 29, 2009. He joined right out of HS.
He wanted to be a soldier all of his life. Gifford was an amazing young man. He loved me (his
mom) & loved his siblings more than anything else in the world. When he graduated Basic
Training @ Ft. Sill, OK me & my kids drove 21 hrs to Lawton, OK to be there for that most
joyous occasion. When I saw my son on Family Day my heart was so heavy.....PROUD is the
only word that I can say I felt when I saw him. He was always a very respectful & well
mannered young man, but in that uniform, having finished 9 wks of Basic Training he had
transformed into an even more polished & refined young man & now US Army Soldier.
Gifford had every intention of making the Army a career & doing 20-30 years. We talked about
the many career paths that he was thinking about taking.

When he finished AIT he reported to his Unit 1st Battalion, 14th Field Artillery Regiment, 214th
Fire Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. He called me one day and was a little upset because since
he had joined the Army he was looking forward to deploying overseas. So when we talked he
mentioned that he was being put on Rear Detatchment & that he really, really would have
preferred to deploy. Well about a week later his wish would come true. As the Soldier that he
was staying on the Rear for subsequently had to stay back so they sent my son in his place.
As the time drew near for Gifford to deploy & he came home on leave he was very anxious.
Anxious to go & serve his Country. It was a very bittersweet time for our family. Me, his mom
having retired in 2007 and never deployed was happy yet sad to see him go. Happy because I
know that he wanted to deploy with his Unit more than anything else, yet sad because no
mother wants to send their son to a War Zone. As with every Soldier that deploys overseas
he spent about a week in Kuwait. After there he went on to Cob Q West. Of course knowing
many Soldiers I inquired about the area & location & was told "not to worry" mom, he was in
a very safe & secure area. Gifford on the other hand wanted to go somewhere where there
was "action". Needless to say he was somewhat as a mother I was relieved.
He worked a schedule from 9am to 9am and was off the next day. We skyped EVERYDAY for
hours at a time. Even with the 8hr time difference I made it a point to stay up to speak with my
son when he came home from work @ 9am his time & 1am our time. I wouldn't close my eyes
until he called me on skype and said the same words that he said all the time "HEY MA" with
his beautiful husky voice.

My son was a wonderful young man, loving brother & true friend. He had no enemies. His
fellow soldiers loved him, his Chain of Command loved him! His LTC called me personally &
although this is his job he told me that PFC Hurt was not only his soldier on paper but he was
also his friend. He mentioned that they had many conversations about his career path & what
he wanted to accomplish. He praised me for raising a wonderful young man & squared away
soldier. I have recieved numerous emails from soldiers that he served with and friends from
around the world that knew my son.

On January 20, 2010, 9 days before he was to have his 1 year anniversary as an Active Duty
US Army Soldier he was killed in a non cambat related accident. As of now the accident is still
being investigated but I was told that the Up Armored Humvee that my son was a passenger
in had overturned as the driver lost control of the vehicle. My son was thrown from the
vehicle & died on the scene. The driver sustained some injuries and was in stable condition.

As a mother I can't even begin to explain the horror of finding out that your son or daughter
has passed away. I am still in a state of shock, disbelief & confusion. But, I am comforted in
knowing that my son went out like a hero & that he is probably smiling down on me now
knowing that his memor will NEVER, EVER be forgotten.

PFC Gifford Hurt leaves behind me, his loving mother of Raeford, NC, his sister & brother in
law Ashley & PFC Brandon Trapp out of Ft. Stewart, GA & his lil niece Briannah, & his
siblings: Tarique, Malik & Alyssa here with me in Raeford, NC. He is also survived by his Step
Father Reginald Thompson of Charlotte, NC.

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to let the world know a little bit about my
son. He was remarkable & I lost a part of my heart when he was taken away from me. Please
keep me & my family in your prayers.

God Bless
Lisa Davis

March 03, 2011
Renee Wood-Vincent

Gifford you will always be a hero. I respect your service and ultimate sacrifice. To Gifford's
family... from one Gold Star family member to another I keep you in my prayers, I honor and
understand your sacrifice. Our children, our sons, always loved, never forgotten.
Renee Wood-Vincent
Momma of Sgt Ryan Wood
Heaven sent 7-11-84
Heaven bound 6-21-07

February 24, 2011
Tawanda Giles
Dear Lisa and Family I didn't get the chance to have any conversations with your great son
but my son Tyree did and thought he was such the coolest and the smoothest man he had
encountered and couldn't wait to get the chance to hang out with him and his brother Tarique
the day you laid him to rest was truly one of the saddest moments have witnessed becuase
we could see your and the family pain, but you could also feel all of the deep love,admiration,
respect and honor that people had for such a great Son, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, Friend and
A US Army Soilder.

With lots of love and blessings
Tawanda Giles

January 21, 2011

As a fellow Army mom, I completely understand your mixed emotions about Gifford's
deployment.  I am so terribly sorry for your loss - a mom's worst nightmare - but hope you
can find some peace in knowing that Gifford was doing what he wanted to do, and that he will
never be forgotten......

August 30, 2010
Jo Ellen Marlow
In Honor Of Pfc Gifford E. Hurt
to a man who i didnt have a chance to meet but only by pictures on here that his brave mom
post,you are a fallen HERO and i for one will not forget that. You where taken to young and
yet have touch so many peoples hearts. Your mom misses you so makes my heart
break to see the pain she is going through,You have a strong in heaven as your a
angel now looking over your mom and family.
Pfc Gifford E. Hurt Jr.
United States Army
KIA 20 January 2010, Iraq
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19, of Yonkers, N.Y.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 14th Field Artillery Regiment, 214th Fires Brigade,
4th Infantry Division, Fort Sill, Okla.; died Jan. 20, in Mosul, Iraq, of injuries sustained from a
noncombat-related accident.