James Tyler Jackson
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This Memorial Page Established by Deonna Phillips
In Honor Of  James Tyler Jackson

Our Son, PVT-2 James Tyler Jackson, died August 11Th,
2008. He was currently Serving his Country in Kirkuk Iraq.. He'd been
there for Four months. His Company had a lottery to see when each soldier
got to go home on R&R. Well he got August.. My Son was found dead in a
friend's home down in Taholah Washington. When they found him, he'd
been dead for fourteen hours. Myself, my Husband, and his Father had to
go and identify his body.. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do
in my life.. He was fine the day before, when I spoke to him on the
phone, he said "Mom I love you with all my heart".. Thoses were the last
words My Son ever spoke to me. Their are a lot of rumors about his
death, but no one knows for sure what happened yet. The toxicology report
should be here soon. We have made a beautiful Memorial Garden in our back
yard for him.. He was a big fan of Kirk Cobain.. He was from Our town,
Aberdeen Wa. Our Son was a great person, soldier, friend, and love !
of our lives.. It's ironic how I found this Web site tonight, since
today it has been two months since his passing.. A very close friend of
our family asked us if he could have the Honor of taking one of Jimmy's
patches back to Iraq with him, so James can finish his tour over there,
even in spirit alone.. I love and miss my baby boy.. I miss you
Jack..(action Jackson)All my love Mom

September 12, 2011
Cathy Rigg
Hello Deonna,

I believe we met at Tahoma National Cemetery this past Memorial Day. (we took each others
photos.  I hope I have the right family?  On 9/11 we visited my Dad who is laid to rest near
Jimmy.  I found Jimmy's headstone and left some flowers to thank him for his service.  Just
wanted you to know I was thinking of you and your family.

God bless,

Cathy Rigg

December 16, 2009
Deonna Phillips
In Honor Of PVT-E2 James Tyler Jackson
As Christmas draws nearer, my heart breaks even more. I miss you my Fallen Hero as the
Christmas before.. Our hearts hurt so much without you here, we know your okay with God
by your side dear. It's so hard to be happy even though we have Family near and far, I like it
when it's clear out, because you are my shining star.. Rest in peace baby boy, know I'll be
joining you someday.. All our Love your Family and your Mommy..