Sgt. Gene L. Lamie
United States Army
KIA 06 July 2007
Sgt. Lamie was one of three 3rd Infantry Division soldiers killed when an improvised explosive
device detonated near their vehicle, the Defense Department said in a prepared release. He was
assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 7th Calvary Regiment of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, the Defense
Department said.

Sgt. Lamie will be buried Wednesday with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery in
Arlington, Va., said his brother, Georgia National Guard Spc. John Lamie.

"It's a house of heroes,'' John Lamie said of Arlington. "He deserves to be there.''

John Lamie, who also served in Iraq, recalled what his brother had told him after his own squad
suffered heavy casualties.

"He told me we were soldiers. We were meant to do what we were doing,'' John Lamie said.

Some people are born to be carpenters, lawyers or preachers, but his brother was born to be a
soldier, John Lamie said. "He believed in everything he did. He grew up with a soldier's heart,'' he

Sgt. Lamie, who enlisted in the Army before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, came home on
leave afterward and told his family he was going to the war with the 1st Cavalry Division, John
Lamie said. He later re-enlisted solely to transfer to the 3rd Infantry Division and go back to Iraq,
John Lamie said.

His mother, Linda Lamie, said she was proud of her son.

"My son served his country. He was a soldier at heart. His biggest concern was to get the people
under him home,'' she said.

Sgt. Lamie loved to hunt and fish and was a big fan of Nextel Cup driver Tony Stewart and the
Georgia Bulldogs. He liked to set his 8-month-old son, Gene Benjamin, on his lap and pretend to
cast and reel in fish, she said.

Members of the Lamie family moved to Homerville from Folkston a few years ago to shorten the
commute to Douglas, where Sgt. Lamie's father, Eugene Lamie, had transferred to another job.
Although the family was relatively new to Homerville, the community has rallied around them, John
Lamie said.

"Even though we didn't grow up here, this community has wrapped both arms around us,
overwhelmed us with love and support,'' he said.

There has been an equal outpouring of sympathy and affection in Folkston, where his family lived
for years and where his maternal grandmother and other family members still live, John Lamie said.

Linda Lamie asked for continued prayers for the family and for those still serving in Iraq.

"I will pray every day until every soldier comes home,'' she said.

In addition to his mother and brother, Sgt. Lamie is survived by his wife, Dara Lamie of Fort
Stewart; a 3-year-old daughter, Lyrean; and a son, Gene Benjamin.

He is also survived by his father, Eugene M. Lamie of Homerville; a sister, Christy Bell of Douglas;
fraternal grandparents, Eugene F. and Elsie Lamie of Homerville; and maternal grandmother, Della
Taylor of Folkston.

He is preceded in death by his maternal grandfather, Bud Taylor of Folkston.

Memorial Page Established by-Linda Lamie

Sgt Gene L. Lamie
He was a son, a father, a brother a uncle, a husband, but most of all
one of the most wonderful people you could ever meet.  We miss him so

December 19, 2017
Marah Lamie
Gene was my uncle, I was only a toddler when he was tragically taken from this world. I only have a few
memories of him, but through pictures that my mom found on the Internet for me, and the stories she
knew about him from the short time she was  married to my father, Gene's brother John, she has
always told me about what a wonderful person he was and she has always told me how brave he was,
along with being fun loving and having the God given talent to make people laugh with his wonderful
sense of humor. She has told me about his larger than life personality and how he was a great uncle to
me in the short time I was able to spend with him. She has always done her very best to keep his
memory alive for me and I thank her for that. I'm proud to have had a uncle that was a true hero in
every sense of word.

December  16, 2013
Mary and James "Butch" Lamie
Just wanted to say how sorry we are at your son's passing.
We know there so few people named Lamie.
My husbands family is from Richlands, VA.
We would Love to correspond with you.
We live right outside Parris Island, SC.

July 06, 2012
Glenn Aldrich
I had the honor of being Gene's Platoon Sergeant from 2001-2005. I met Gene when I was reassigned
from A Co 1-8 Cav to C Co 1-8 Cav. I quickly assigned him as my tank driver and for the next three
years we had many adventures on the most hilarious crew in the division. As we geared up for our tour
in Iraq 04-05, I moved Gene to be a Team Leader. I missed him being on my crew, but he took charge of
his new crew and performed admirably. I could always count on him to watch my back while we were
out in sector and never had to look over my shoulder to make sure he was doing the right thing. Gene
grew into the best young NCO that I have ever trained. His ability to make people want to be better
made me envy him and want to be more like him. He was also a friend. He could always be counted on
to help someone, anyone out. After these five years, I still miss him and he will never be far from mind.
I was not there when he gave his last full measure, but he has always been with me. As a friend,
colleague and inspiration, Gene will forever live in the memories of those whose life he touched. When
we reach Fiddler's Green, Gene will have a table reserved and drinks prepared and we all will sit down
and tell our stories of honor and bravery. I look forward to the time when we will be reunited.
Cobras! Rogues! RED 4, Out!

July 07, 2011
Linda Lamie
4 years I miss you so Bubba.  The news was just a moment ago for your Dad and I.  We love you so much

July 06, 2011
teresa smith
as our children were growing up gene was known as lil gene,he was always cutting up an joking with
everyone. His wife Dara told me about meeting gene ,i do believe he was getting a hair cut an she said
he was sad because my son dano(his cousin) had been killed in a wreck,she said he was so sweet an
touched by this..gene was a very sweet an loving person with a big heart,.I honor him on today
7\6\2011 for his bravery,love and doing what a lot of people couldnt.I see him in the pictures of his son
,smile and all. We love you gene and are so proud of you ,so on the anniversary of you getting your
angels wings look down on us an know we are so proud of you and love you and miss you every single
second of always aunt teresa

March 2, 2009
William McLaughlin
I served with Gene while assigned to C Co 1/8 Cav, from 2001-2002.  I am humbled by the sacrifice that
he has made for myself and my family.  I will forever honor him in my heart for his willingness to make
such a sacrifice and for his family to bear with love the loss of his sacrifice.

May 15, 2008
SGT Orellana, Max
My name is SGT Max Orellana, currently station at Fort
Hood TX with 1-8 Calvary Division, I met Gene in Fort Knox, KY on Jan
2001, and we proudly graduated together four months later as Armor
Cremen (tankers all the way) then we got assigned to C co 1-8 Cav that
summer, we became close friends in garrison and later on in OIF II in
combat. He always made us laugh and even though through rough times in close
combat, he managed to make life a lot fun and easier. I was sad when he
went back to his state of origin Georgia but very glad that he was
gaining knowledge and success in this wonderful career. I got to see his
parents today as they stop by at our company's area. I was so glad to see
them again and knowing that he is still alive for all of as in Charlie
company 1-8 CAV. I can proudly say that is my great honor and privilege
to serve next to him and being there for him in combat fighting for the
freedom that now we all Americans enjoy. He didn't sacrifice his
life in vain.! After my third deployment last year I realized that it
takes more than just sacrificing physically but spiritually and Gene is
always near by us in spirit and his soul will be remember in the last
days and the life after. May our Heavenly Father bless his family and
known that he is a better place gives me comfort that I will see him
someday again and we will just laugh and enjoy about our good times. My
pray goes to his family and his memories. We'll see you again some day
soon, Gene!!
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