This Memorial Page Established by-SGT Borja, Vince
In Honor Of Cpt. Rowdy J. Inman

From the Troopers of Ironhawk Troop, 3d Squadron, 3d
Armored Cavalry Regiment:

"It was honor and privilege to serve under your command.  Your will
always be remembered... NO SLACK SIR!"

November 24, 2013
Dennis Wood

I am finally jumping in to classes at a University, you would probably like to kick my ass for
waiting so long...
I to this day remember your advice to me for going to school... You told me to quit making
excuses and to apply to every scholarship and grant under the sun. Well as I complete form
after I think of you and your mentorship. You were a great leader and I am proud to have
served with you

December 04, 2012
Redcatcher 04
I was flying overhead that day. Rowdy's loss hit the guys across the task force pretty hard. All
the Kiowa 58D guys in mosul loved working with Rowdy and his guys. His unit always took
the fight to the enemy.

May 31, 2011
Ms. Crane & Mrs. Martin's 4th Grade Class
I learned about Cpt. Inman in class today.  I wanted to let his family know how sorry I am for
his loss.  I wish I could have met him.  I know he was a brave man. I will never forget his
sacrifice for our country.

Respectfully and sad,
Cpt. Inman

November 17, 2010
Sgt Miller, Neal
In Honor Of Green 3, Golf

This is to the friends and family of the great friend and commander CPT INMAN

I know it's been a long time since we have talked and it's never been a easy thing, but we all
will remember Rowdy as not only a commander but a a brother & a friend. Remember that we
can carry on his fun and wild spirit, he inspired people and made them smile. He was a tough
leader who spoke his mind and didn't ask for forgiveness for it.

Known to step up to the plate, train and lead. He slapped it in everyones face that IRONHAWK
was the best at our business. He would defend those who were right and justified. Never did I
see this man hold a grudge, with a reprimand he would give you a reason to hold your head
up. Through long safety breifs and other speeches he made you laugh until your sides split.
He would even take a pie in the face for a good cause.

All who know Rowdy, remember him like you would anyone else and carry on his legacy. We
are all better for having been in his presence. He is a hero that took on the enemy and WON. I
wear the bracelet, but that's not my only memory of him.

June 21, 2009
Ed and Tara Heintz
Captain Inman was our son's Captain in Fort Hood and in Iraq. His loss has been deeply felt
by his men as he was much loved and respected. Truly a great American, soldier, husband,
father, man. He had a barbeque at his house for his men and their families shortly before they
deployed to Iraq where he toasted the wives and children of those deploying with him as the
real heroes. My son, his wife, and their new infant son were present. Captain Inman, you are
my hero. My son made it home after 14 months because of your training. He will always
remember you; always love you. My son and his wife got a dog after he returned from Iraq
and named it Rowdy. He lives up to his namesake, loyal, cheerful, enthusiastic.
Mrs. Inman,
You were married to a great American. Be blessed to know that the parents of the men who
served under Captain Inman are forever greatful for his training and leadership. God bless
you and the kids. We have a memorial garden in his honor in Florida. We will never forget. We
joined Patriot Guard Riders and we ride for Capt. Inman.
All respects to you.
Ed and Tara Heintz
Captain Rowdy J. Inman
United States Army
KIA 26 December 2007, Iraq
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38, of Panorama Village, Texas; assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, III
Corps, Fort Hood, Texas; died Dec. 26 in Mosul, Iraq, of wounds sustained from small-arms fire
during dismounted combat operations. Also killed was Sgt. Benjamin B. Portell.