Staff Sgt. Jeremy William Mulhair
United States Army
November 30, 2006 Iraq

December 15, 2011

I was thinking of you today Jeremy. I didn't know you very well, but we got along so well right from
the start.
May your soul rest in the arms of the everlasting Lord.

Wayne Woodward

February 5, 2007

Thank you for your faithful and dedicatd service to our
country. My thoughts and prays are with your family and friends.

Tammy Lines

December 23, 2006

SSG Jeremy Mulhair was a dedicated soldier and loving
father of three.  His dedication to our country and his famliy was first
and foremost.

Many people have been blessed and had the privileged to
say he was a friend! He will always be loved and his sacrifice will
never be taken for granted.

We love you Jeremy!

December  2, 2006:
Jeremy Mulhair was killed while riding in a Humvee just north of Baghdad. The 35-year old grew
up in Omaha and was serving his second deployment as a Platoon Sergeant in Iraq.

Mulhair's parents told KETV Jeremy was a proud soldier with 11 years of experience in the
military. He was also a husband and a dad of three young kids. Mulhair's family said he died doing
what he loved.

"He wanted to go into the Army and he's always wanted to. When he was little he always played
Army men and he loved to play sports and he was a real good kid, " said Jeremy's mother, Mildred

Mulhair's family is planning funeral arrangements, but said Jeremy will be buried in Omaha.

Robert Mulhair knew his brother Jeremy was destined to join the military.
“We played war games in cornfields,” he said. “He had a good imagination.”

Army Staff Sergeant Jeremy Mulhair, 35, died in Iraq on Thursday when an explosion hit his
vehicle near Taji, one of his sisters told The Associated Press. Robert Mulhair of Mead said his
brother was a tank commander with the Apache Troop, 1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment. He’d
been in Iraq since October and was on his second tour of duty, Robert said. Jeremy also served
in South Korea.

Robert said his brother loved his family and hoped he and his wife, Suzie, would have another
child when he got back from Iraq.

“He was a good man,” Robert Mulhair said. “He had good family values and wanted a big family.”

Suzie Mulhair and the couple’s children — Celina, 9, Jeremy Jr., 8, and Maybel, 9 months — live
near Fort Hood, Texas, where Jeremy was stationed.

She called the rest of the family Thursday night to tell them what had happened, Robert Mulhair

Jeremy Mulhair was born in Michigan, but grew up on a farm near Omaha.

He went to Horace Mann Junior High, which is now King Science and Technology Magnet, and
Omaha Central High School. He later earned an equivalency degree.

Robert Mulhair said military ties in their family probably encouraged his brother to become a
soldier. Their father, Jerry, served in Vietnam, and they had an uncle in the Navy and a cousin in
the Marines.

“Dad used to tell stories about (the military),” Robert Mulhair said. “(Jeremy) got hooked on it
more than any of us kids.”

In addition to his brother and wife and children, Jeremy Mulhair is survived by his parents and
sisters Tammy Lines and Dixie Heisner, both of Omaha.