Cpl. Jason K. LaFleur
United States Army
KIA  02 Aug 2007
28, of Ignacio, Colo.; assigned to the 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat
Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, Fort Richardson, Alaska; died Aug. 4 in Hawr Rajab, Iraq,
when the vehicle he was in struck an improvised explosive device during combat operations. Also
killed were Sgt. Dustin S. Wakeman and Cpl. Jaron D. Holliday.

This Memorial Page Established by-Megan LaFleur
Sister of Cpl Jason K LaFleur
of the  Airborn 1-40 infantry division Bravo troop from Ft Richardson

Cpl Jason K LaFleur was born 1/28/79 in Houston, Tx.  He was my only sibling, my big
brother...and he was Texan through and through.  He enlisted late in life, and knew that he
was leaving a safe job with great benefits to endure a job of hardship and sacrifice.  None of
us could truly know the level of sacrifice that our family would face, but Jason was never
daunted.  He was killed by an IED, like so many of his fellow soldiers.  I have so much
hatred and confusion in my heart for a "war" where our highly trained soldiers aren't even
getting the chance to engage their enemies.  The insurgents are hitting below the belt, and
they will continue to do so.  I hope that no other families have to experience such a loss, but
the sad fact is that it will continue until we are able to leave.  Jason was proud to serve, but
that doesn't mean that he meant to lose his life.  So far there hasn't been a reason
compelling enough to justify any of the 4000 deaths thus far.  Also unjustified are the
countless lives that have been irrevocably changed by Iraq and Afghanistan.  Many are too
proud to speak of their own personal losses both physical and mental, especially when
faced with those grieving the deaths of their own soldiers.  Please don't forget that just
because some haven't lost their lives, they have suffered huge losses of their own.  They've
lost limbs, friends, faith, hearing, sanity...  We need to bring the rest of them home.  

Jason in Iraq at PB Dog

December 21, 2011
Julia Betancourt
My condolences to Kai Torres and Family for loss of Jason.
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