Spc. James C. Kesinger
United States Army
KIA 13 December 2005, Iraq
James was born on October 21, 1993 to the parents of Cliff & De Kesinger in Corpus Christi.  At an
early age he moved with his family to Zapata, Texas.  James played Little League, Football, Band,
Track, and was one of the first male cheerleaders in Zapata High School History.  He was active in
4-H and trained to become a Black Belt in Taekwondo.  James graduated in 1993 from Zapata High
School and joined the National Guard.  After serving in the National Guard, James joined the 887th
Army Reserve unit in Sinton.  While in the reserve his unit was call upon for a tour of Iraq.  After
serving his first tour in Iraq as a Medic, he wanted to go active duty.  Signing up for active duty he
was sent to Ft. Riley Kansas.  There his unit was called upon to go to Iraq for his second tour.   He
had 6 children who he loved with all his heart.  Justice, Christian, Brianna, Megan, Meredith and
Jerrad.  He was married to San Juana Kesinger. James is survived by his wife, children and
parnets(Cliff & De Kesinger), Sister  Tanya & Joel Flores, Sister   Tina & Jose Garcia, many neices
and nephews. He will always be in our Hearts and Soul as one of our Fallen Heroes.  
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