August 01, 2010
David Santos
While doing a search for David Cadavero, my high school vice-principal and later my boss while I was principal of GNYA, I
came upon this memorial website for his son. My heartfelt thoughts are always with you and Nadia.  Keep the faith...your life
of example is reflected in so many who have watched you and your work for the past 40 years of devoted service to your
God.  I can only imagine how many times a day your thoughts turn to Jonathan...may your next thoughts always turn toward
the God of our desires. Your faith will be rewarded in eternity.  Godspeed my friend.

February 27, 2012
Jerrell Gilkeson
Today is the 5th anniversary of the death of my friend's son, Jonathan. I am proud of the family smiling through their pain. I
know I share their pain and will only find final relief when Jonathan's Savior, Jesus Christ breaks the sky and raises him to
perfect new life. Can't wait!!! Till that day we work on in hope. Thanks David for sharing you son and the sacrifice your family
has made that we can all be free. JG

March 2, 2009
Larry Blackmer
Just remembering Jonathan's and your sacrifice on this the memorial of his death. I remember you often, may God continue
to bless you and hold your hand.

December 11, 2007
Carolyn Morgenthaler
Dear Mrs Cadavero; I received your letter today
thanking me and my husband Richard for donating to the Waldwick Seventh-day
Adventist School in your Son's name. It was our honor to to it. Jonathan
is and will always be a hero to us and  his country. We could not be
more proud to honor his memory. You and your husband should also be
thanked for raising such a wonderful son who would devote is life to protect
and defend our country and the freedoms that we have. May god continue
to bless Jonathan and your family. You are never far from our
thoughts. Carolyn and Richard Morgenthaler, PO Box 382 Pine Bush, NY 12566.

July 18, 2007
Jonathan Leal
I'm still in shock of this.  Jonathan, you were my
friend at CUC, and also my team mate on the court.  We didn't know each
other much, but i had no idea you joined up.  I've been serving now for 5
years, and I just found out what happened.  I hate to hear this about
you, I am now serving in Afghanistan, and I have found another reason as
to why I serve, for you!  Thanks man for everything you did at CUC and
for our country, i can only imagine what you faced in Iraq, as I am
onlg getting a taste of it here in Afghanistan.  I know one day though i
will see you again.  Until then buddy, your family will be in my
Senior Airman
Jonathan Leal

23 May 2007
Shirley-Ann Laurencin
My deepest sympathy is extended to the family and
friends of a fallen hero, Seargeant Jonathan Cadavero.  It is a wonderful
privilege to work under the leadership of Jonathan's dad, Mr. David
Cadavero, Superintendent of Schools for the Greater New York Conference of
Seventh-day Adventists.  It is for this reason that I attended the
funeral services, in support of my boss.  This is when I became aware of the
many lives that were touched by his son, Jonathan.  I feel blessed to
have been a part of this celebration of life for Seargeant Cadavero
because as a result, I am inspired to live a life so exemplary that when my
time comes to leave this earth, I will leave a legacy that rivals that
of Seargeant Cadavero.  I know I will see him in heaven one day soon.  I
pray for God's riches blessings on the Cadavero Family.
Shirley-Ann and Leonard

1 May 2007
Elizabeth Perez
Dear Nadia Cadavero:
It was so long ago, that we spoke, but you always has been in my mind because of your soft smile and your caring ways with
the children at Waldwick SDA school.Special to my son, Daniel "Mr casanova" as you called him. I have no words to tell you
how I feel about John,I was in Europe, when Daniel called me and gave me the news. my prayers has been with you
every day.I don't know if I have faith to accepted some thing like that, But I pray for you every day. I did not want to call the
conference to find you, because I have left the church long ago,but today Danny told me how to find a way to send you this
message. I"ll hope it gets to you. Give my thanks to your husband for all he did for my son. Again, my prayers are with you
every day.
May God give you peace.
Elizabeth Perez

03 April 2007
Enrique Campbell
In Honor Of:Jonathan David Cadavero
Hi, Im Enrique from Mrs. Robinzine 6 grade class.
Im really sorry about what happen to Jonathan, I have 2 friends that
came from Iraq. One of them is so depressed because of what he saw and he
is really afraid of what the goverment would do to him if he tells
anyone about what he did and saw over there. The other one can't stop
drinking because thats the only way of forgetting what he saw because he's
whole unit was killed in action. HE SAW THEM DIE!!!! I think maybe God
let him die so he would not have to go thru that. I really hope that the war over there is over.
Sincerely: Enrique Campbell
P.S.- God bless

Justin Cook
In Honor Of Jonathan David Cadavero
Hi i am student at hinsdal adventist acadamy. My
teacher is Mrs. Victoria Robizine.and i am very sorry about what happend

Jonathan bodinet
In Honor Of: Jonathan David Cadarver
Hi I am a student of hinsdale adventist academy and I
am so sorry for your loss. I inagen it must be horrible. well remember
that god is with you and he will help you thuow this time.
Jonathan bodinet
6thgrade class
Mrs. Robinzine

"That's going to be me," he'd say of his toy soldier.

He came from a patriotic, pro-military family. Two of Cadavero's uncles had fought in Vietnam. His maternal grandparents
had fled Stalin-era Ukraine and told tales of oppression that stoked his instinctive love for his own country.

"He just absolutely loved America and what it stood for," recalled his sister, Kristia Cavere..."God bless America, and God
bless my commander in chief," he told Cavere when he left for Iraq in August...Cadavero went straight from college to the
Army. He was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division and stationed upstate at Fort Drum, near Watertown. When his unit
was finally deployed overseas, more than a year later, Cadavero was pleased.

"Kris," he told his sister, "I want to fight so that your kids don't have to."

He felt great progress was being made in Iraq and complained bitterly about the negative media accounts. A crowd of Iraqis
cheer a group of American GIs, but the reporters flock to the one person who spits, he told his family...Cavere is left with the
words her brother spoke during their last phone conversation, two weeks before his death. It was one final shot of patriotism.

"He said he had no regrets. He would do it all over again, and he loved being an American."

March 12, 2007
Pastor Jack & Marilynne Milmine
In Honor Of Sgt. Jonathan David Cadavero

Dearest Cadavero Family Members - Our love and prayers
are with you at this very sad time.  We all look forward to the Second
Coming of Jesus when we all will meet your wonderful and corageous
Jonathan again.

March 7, 2007
Kleber DeGracia
In Honor Of:  Jonathan David Cadavero

My jonnie boii, You have no idea how much this hurts
me.. I still mourn and cry at night before I go to sleep, and at day time
I pray for the ones left behind.
You have left imprints in my life and I know for a fact in the lives of
Thousands.. We will always remember you, my sister feels the same and
she cries when anything in regards to you comes up, or on the news or
But my prayers are with you and your family. I'll see you soon my
Brother I will!
And till then, I'll be there for your family, cuz I know Mrs. Nadia Saw
me like another son too. I love them all...
Till Jesus comes and for eternity you will remain our HERO!
I LOVE YOU my Brother and I miss you!

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Jonathan David Cadavero
United States Army
KIA February 27, 2007 Iraq
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