Pfc Kevin James King
United States Army
18 April 2007

This Memorial Page Established by- Richard Livingston

I wanted to share the death of an active duty casualty of this war, young Kevin J. King was
preparing for door to door combat in Iraq when a hazard of war befell him. The 19-year-old
King died after being accidentally shot during a live-fire training exercise early on
Wednesday April 18, 2007 at Fort Campbell , Ky. , where he was stationed. Pfc. Kevin J.
King, 19, from Plymouth & Dorchester, Mass, a Airborne Division soldier was assigned to
Company B, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st
Airborne Division.

These accidents although far and few between they are an unfortunate hazard of the job.
Let me share this brief snippet of history regarding today Iraqs Combat Leader General

“… During a training exercise, Keane recalls, an accidental rifle shot hit Petraeus in the
chest. Keane held his hand as he was flown to a nearby hospital. A surgeon named Bill
Frist, who would later become Senate Majority Leader, was pulled off a golf course to treat

A few days after surgery, Petraeus demanded to be released. A doctor told him that it was
impossible to release him so soon after major surgery. According to Kaine, Petraeus told
the doctor to take out the tubes and then got down on the floor and did 50 pushups. The
hospital sent him home.”

My dear friend James King's son Kevin wasn’t as fortunate he succumbed to his wound,
which brings me to the reason I am writing to you. If you could see your way clear I would
like to submit Kevin James King as one of those to be memorialized in your
" established memorial pages.

Kevin’s Dad James King and family are very near and dear friends of mine. I have written to
interceded on their behalf to let you know of this active duty soldier who was a casualty of
the Iraq war.

Richard Livingston
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