Your Name = Your Name: Richard
In Honor Of: = Soldiers Name: John
Edward Hale
Rank, Military Branch = Rank and
Military Branch of service
Email address = Email
Your Memorial = John was a really
good friend of mine. He lived 3
houses down from me when I was
8 years old till i was 14 in
Keithville, on
Colquitt Rd. We always hung out
and had a good time. John was
shooting his b-b gun outside and
always was facinated in shooting.
He was
like a big brother. I used to call him
(Big John), because he would
always stick up for me no matter
what. John made his life worth
living and
didnt wast one second of it. He
was the one to give advice and tell
if ur doing sumthing wrong. When i
turned 14, i moved to a different
house in Shreveport and shortly
after, he moved too. We still
stayed in
contact untill he joined the
Marines. I remember shaking his
hand at the
All-Star Bowling Lanes about 3
months before he was killed. He
was the
most honorable and polite guy i
knew. He had a goal and achieved
and i remember him telling me that
day that he was proud of the way
brought myself to be and that i
need to keep going and fullfill my!
dreams. John was a huge influince
in my life, and im sure he was to
alot of lifes. I know he is in Heaven
and I know God is very proud of
the way he served his life on Earth.

                                     In Loving
Robert Marquis