Pfc. Kenneth J. Iwasinski
United States Army
KIA 14 October 2007, Iraq

Memorial Page Established by Tracy J Taylor
In Honor Of Kenneth J Iwasinski (Kenny) (Ski)

To my dear son, You are my hero, even before you join
the service. I know you are looking out for your sister and I. We love
and miss you very much. Mom

Memorial Day 2012
Christine Taylor Garner
Remembering your sacrifice on this Memorial Day, Kenny...

November 04, 2012
george trusz
Dear Kenneth, I did not know you in this life so I hope to have the honor in the next life. I
stop to visit every now and then and to leave a small token for you so you know that you are
not forgotten. I stood for you on the road when you came home. Thank you for all you gave
for us. To your family, words can never express the true pain of your loss.

May 24, 2012
Dallas Vann
I miss you &Uncle Kenny, you weren't my real uncle but you were close enough. You helped
me through a lot when I was younger, and you got me into the world of poetry. I remember
saying good-bye to you, and you told me not to cry. I sat down with a box of poems that I
wrote you, that I couldn't wait to send to you to show you what you taught me. You taught
me not to be so dang shy, and you had the best Donald Duck impression I've ever heard. I
read the last letter that I got from you, and I broke down into tears. I wish I could've had more
memories with you, but the ones that I have now are enough until I can see you again one
day. You wanted to make a difference for your country, and that you did. You also taught me
that just because I'm young, doesn't mean I don't have a voice to speak for myself with. With
all of the advice that you've given me, I've gone very far.  I know you're proud of me, I know
you look down on me time to time and smile. I know I didn't know you very long, but you
meant a lot to me, and that will never change. Thank you for everything that you showed
me... I love you Unlce Ken, and I'll see you again someday.

November 30, 2011
matthew rosa
ken was a great person i remember in the sixth grade ken said he would go into the military
and he did its just too bad he didnt get to enjoy the rest of his life. i just miss ken alot and it
would be nice to go have a beer and catch up. ken i miss you and i will always remember

April 25, 2008
My Angle
Sweetheart, there is not a day that goes by that I do
not think about you, but that has not changed since the day I knew I was
pregnant with you. I feel you next to me and you help me through
everything and I do hear you whisper in my ear. You have always been more
then my son. You have always been my angle, you were sent to me from GOD
above. I am not sure why GOD thought I was ready to live with out you.
I was not and am not ready t live with out you. I miss you more than I
could ever explain in words. Everyone misses you (but you know that,
you are with all of us). Sweetheart you are bringing me to the people and
the emotions that I need to meet on my journey here on earth, I just
wish that I could hold in my arms, I could use you back with me.

I hope you are enjoying your time with Matt, Cheryl, Victor,
Great-grandma,and so many others. I want to be with all of you so badly, but I
can not at this time, Amanda needs me to much and it is just not GODs
plan for me now.

I hurt so bad on your birthday. I felt like someone has taken
everything from behind my heart, because there is not much left of my heart.
What is left only belongs to Amanda. I have no feelings for anyone else. I
do know your life ( 0-17 and beyond til your death). I wish your life
here on earth could have been much easier for you.
I love you sweetie. Always together.

Feb 14, 2008
SFC Rod Brewer
Private First Class Kenneth J. Iwasinski  of West
Springfield, Mass. Assigned to 1/10th Cav, 2nd BCT, 2nd ID. Killed during
Operation Iraqi Freedom by a roadside bomb on October 14, 2007. My
condolences to his family. Ken, You Will Never Be Forgotten. Say Hooah to the
others up there with you!!!
Christmas in Arlington...
Rest easy, sleep well my brother.
Know the line has held, your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well.
Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held.
Peace, peace, and farewell....

Nov 11, 2007

Dear Kenny
I cant describe the feeling knowing that i am never going to be able to
talk to you again. It makes me sad and i wish i could have told you
that I love u one more time.
You were always there for me when i needed somebody to talk to, and you
have always put a smile on my face. You meant a lot to me Kenny, you
still do, and you always will.
In my heart you will always live and i will never ever forget about you.
There will be a time when we get to see each other again Kenny... I'm sure.
You are still my favorite American and i love u with all my heart.

Love,  Franziska

Nov 8, 2007
He's my cousin he's my friend he's my hero and i will always
love Kenny

Nov 02, 2007
Gram Peggy
To my grandest grandbaby, the bravest of the brave for
having brightened so many people's lives with your light-up-a-room
smile even while your heart ached through all the hurt you suffered. Thank
you for all the love and sweet memories.
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Kenny, Amanda and Tracy
April 17, 2007