SSgt. Tricia L Jameson
United States Army
KIA 14 July 2005, Iraq

I just ran across your site today.
My cousin Tricia L. Jameson died
in Iraq July 14,2005. She was a
medic with the 313th co. c
medical Unit. She was responding
to a roadside casualty incident to
help 2 Marines when the
insurgents set off a secondary
IED. She is greatly missed and I
would appreciate all your efforts
in putting up this info about her.

Thank you,

Keri Craig-Cousin of Tricia
Jameson (KIA Iraq)
July 16, 2012
Michael Flynn
Tricia, Thank you for all of the good times we had at Camp Ashland.  You were always
positive and a great smoking buddy.  Miss you.

November 15, 2007
To one hell of a soldier and person. Always caring about others more than herself. She set
the example for others to follow and gave 100% in all she did. She was always dependable
and there for you when you needed her, just a great person to work with. When our
youngest son was born, she was the only person that showed up at the hospital from our
section. She brought a stuffed animal along for our oldest boy who was four at the time so
he didn't feel left out. Thats the kind of person she was. We miss her dearly!
SFC Richard Wortman, USA-RET         

May 17, 2007
Betty Lynn Courtright
In Honor Of SSgt Tricia L Jameson
The Lord bless and comfort each of you who loved and cared for this lovely young woman
who gave her life in the service of our country.  Sincerely, Betty Lynn Courtright

April 28, 2005
Keri Craig
Tricia, I miss you dearly and more every day. I think about you all the time
and there is never ever a moment you are not on my mind. I love you, I
miss you and so does all our family. We miss you Trish,