This Memorial Page Established by-  Jose Jaurigue
In Honor Of cpl Michael James Jaurigue
Thank you for your beautiful xmas card. I know these holidys somtimes get very hard. But thanks to
soldiers like your son and mine and all of those service man and women defending our country we
don't have to live in fear of terrorist invasion. I wish you peace and pray God bestow many blessing
on you and   your family.  Jose Jaurigue and family.
Cpl. Michael J. Jaurigue

United States Army
KIA 26 May 2007, Iraq
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Paratroopers killed by bomb on patrol in Iraq

The Associated Press

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — The deaths of three 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers were announced
on Memorial Day, hours after ceremonies were held on and around their Army post to remember
other soldiers who died in combat.

The paratroopers from the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team died Saturday from injuries
sustained when a bomb detonated while they patrolled in Iraq’s Salah ad Din province.

The division identified the victims as Cpl. Michael J. Jaurigue, 20, of Texas City, Texas; Sgt.
Clayton G. Dunn II, 22, of Moreno Valley, Calif., and Cpl. Gregory N. Millard, 22, of San Diego.

Jaurique was an automatic rifleman who joined the division in August 2005. He is survived by his
parents, Jose N. and Juana N. Jaurigue, of Texas City, Texas.

Dunn was a team leader described by his company commander as devoted to his soldiers. He
joined the 82nd in September 2005.

Dunn is survived by his wife, Haidy C. Dunn; a 3-month-old daughter, Grace Haidy Dunn, of San
Bernardino, Calif.; his father, Roy D. Dunn; his mother, Aminta Dunn, of Moreno Valley, Calif.; and
a brother, Roy D. Dunn Jr.

Millard was an assistant machine gunner, who friends said knew no strangers and had a gift of
gab. He came to the division in March 2005.

Millard is survived by his parents, Kevin D. and Jill Millard, of Ramona, Calif.; his brother and
sister-in-law, Jason and Carolina Millard; his niece, Kaila; and his girlfriend, Lacey Martin.