March 13, 1981 - November 20, 2004
Sergeant Jack Bryant Jr., 23, of Dale City, Virginia, died November 20, 2004, in Muqdadiyah, Iraq, when an
improvised explosive device detonated near his military convoy followed by an enemy rocket-propelled
grenade attack.  Bryant was assigned to the 3rd Brigade Fire Support Team (1st Battalion, 6th Field
Artillery Regiment, 1st Infantry Division), Vilseck, Germany.

The Rev. Charles Ervin from Star of Bethlehem said he would remember Bryant Jr., or "Little Jack" as a
kid who was bothered by nothing -- "regardless of what was happening, he always had a smile on his

Ervin said the 23-year-old was active in the church's youth choir and in Bible study groups before he
joined the military in 2000.

Like her husband, Kiona Bryant graduated from Hylton High School. They were married the same month
she graduated.

"He loved the Lord Jesus and if anything were to happen to him, he knew where he would end up,
which is in heaven," Ervin said. "Not often these days do you find a young man like Jack. He's
respectable and tried to do the right thing by everybody."

Bryant Jr., whom family members called "Jay" was always one to crack a joke, they said.

He was outgoing, talkative and wrote songs that he would rap for his friends and family.

"Little Jack" also had a knack for free styling, a method of rapping unrehearsed, coherent rhymes.

He had pet names for everyone, said his father, whom "Jay" would call and ask, "what's up, old man?"
Bryant recalled with a laugh.

Bryant said his son's death is painful, but their religion helps them cope.

"If we didn't have our faith, if we didn't have our relationship with Jesus Christ, I don't know how we
would deal with it," Bryant said. "Hearing the news was paralyzing."

He said his son is in heaven and that comforts his wife and their two daughters, Jennifer, 20, and Denie,

"I have a vision of Jay telling his corn ball jokes to Jesus," his father said.

Bryant is the third service member from Prince William County killed in Iraq.

Bryant had begged his parents not to worry when he was deployed to Iraq and promised them he would
be fine. "He would often tell us that he's immortal," his father, Jack Bryant Sr., said in an interview
shortly after his son's death.

Just before he was killed, Bryant had a two-week leave in Germany with his wife and their toddler son,
Keshawn James. Together, they celebrated an early Thanksgiving, far from their home in Dale City, and
far from the uncertain battlefields of Iraq. They took a seven-day tour of Paris, and then Bryant returned
to combat.

Bryant graduated from Hylton High School just over five years ago and went straight into the Army with
dreams of seeing the world -- which he did -- and taking some time off before coming home for college.
Recently, he had taken some computer science courses through the University of Maryland.

Endlessly optimistic, quick with a smile or a joke, Bryant's real passion was music, his father said. He
sang in the choir at Star Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church in Triangle, where his father is an
associate minister. Shortly before his death, Bryant had taken to writing rap songs.

September 27, 2010
SSG Ronald Matthews
Dear Jack, I Still can't get over losing you, And to his family Jack was a really good friend of mine. Man I
can remember the days when we were in Germany when you were a Specialist and you wanted to become
a Sgt. how we had study groups together and how nervous you where going to the promotion board. Man
when you pinned on them stripes boy talking about proud. (Bimmer boys) Jay I can still here you rapping
man. Miss you and love little bro

1-6 FA
SSG Matt.

November 06, 2009
SPC Matthew Kent
I served with Sgt Brynt in Iraq he was a good friend to me and will always be remembered. Even to this day
5 years later i still get brought tears when remembering Jack. He always knew how to bring me or anyone
out of a slump. He was a great NCO and friend, thank you for all you have done for me and everyone else
that had crossed your path.

August 27, 2008
Jennifer (Bryant) Souza
You will truly be missed big bro!!!! But never
forgotten!! I love you and keep on smiling!

Love Jenn ("AKA Bones")
Your baby sis

Dec 24, 2007

Kim Curtis
I will always luv and Miss u