Spec. Joseph A. Graves
KIA July 25, 2006 Iraq
United States Army
July 13, 2010
SPC Tuna Korkut
This tribute is to honer my brother-in Arms Joseph A.Graves. I was stationed on the same post at the time and I
saw him just one day before he was taken from us. He was way to young to be taken, just like many others that
we have lost in these difficult times.
But let one thing be known: JOSEPH, YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! I only met you once in Iraq but I
remember you very well. I hope you are doing well, where ever you are right now. I am sure I will be seeing you
again sometimes up there. Then, will have a lot of catching up to do. Like I said, you are not forgotten. You
served your country and your people and you are a TRUE AMERICAN HERO!!
Rest in peace brother, until we meet again!
SPC T. Korkut

March 7, 2007
Maryan Perreira

I think about you all the time.  I look at different things around the
house and think about funny things when I watch a TV show.  I love you
and miss you...MOM

My name is Maryan Perreira Joey's mom.....

My son SPC Joseph Graves died in Iraq on July 25, 2006.  While on a convoy outside of Bagdad they were
ambushed and Joey's veichle was hit by an Exploively Formed Projectile.   My son died that day at the age of
21.  I would give anything for my son to be alive right now but I guess God had something else in mind for him.  

The most important thing that I want to say is that "Joey I miss you and love you so much."  I am trying to
handle this as best I can.

You came to me at the age of 17 and told me that you wanted to join the Army.  Your dad and I talked about it
and we agreed that this was something that you wanted to do so we signed the papers for you to join.  
After your graduation from high school, and it was time for you to leave for boot camp you were excited but
also a little nervous.  Knowing that I could not talk to you, when I received my first letter from you I was
so excited.  

You made it through boot camp and your dad and I were there for your graduation.  Then you told us that you
were going to go to Air Borne training.  All I could think was that you are afraid of heights...When you
called and said that you made the jump I was so proud and you were proud of yourself tooo.....

You went to Korea for a year then had to go to Iraq.  You were going to be home by Brandon's birthday
October 22nd.  On July 25,2006 Chaplin Unger and Sargent Dempsy came to the house.  They told me that
you were killed in an ambush. That was the worst day of my life.

I am trying so hard to understand why you were taken away but I am having a very hard time with that.  You are
a hero Joey....You gave your life for something that you believed in.  I am so proud of you Joey....

Your dad and others are trying to pass a bill to create a "Gold Star" license plate.  If anyone is interested in
this please call Paul Burgarino @ 209-832-6143 or emil him @ pburgarino@trivalleyherald.com.  They
need everyones support so we can continue to honor our loved ones.

I will be with you again one day Joey.......I Love you lots....MOM

Other Tributes
Joseph A. Graves    
Joseph A. Graves Resident of Discovery Bay Joseph Anthony Graves, 21 years of age, died in Iraq on July
25, 2006. A member of Operation Iraqi Freedom, he was serving in the U.S. Army with a rank of Specialist E4.
A native of Castro Valley, he had lived in Discovery Bay since he was 10 years of age. An active member of
the Delta Community Presbyterian Church, he enjoyed golf, videos, music, reading and cars. Joey is survived
by his wife, Cori Maningas Graves; father, J. Kevin Graves; mother, Maryan Pereira; stepbrother, Boby
Pereira and half-brother, Brandon Pereira; grandparents, Gene and Marylin Graves, and Tony and Georgia
Farbizio; aunts and uncles.
Published in the Contra Costa Times on 8/4/2006.